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Advantage Homes Customer Care Review

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I have never encountered a company as whole who is so unprofessional and so condescending in their attitude towards their renters. The maintenance time is also ridiculous, just over a week to repair a toilet. This is just one instance of delayed timing. I will never rent from them again nor will I ever recommend them to any friends out family.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
map-marker Independence, Missouri

Advantage Homes - Home Rentals Review from Independence, Missouri

This is the most unprofessional group of people to rent from. Tell me, you have dog allergies and you move in to a house full of dog hair all over the carpets. You disclose to the leasing agent (Paul) that you are allergic to pets so pets will not be an issue when leasing. He did not disclose the previous owner had pets after acquiring the rental both the cleaning lady and carpet cleaners said the dog hair in here was horrible and they could not believe the condition of the home. Advantage homes was aware of the condition. Their was urine in the toilet, broken bulbs, dog puke in the garage, dog *** in the basement, dirty stove, none of this was negotiated for a lower rent. You tell me how someone would react. And as far as not allowing vendors in the home. I took a day off from work to have someone install blinds and have 1 and half inch holes patched professionally and they show up with no blinds and putty even after I spent a half hour on the phone with one of their office employees giving them measurements of the windows and didn't hear back from anyone for two weeks because they were supposedly on order. I was distinctly told they were there to install the blinds and not use just putty on the walls. Tell me how would someone react. The other person I did not let into my home if he was a vendor came unannounced without calling, parking across and down the street in a unmarked beat up four door car wearing baggy pants and a hooded sweatshirt with the hood up when it was neither cold nor raining. Home alone with my daughter you expected me to open the door for him. When we voiced the complaint they told us if I wanted my roof fixed I should have opened the door for the stranger. So they took an additional 14 days to get someone out to look at the leak because they said it was my fault I didn't open the door for him. Never mind the fact that I had just gotten out of the shower and was able to answer the door since I never received a call expecting the worker. So your remarks about not letting vendors in there you have it!!!! Highly unprofessional. They need customer service skills. All my frustrations have been warranted. If they would take initiative to update tenants in status in stead of the tenants always being the ones to initiate the calls they probably wouldn't have so many upset tenants.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
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We had very similar experiences! Paul is horribly unresponsive.

Very unprofessional group. Our house was filthy and smelly--hair, urine, dirt and *** everywhere. No one takes responsibility.

Office refuses to fix a problem we did not cause, accusing us of lying about it.


Violation of landlord tenant act

Advantage homes doesn't adhere to the landlord tenant act. Whenever we asked Paul to do a walk through inspection prior to move and he refused. That is a violation of the act. Their was dog puke on the floor in the garage, broken glass in a chandelier, blinds not in working order, dog hair all over the carpets, dirty oven, dirty window ledges, dog *** all over the back yard and in the basement, inch holes not patched from hanging TVs, no priming or patching at all, urine in a toilet, handle on stove drawer not installed. So no you don't abide by the act. This is a horrible company to rent from. BEWARE as business owners highly unprofessional and no customer service skills with disgruntled tenants. They do not no how to handle difficult situations. This family owned business needs more professionals who are not in the family who have experience with customer service situations.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
map-marker Kansas City, Kansas

Advantage Homes frauded me out of money...

After being shown a house I was told was available for rent, agent Linda Bobski took two checks from me, one for $70 to cover the application fee, and one for $1195 for a security deposit on this house that was supposedly for rent. Several days later, she called to tell me that the house was no longer for rent. At this point I asked her to mail my checks back to me since she had misrepresented the property, and she said she had already ran my credit check, so she would not give my $70 check back. I then told her this was pretty shady considering I gave her that check in good faith, assuming the house was actually for rent. After talking to her "boss" Deb Frohling, she told me she would mail both checks back to me, but that I was being unreasonable and that this was not her fault. Well, that was two weeks ago, and I still have not received my checks. At this point, I feel the need to put a "stop payment" on both these checks, which will cost me $60. Not to mention the fact that she did a "hard" credit check, which hurts my credit score, even though the property was never actually available for rent. Advantage Homes is shady!!! Do NOT do business with them!!!
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Reason of review:
Problems with payment

Well you're a bit late trying to get the facts straight considering I wrote this almost five years ago! This is too funny!

