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Resolved: Basically stole $2000 from me , Deceptive Sales, Undisclosed Charges

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Adventure Chrysler Jeep Dodge - Basically stole $2000 from me , Deceptive Sales, Undisclosed...
Updated by user Jun 28, 2017

This issue has been resolved to my satisfaction by the owner of the dealership .. spoke to him and mutual understanding of a misunderstanding on something Chrysler did not tell him .. Fixed In Full

Original review Jun 27, 2017
I purchased a new 2017 Dodge Charger on April 3rd 2017, and financed approximatly half with Capital One Auto Finance. After speaking to them during my welcome call they informed me $2000 of the money i had borrowedd was for an Extended wraparound warranty, that was not needed, aditionally $895 was also paid for for paint protection. This was unnacceptable and i was not told this when the car was sold. the salesman asked me how the payment of $349 per month was and mentioned my 2013 bankruptcy as a sticking point, and it was hard to get me financed. I assumed that was the lowest payment and agreed, and signed the sales contract and left. After speaking to Capital One auto finance they told me that they had financed me regardless of any extended warranties and my interest rate was well below what I had expected. Capital One Auto finance said they tricked me into buying a car at an inflated price by not offering to decline the warranty, simply because i didnt know i could.. Because I did not know it was part of the price. Had they actually given me the price of the car without the 3000 in extra warranties my payment would have been $55-$75 a month lower, and I would not have had to borrow as much. Again i was not told that i could decline this warranty, or that i even had it until capital one told me on the phone. This is unnaceptable and unfair and deceptive. I am still inside the period to cancel for any reason or no reason, however the dealer will not fill out the paperwork canceling it to send to the capital one auto finance who will then take the money off the balance of the loan , decreasing the principal balance and realistically taking a year off my repayment time.
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Reason of review:
Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy

Preferred solution: Simply Cancel the Extended Warranty as is my right to do, and refund it to the bank who financed me to remove it from loan balance.

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Sakia Wyl

They have in fact made this 100 % correct. Chrysler did not tell the dealer about a major feature change in 2017 models

