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Flew into Orlando, Fl. Car wasn't ready. Poor directions to get car. Poorly marked also. Car rented for 8 days. I left my license at home by accident. I had to use it a lot recently due to a serious illness. The guy charged us an extra $120.89 for my husband to drive. Then he told us we needed to buy the tool road pass or we would get a very heavy fine if we used it. That was $109.89. First, I found out he could have called to see if my license...
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After 1 hour I left with number 5, a fairly decent Prius with all kind of damage outside?? This car I hade to return on 19 April because the Prius needed maintenance and I swapped it for a full size Kia Optima and again dirty inside, stains all over, smelly, terrible to have to drive around Florida with this!! I will be happy to return it on 30 April although I would like to extend the rental time with another 4 weeks, but I do not want anymore...
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I didn't like
  • Dirty cars
  • Poor customer service