You just helped prove my point!


Sometimes there are multiple offers on a particular home. The owner decides which lease offer they which to go with.

That decision is based on credit score, length of lease and income.

The application fee is never refundable however the deposit is always refundable in fact Advantage Homes NEVER cahes your deposit check. Once approved, you are required to bring a money order or cashiers check in to replace the check for your deposit.

Just wanted to get the facts straight here!


Advantage homes in Lenexa, Kansas is the worst company you could ever choose.

They will steal your deposit without any doubt . When you move in the place will be left untouched since the previous occupants and advantage will expect you to pay for professional cleaning when you move out .

It takes months to have repair requests filled and when they are these *** will try and blame it on you. The office manager "Cynthia" is the lowest form of *** around , no concept of customer service or people skills as she cheats and steals your money .

I wouldn't recommend these people to my worst enemy. Please continue shopping before choosing advantage homes


They also cheated us out of return on our rental deposit. They held $100 back for cleaning up "trash" in our yard, which amounted to a flower pot and a blue rubber ball.

They also left a large amount of trash in the yard when we moved in, and we paid to have it removed at our own expense, yet were not reimbursed for it.

They also left a huge sack of cat *** on the front lawn after their cleanup from the previous tenant, which the city would not pick up so we also had to remove it ourselves. I would advise anyone considering renting a property from them to steer very clear and find a more reputable company.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-454490

When a renter decides not to renew a lease, Advantage Homes, LLC sends out a check list of items to be completed before they schedule their final move-out walk through. We keep this very systematic so there are no disputes.

If there is cleaning work needing to be completed after the move-out, Advantage Homes, LLC must hire vendors to do the work.

Keep in mind we keep written and photographic records. Advantage Homes, LLC does not profit from any vendor work.



This is for Kansas City. I know and recongnize the names.

I've had a similar experience.

We got shown the house that was still being worked on. The rental agent promised everything would be completed and looking like new.

The exact opposite happened. 4 months later, only a handful of the items are done. It cost us at least $100 in electric in July for having NO BLINDS. We've received no discount or payment.

I call and ask and leave messages. Nothing.

Don't use or rent from them.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-336073

I am sorry if there was a miscommunication on the condition of your home at move in. Advantage Homes, LLC acts as an Owner’s Agent as stated in our contract and has authority to do only work authorized by an owner.

Our owners are not large investors, but individuals. It would be hard for an agent to say that everything would look like new. We always state the home will be in clean condition at move in. Many of our owners do not provide blinds.

In that case renters hang curtains.

Our phone lines are open 9:00 – 4:00 M – F. Our work order email is always up and functioning.


I had a great experience with using Coldwell Banker Advantage and would recommend them to my of friends. I am sure there is always two sides to each story.


Please note that there are many companies in the US doing business under the name Advantage Homes. Research and verify that this is the Advantage Homes in your area that provides the correct service. :x

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Hawken Dal
map-marker Newark, New Jersey

