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I rented a 2017 chev Malibu. Nice car but as I pulled out of the garage I noticed the gas gauge appeared to not quite be full. I declined their full tank thing because the last time I rented a car I did not use a full tank. Upon return I filled the car to.over full and drove about 5 miles to the airport. This car averages 27.5 mpg. When I got to the return lot the guy tells me the tank is not full! I told him I just filled it and he was arguing...
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I later learned that was due to the oil filter never having been changed, and thus burning thru the rubber seal. NO apology or "sorry for inconvenience" from customer service desk in Ft. Myers airport location upon my arrival with their car on a tow truck flat-bed. I requested a refund via customer comment email...but that was over a month ago...NOTHING. I don't think they intend to respond. DO NOT rent from matter the lower cost....
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I liked
  • Cost lower than major companies
I didn't like
  • Car reliability and customer service