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October 15, 2010 -Advantage Bail Bonds Of Washington, Arkansas Follow up of threats starting to come in because of web site's, Defamation of character and wrong company as we would never steal money from anyone! Yes, talked to this guy twice and tried to say that we're not Advantage, but . States that he knows of Advantage and yell's that he's going to call the prosecuted and sue me. Asked me what were the women's name and did I get a receipt. I said of course not as I was in the jail and where the transaction was taking place. Why would I care as to what I paid. Besides able to prove that it was Advantage Bail Bonds there as she stated that she use to work for Advantage as that was her husbands business and now she's taken over. Also James Kemp also had to sign his own $650.00 check over to Advantage there in the jail. This woman had her daughter get the check signed and acted as if she knew her way around the jail as went into the doors and fifteen minutes came back. The woman that took my cash money answered my questions as I ask a lot of them if sitting around waiting for a prisoner to get out of jail. This girl was her daughter and in training to be a bail bonds person and she seemed to know a lot more than the older woman that stole my money. When I called 479-521-****, she knew who I was and stated we get our money anyway that we can. I stated that I had an agreement that if I paid the total fee's of the bond off that you would reinstate the bond. We lied and now the records are clear. Well, as far as I am concerned the records are not clear as I also signed under the Kemp (mother's) name as well as Brandy's name there at the jail. Then she tried to get me to fill out what I own and bank names etc. Which I refused as I am only the money person and wanting to make things right for those that they felt did wrong. I stated that James is the one that kept all the payments made and he could not do that when the judge himself told him that he had to have a mental evaluation then in a week or two at most he can be released back on the bond. I understand mother and another woman that signed Brandy Perry could not make the payments and that is why they signed as they knew that as long as James was working that he could make the payments. Well Wednesday he went to court and back to jail, Friday he was still in jail but had $650.00 check that he could not cash and Advantage knew this and took that money as well as my cash money and left me sitting there knowing that they were not even going to bail James out as the jail stated that is what they told them. They didn't let me know until two hours later and the jailer stated there is no reason to sit here and wait for James as he isn't being released and that is exactly what we told the bonds person. I said well I just had $970.00 stolen from me here in the jail. The jailer stated that is not our fault as there different than we are and we can't do nothing about it. Advantage now states they have nothing to do with it and wants all the web sites down or I would be sued. I said they can be removed once I get my $2,120.00 back and that is the only way then she went into a rage and I hung up on her as well as blocked her from my cell phone. Advantage ge I could care less which is which as these two ladies represented themselves as to me as Advantage refused to deal with anyone so I was told by Mrs. Perry and Mrs. Kemp. I get tired of all the threats so every so often I will have my home number sent to some one else or forwarded to another place to take calls for me. Guess I should send them to the sheriff's department so they could take these calls from Advantage as every time I call a number there blaming the other one did it. What would anyone else do that was on the up and up do, to get there money back if it was stolen from them in all the places at Bentonville County Jail. Who would be able to get away with such a low life crime without the backing of the sheriff's department as they stated there was nothing that they could do about it as they are not part of the sheriff's department and we have no control over what happens here. No control over what takes place at the jail? Yes, sue me as I want this cleared up as fast as possible. Advantage stole money from me on October 12th, and yes I may get dates wrong but it was the 12th. Besides that the jail has a record of when I was there as my name was wrote in the visitors log as well as James had to sign his check over to Advantage there in jail. I know who stated they were and that phone number was 479-521-****. Advantage I used was 479-442-****. So, I leave it up to Advantage to decide which of them stole my money as well as James money on October 12th, 2010. What else is someone to do when you can't get the sheriff's department to do anything because there a different breed of what? Didn't interest me to hold that stupid conversation after all why deal with anyone behind a window that could care less what happens there in the jail. Now to place this up and yes Darrell I will forwards the calls to another number tonight. Don't like all those threats? Well, when you log a list of bad cop's daily around the country then your going to get calls. But, again I can be contacted at 530-845-**** or maybe at my cell phone 479-619-****, but threaten me as Advantage did and I just block your number. Talk like a man/woman and explain to me why I should allow you to take $2,120.00 for nothing being done. I am taking all avenues that I can until taking court action. After all the attorney will cost me a lot more than the money I loaned to Mrs. Kemp and Mrs. Perry/Johnson. But, if these avenues don't work then I will take any actions I deem legal and lawful in order to prevent slime balls like this from stealing money from other people. As I can see the internet seems to have that way of doing things. Where do I access the internet? Once in a while at home, most of the time at a local library or a friends house. That is why I am not hiding my discuss from slime balls that have the gall to steal right inside a sheriff's department of all places. Bentonville Jail can do nothing with stealing money? Oh well then why argue about it after all they are suppose to know the laws. I go home and mad as a wet cat and think what can I do to stop people from being slime balls? I worked hard for my money, damn hard at that and to have some slime ball take what doesn't belong to them should *** anyone off. Besides I am retired and able to fight back now. So, to steal from me when I am retired is really stupid as I have nothing but time to think things out. Oh for the person that took the car out of the driveway and reversed it be careful as you may be shot the next time. Someone with a toll truck had to do this and knows our hours here, but next time, no don't let there be a next time! Phone calls make all that you wish as threats I have dealt with and I promise all of you the threats you make on me will never do as much as I faced in Viet Nam. Let that alone be a warning to you slime balls. Old as *** and anyone can probably kick this big old man's ***. But, just be careful. I love a war still even at my age. I fought for this country as many do still today. But, never will I allow anyone to make a deal and steal money from me because I have it! Yes, I am from California and bought and own my property here in Rogers for now seven years. Why do I run my car with a front California plate on it. Because I found it *** people off more than a rebel flag does. I love to hear yank go back where you came from and say ok, I will, and head home to Rogers! Until next conversation of whoever be it Advantage all data and follow up's will be here on the internet. Then IF and WHEN I get my full $2,100.00 returned then I will erase all the home made web pages as well as news items in every state. Sue me? Well, that is what I plan to do if these tactics don't get you slime balls to either do as agreed or return my hard earned working money! Thanks all for the calls and message. Please past the word to use any other bails bond but never use Advantage here in Arkansas. If and when they change their names I will keep you informed. John Lewis again Advantage Address & phone numbers: 2826 S. School, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701 (479) 521-**** & (479) 442-**** Ask why there stealing and revoking so many bails on prisoners in Washington & Bentonville jails. I have had calls that many people that had paid Advantage cash money that they were taken in and placed back in jail with no reason. Here's a photo of the slime ball that stole from me! See her, then don't give her your money!
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