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Terrible Customer Service

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My family and I have been loyal customers of Chrysler Brands for over 15 years. We have purchased through ourselves, and referrals over ten vehicles from Adventure Jeep Chrysler and Dodge located in Willoughby, Ohio. We have consistently purchased all of our vehicles from there without shopping other dealers, or even attempting to let anyone else sell us a car. Until recently, we had been very satisfied with the customer service, however, this last incident has really ruined my family and I on the Adventure CJD and Chrysler customer service experience. I am a hard working American consumer. I work three jobs as a paramedic/firefighter to support my family, and four children while my wife is finishing up her Nursing Degree. I need a valid mode of transportation to get to and from these jobs, and have chosen a 2010 Dodge Journey to do so. On June 27th my car shut off in the rain, after I drove through a small puddle. I immediately had my car towed to the place where it was purchased Adventure Chrysler Jeep and Dodge. The windows would not roll up, nor would the car start, and it was unable to shift into neutral, and the tow truck driver had to break into the stick shift to get the car into neutral. The incident occurred after normal business hours, and I had to wait one day to get a rental car. I came in the next day, and spoke with Evan, the owner of the dealership. He gave me a rental car, and was very short with me, attempting to argue about deductibles. I had to stop him, and say Evan we don’t even know what’s wrong with my car yet, and you’re already giving me a hard time. In hindsight, I should have taken that to be an omen that they did not appreciate my business, because it was all downhill from there. It ended up that my engine had hydro-locked, and caused substantial harm to my automobile. Adventure had my car for the next month, and was paid over $8,000 dollars by myself, State Farm, and Allstate. On July 27th, over 1 month later I picked up my car. In that time I had little to no contact with the service department and it took a full 30 days to put a new engine in my car and replace the carpets. They were waiting over 2 week for carpet! In that time they used up my daily rental allowance from State Farm, which is irrelevant, because part of the purchase agreement states that the purchaser receives complimentary loaner cars while in the service department. This agreement is highly touted by Evan Feinberg, on his radio commercials. Immediately, upon picking up my car I noticed that the shifter was not working properly, and leaking transmission fluid. I called back Adventure, and spoke to Dave Molenkamp, he informed to call State Farm, and then they would set it up for new service appointment. I called State Farm that same day, and told them about the issue. Prior to me having time to take the car into the shop the transmission/shifter went out, and my automobile was fully disabled. This is less than 24 hours after I picked up the car from the dealership. I called Rich Witt, General Manager, of Adventure, and even though the service center was closed he was able to accommodate my family with a loaner car from the pre-owned section, because they were out of loaner cars and service was closed. On 8/3/15 almost 1 week after my car, again became disabled I was finally able to reach Dave Molenkamp in service to talk about the status of my car. He did not even know that my car was on the lot, and reprimanded me for not trying to call him. I said, Dave, I tried to call you on Monday at 2:30, twice; I was on hold for 5 minutes, and hung up. I tried to call back again two hours previously, and sat on hold for 7 minutes with no answer. I even asked him if he wanted to see screen shots, because he was so irate. Once again, the focus was not on my automobile, or on the miscommunication between the service department and the rest of the dealership, because I had already spoken to the General Manager, Rich Witt, when my car initially became disabled again. The next day Dave called me back, and told me that the shifter on my car was bad, and Allstate would cover it. I told him that Allstate shouldn’t cover it, because it was obviously related to initial loss on 6/27/15, and he needed to call State Farm, and talk to them. Dave said I could call State Farm, but all the paperwork was in the office, and he wouldn’t know where to find this. Since, when did it become the customer’s job to call the insurance company for Supplements? Also, how disorganized is the department when they do not even have my paperwork from the previous week? Regardless, I called State Farm, and they asked why I was calling instead of the shop, and set it up for another inspection. I called Dave back, and he said that the service manager, Don Trentanelli, told him that I would be responsible for the rental car. I explained to Dave that they have had over 30 days to fix my car properly, and neglected to do so, also that they would need to take that up with State Farm, because I wouldn’t be paying for a rental, when part of the purchase agreement from purchasing a car from Adventure included complimentary loaner vehicles while your car is in service, and free car washes. He said, that Don told him that I was responsible, and that I could take that up with Don. Never did they apologize for not fixing my car properly, or for the miscommunication of not knowing that my car was on the lot. After that conversation, I made my initial call to Chrysler to let them know about all the issues, and the fact that they were trying to violate the Owner’s own words in his advertisement, and the purchase agreement. Never was customer service a priority and the customer service experience were by far among the worst I have ever received in my life. They fixed my car with genuine Chrysler Mopar Parts, and they should stand behind that. My car then sat for another 2 weeks, and I had no word from the dealership. On August 13th, at 6 p.m., I was driving the loaner car down the middle of a main street, on a 90 degree day, and a tire blew out. I pulled into the nearest parking lot, and changed the tire while my four children sat in the vehicle. I then drove down the street to a tire shop, and they told me that the new Michelin tire had a side wall blow out, and was defective. They said these things, sometimes happen on hot days when you have been driving a lot, they said they could swap it out, but I should take the car back to the dealer, because they would be able to warranty the tire, and Michelin would replace it. I was very grateful that this bad tire the dealership put on did not blow out on the freeway, which could have caused great injury to my four small children, as well as me. I immediately called the Dealership, and spoke to Rich Witt. He told me not to worry about it, just save the tire, and bring it in at my convenience, and they would swap it out. The following week on Tuesday, after another 22 days of being without my automobile they called and said that my car was done. They rebuilt the transmission assembly, which they had missed the first time, and State Farm covered the whole thing, an additional $2,000 dollars making the total repair over $10,000 dollars and 52 days. I returned the rental, and told them what Rich said about the tire. On Friday evening, my father and I noticed that again my car had been leaking fluid as evidenced by the half dozen small spots of fluid on the driveway. I immediately called State Farm, and left them a message. The next day I worked all day, and on the way home from work I heard an ad on the radio for Adventure with Evan saying call me anytime on my cell phone, and giving the potential customers his cell phone number. I called the number, and left a message explaining my problems, and figured that Evan would call back at his convenience, but at least he would be aware of all the issues that my family, and I were having. He called me back 2 minutes later, and left me a voicemail cussing at me saying that my insurance company was dicking them around, what the *** is he supposed to do about it, and it was all my fault, because I drove through a puddle. He said to call him back during normal business hours to discuss this. I tried to call him back the following Monday, August 24th, but his phone was shut off all day. I then talked to the service people, Dave Molenkamp, and he said they would not give me another loaner car, because of the blown out tire. I told him to talk to Rich, because he and I already told me that it was not a big deal. He went back and forth arguing with me for a minute, and then said he would go talk to Rich. I called back 10 minutes later, and he said he spoke with Rich, and they wouldn’t give me a new rental. I then asked to speak to Rich, and he transferred me upstairs. The receptionist told me that Rich was out of town, and Evan was out of town, and Don the service director made that decision. At that point I asked to speak to Don Trentanelli. Don was very combative, rude, and disrespectful making for a very hostile customer service experience. He told me there was no way I was driving down the street, and that I must have hit something, and that the people who told me it was a side wall defect should have taken care of it. I said Don, why would they take care of it when it wasn’t their tire? And, if I had hit something wouldn’t there be a nail in the tire, or something that would show evidence of driver error. He said if you’re driving the car you’re responsible, which is preposterous, because it is a manufacturer’s defect. He never apologized for my inconvenience, of having the change a tire on a 90 degree day, or for the fact that my children could have been harmed. He just kept arguing with me over a $112.00 tire that costs, $15 dollars to send back to Michelin, when they had been paid over $10,000 dollars to fix a car, and failed to do so. He refused to speak to Rich, because Rich was out of town, and refused to stand behind his repair. He told me to bring the car in, and he may be able to fix it in 5 minutes. I have 4 small children, and they take over 3 hours to do an oil change, and if it is not a quick repair how do I get to and from work? Don said that is a problem, but it wasn’t his problem, and if I want a loaner I could pay him $112 dollars. Don kept coming back to it was my fault, because I drove through a puddle, and that I wasn’t paying for the repair State Farm was. I had to stop him, and say Don, I paid my deductibles, and my premiums, you have been paid over $10,000 dollars, had my car for 52 days, and it still isn’t right. He said I could bring the car in the next day, and acknowledged that he never even spoke with Rich about the tire. If you didn’t have all the facts why would you hassle the customer about something that had already been dealt with? What sort of customer service is that? I immediately, got off the phone, and called Chrysler again. They told me that the dealership never responded to the first complaint, and that they would try to call the dealership. When they tried to call, the service people told Chrysler corporate that Don Trentanelli wasn’t there, which was funny, because I had just gotten off the phone with him less than 15 minutes previously. The next day, I called, and asked to speak with Don Trentanelli, to set up an appointment and the receptionist told me he didn’t show up that day. I still have not heard back from Don Trentanelli, Dave Molenkamp, Evan Feinberg or Rich Witt. My car is still leaking fluid, and they refuse to stand behind their repairs using, Genuine Chrysler Parts, the purchase agreement, or their agreement with State Farm to fix my vehicle. I have never been treated so poorly, by any business I have stepped foot in for a minute, let alone a business I have personally referred 3 people to, and purchased over 10 automobiles from. The customer service experience for, hardworking American consumers, like myself should be very important to independent businesses like Adventure CJD. My family and I are looking to trade in our Dodge Journey for a new minivan; why on earth, would I consider going back to a business that treats repeat customers so poorly? According to yelp "Over the course of my career, I have observed again and again that, ultimately, providing outstanding customer service isn't just what's best for the customer - it's also what's best for the dealership.” –Evan Feinberg I don’t know where he is witnessing or providing that outstanding customer service experience, but it clearly is not in this case where his response was; “It’s your fault, and what the *** do you want me to do about it.” My insurance company has been out there the next day in every supplement, and has gone above and beyond to work with Adventure, and this work should have been done properly the first time. For $11,432 dollars, and 52 days in their shop I would fully expect to have a functioning reliable means of transportation to go back and forth from my 3 jobs to provide for my four small children, or at least have a service team on top of trying to get my car to where it needs to be. Instead all I have gotten is combative personalities, an automobile that could break on me at any time, and the worst customer service experience of my life. I expect a lot better from a MOPAR service center, and I’m fairly certain that Chrysler does as well. They should not be able to get around phone complaints with no response, and they should know how to show appreciation for the hard working consumers that support their business.
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Reason of review:
Bad quality

