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Averex warranty is the worst ever my car that i only had a year from drive time was giving me transmission problems instead of just senting me to the ford dealership averex had me have the car towed to a meinki all the way across town.I had to pay up front out of my pocket for the tow and the diagnostic then when they figured they could not fix it they had me have it towed to ford, again i paid out of pocket. so now im just tryin to be...
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I've had my car since October of 2015, I've had it in the shop multiple times and every time has refused every single time to repair anything on the car. the latest repair they said I damaged the axle myself, when the tie rod broke as I was driving, I guess I was supposed to take my car into the shop and have it reviewed every single day to make sure nothing that was not covered on the warranty was working. I don't know who has the time or money...
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seminole24 I put in a complaint to the BBB about aeverex because your story is exactly mine i have paid almost 3000 in repairs and they have not covered anything and my car is still not ...