Home Rental Company From ***

In Feb. my husband and I signed a contract with Advantage homes in Kansas City to put our home up for rent for $1495 per month - no pets allowed. A man went to look at our home and said that everything looked good. I told him that the minor repairs needed in the house would not be done because the rental price was still less than the monthly mortgage. He said that would be no problem. Since signing the lease, the couple who run the company have been very rude to us and to our realtor. They told me that extensive work would need to be done to the house if we ever wanted to rent it. Then they told me that we should lower the price. We agreed. Now they are showing the house and taking lease applications from people with pets - which we said no to in the first place. We might be moving back into the home within the next couple of months and asked about terminating the lease agreement. They were VERY rude to me and said that it would be $299 to cancel the contract. I got upset by this and when I called her about it the next day, she said that the fee was $399! They have changed their mind about the condition of the home, the price that it could rent for, and now the fee to cancel. The small print of the contract also says that they can rent the house out "on our behalf" if we cannot be reached. We are afraid that if we keep the lease active they will rent the house out without our permission. The contract is apparently good until Feb. of 2011, depsite my realtor never having heard of a reputable company signing for more than a few months. They have also continued to show the home, despite my phone call stating that we wish to discontinue showings
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Agreed with others Advantage Homes is probably by far the worst leasing organization in the metro. Tenants be forewarned not to rent from this outfit.

Whoever you deal with in this organization, be forewarned they are not working for your best interests, just THEIR pockets. The homes they rent are often dirty and not up to date. They will just tell you its the owners responsibility to take care of problems and still demand the money.

Even though they are the so-called property managers. They are basically a middle man with no responsibilities.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-773630

How can anyone make such sweeping statements?

1. Worst Leasing Organization in the Metro: Have they rented from several other management companies in order to say we are the worst?

We work from contracts and the KS & MO Residential Landlord and Tenant Acts.

2. Not working for a renter's best interest? It is our job as a management company to keep homes in good working condition. Many times a renters' issues are spelled out in our lease contract.


Working for our pockets. We are a viable business and to stay in business we must make a profit.

4. Our homes are dirty and not up to date. How many homes has this renter leased from us?

ALL our homes are clean and the renter receives a copy of the move-in in which they have 3 days to add any changes or make requests. Up to date????? The renter views the home in person BEFORE they write a lease. If they do not like the home why would they write a lease?


Middle man. This is true.

We manage properties for home owners. Advantage Homes states this clearly in the lease contract.


Liars and advantage homes employees are going to ***. They know it.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-760778

We would be happy to provide you the name of our attorney.


Still showing up as a false complaint since 2010

• Rude: Advantage Homes, LLC had no conversations with a Realtor regarding this home.

• Extensive work: If work is needed, it is our obligation to inform the owner of the property.

• Showing to people with pets: As a Residential Leasing and Property Management company, it is our fiduciary obligation to present all offers. Any owner can accept, counter offer, or deny any lease offer.

• Canceling a contract: Advantage Homes, LLC’s termination fee is clearly stated in our contract.

• Price at which the home will rent: The market drives the pricing of any rental home. We can show comparables as a starting point, but as in real estate sales; sometimes prices need to be reduced to find a good renter or buyer.

• Renting the house on their behalf: We have no small print in our contract. All font is 11pt. Many of our owners live overseas and if an excellent lease comes in and the owner cannot be reached, we have the ability to sign for the owner.

• Realtor never heard of a contract more than a few months: Is this Realtor involved in Management contracts? They typically run with the term of the lease.

• Continuing to show: This is a false statement.


In addition to stealing my $1495 security deposit, the charged me a $699 early termination fee. They also lied about the amount of time the home was empty while they were "looking" for a renter.

All the while, I continued to pay rent until they contacted me that they found a renter. Liars and cheats.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-406820

When a renter needs to terminate a lease they and the owners of the home sign an amendment to the lease that states the terms of termination. They do indeed incur a termination fee which is stated up front. After all they did sign a lease contract with a beginning and an end date.


Advantage Homes in KC has unethical and dishonest practices. They kept a deposit from me for the amount of $1495 for a house that I never actually moved into and charged me for minor repairs/painting, cleaning and yard work - the condition of the house when I took possession.

2 days after I returned the keys, a family had moved in. Advantage Homes claim that they did repairs in the amount of $1495 including a dishwasher that never worked and was promised to be repaired.

Lawn work that was not completed as I have a receipt for lawn service through my last day of possession.they never touched the yard. I wen through a divorce and they took "advantage" of me and robbed me.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-406816

There are many parts of this complaint that seem to contradict each other.