Preferred solution: Full refund

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Adventure CJD Willoughby Ohio

I have had several "issues" with this dealership and all do not compare to the end result. Let me first start off by telling you that I purchased not one, but two vehicles from them. I also traded in two vehicles that were not on their used car lot for more then a month, meaning my trade ins were of quality and they knew it! My first encounter was a result of me taking the vehicles in for their third or forth oil change. After getting into the vehicle I was appalled, the radio was cracked to a station I do not listen to and the seat was reclined so much so, I felt like I had fallen. Okay, I get that you have porters that may not care, but after driving home, I noticed the oil light was still on. I mean really? This is a Dodge dealership and should know their vehicles inside and out, not to mention I paid for an oil change that cost more then the norm. Should this be something one should expect? Needless to say, I discontinued taking my vehicles to them for servicing. My second encounter was when I took my vehicle in for a car wash. You may not know, but they promote free car washes for life of the vehicles. I went into the service department and asked to get my vehicle washed. The older porter looked at me and said, "Really?" and just looked at the other porter and began to laugh. Mind you, I had my two small children in the vehicle and my wife as they needed to exit the vehicle so they could wash it. I looked at this guy with discuss and just told him to forget it and proceeded into the dealership to discuss my encounter with a manager. To my dismay, I was not allowed to speak to one so I left. I elected to write a letter to the manager expressing my concerns and to pretty much tell them they have lost a customer with me. Well here is were the story gets interesting. After posting a review of the dealership on a forum, the sales manager got wind of my comments and reached out to me explaining that he had not received my letter and that he typically reacts to these situations as he cares. This was all sent to me via email communication and he had the sales person contact me to discuss further and that he had never received my letter. Feeling like this may be something I would be able to resolve, My wife and I went to the dealership to speak in person. We walked around the lot and looked at a couple vehicles and noticed someone was leaning up against my car. When we approached them, they did not move. And wouldn't you know it, it was an employee of the dealership! I mean come on, this dealership is a joke right, well guess what, it gets better. I noticed my post had been removed on the forum, so I put it back on and not even a minute later the dealership calls me explained their side and I quote, "got your message, are we goin to be doing this again." Can you believe it! They reported my post. A person that is being honest and telling others out there of their story. Who does that? Do you mean to tell me that all they are interested in is how they look on the internet? Interestingly enough I did do some web surfing and found all the reviews on the dealership was nothing by kind words...Go figure!
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