• We are not dishonest: We adhere strictly to the KS & MO Landlord and Tenant Acts.

• This person states they never moved in: * How were repairs charged to them? *How did they know a dishwasher didn’t work? *Why did they have yard work done?

• If any of this were true, why did they not take Advantage Homes, LLC to small claims court?

reply icon Replying to comment of Advantage15

No you don't adhere to the landlord act whenever we asked Paul to do a walk through inspection prior to move and he refused that is a violation of the act. Their was dog puke on the floor in the garage, broken glass in a chandelier, blinds not in working order, dog hair all over the carpets, dirty oven, dirty window ledges, dog *** all over the back yard and in the basement, inch holes not patched from hanging TVs, no priming or patching at all, urine in a toilet, handle on stove drawer not installed.

So no you don't abide by the act. This is a horrible company to rent from. BEWARE as business owners highly unprofessional and no customer service skills with disgruntled tenants.

They do not no how to handle difficult situation. This family owned business needs more professionals who are not in the family who have experience with customer service situations.

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Hawken Dal
map-marker Newark, New Jersey

Advantage Homes - Worst Rental Company in Metro

Advantage Homes in Lenexa Kansas is horrible to work with! They charge you fees and make any and all excuses to keep your money! Very rude. They are very sweet over the phone, but once you sign a contract with them, they become liars and take back everything they said. Agreed that our home was in move-in condition. Once the contract was signed, they said we would never get our asking price and said we needed to lower the rental price. They STILL have our keys and refuse to let us cancel our contract without paying $400!!! HORRIBLE!! I have heard many horror stories about them. Unfortunately, we had already signed with them by the time we realized the kind of company they are!
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Reason of review:
Problems with payment

I agree with the previous reviewers. Continued to violate their own contract and charge us fees that we didn't owe.

Just filed a complaint with the BBB and if they will not do the right thing and honor their own contract, will be taking them to court.


False complaint since 2010 from same owner

• Charge fees and keep your money: This owner did not pay any money including our termination fee.

• Very rude: Explaining the terms of a contract is not rude.

• Lowering the price: Such is the nature of the real estate business. Our contract states: initial advertised price. We cannot lower a price without permission from the owner.

• Keys: We were never asked for the keys. This owner could have had her Realtor pick them up.

• Termination fee: The termination fee is clearly stated in the contract.


Do not rent with advantage homes!!! We recently moved out of a house we rented from them and are currently battling with advantage homes over getting back our deposit.

They are extremely rude, unprofessional liars and cannot back a single thing they say. They are pocketing my $1600 dollar deposit as well as my $400 pet deposit. The invoice they sent me claiming all the charges (mind you, the invoice came from advantage homes and they would not provide us with anything showing that they did not make these charges up) included over $1000 in trash pickup, $365 cleaning (the house was spotless) $300 carpet cleaning, $285 for materials (wtf?), $150 snow removal(because clearly we made it snow) as well as various other *** charges. I mean really $1000 trash pickup!!!!

We left the trash by the curb and NOTHING inside the house. We have asked repeatedly to show us a bill or invoice or something proving that these charges are legit and they refuse to give us anything, won't return or answer calls and the emails we received are rude and just state that they've given us an invoice (that they fabricated) and that it was closed.

They blocked me from the portal as soon as we voiced our first complaint. I genuinely hope people read this and stay far far away from advantage homes in Lenexa Kansas!!!

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-623391

• Recently moved out: This tenant did not move out at the end of a lease; rather they abandoned the home without paying rent.

• Extremely rude: We had no conversations with this renter regarding their abandonment; rather we responded to their attorney.

• Pocketing deposits: The deposits went to the owner of the property as liquidated damages.

• Additional charges: We have photos showing the condition in which this renter vacated the property.

• Asked repeatedly: Untrue, we answered their attorney.

As a final note, after Advantage Homes, LLC answered their attorney, the matter was dropped.

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