Cashton Cil
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Nightmare in Newport News VA - RUN away from this management company

Due to unfortunate circumstances we had our property go into foreclosure and despite being transparent and proactive with the HoA and their 'agent' Advance Association Management Group Inc we are still suffering the grueling and nightmarish headache of dealing with being nickel and dimed by the management company for HoA fees that we paid in full, actually OVERPAID and received a refund for in January of this year!!!!! Here we are nearly a year later and they are sending demand letters for MORE money but they sent us a refund in January for overpaying ---- how is this even legal? We filed complaints with the AG for Virginia and the BBB but will that even help? I cannot believe a company can just willfully bill someone for something after nearly a year later and oh - not provide any documentation or records of how they 'overlooked' the supposed amount for almost a year and still overlooked it or missed it just 6 months ago when they sent us a refund... If their records are not accurate and reconciled appropriately or timely does it fall on the consumer to be responsible? Isn't there some fiduciary responsibility to follow the GAAP standards for accounting? Robin Stortz the owner and president of the AAMG company is a truly evil and vindictive piece of work. She has been the most disrespectful and uncooperative person I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with in my life. She refuses to provide any reasonable explanation or even an apology for the apparent error that she and her staff had made regarding the status of our HoA account. She obviously thinks because we had to go through a foreclosure we are some kind of dirtbags because she certainly doesn't have a kind word to say or even an appealing interpersonal tone. Guess what, life happens Robin and I hope that you don't have to endure what we have had to go through despite the fact you likely deserve FAR WORSE because you are a nasty horrible person - but we will let Karma take care of get what you put out into the universe. You cannot go through life looking down on others and making assumptions about them and then treating them like something stuck to your shoe. Robin Stortz cannot be trusted to handle the management of HoA or other fiduciary responsibilites and I hope that anyone who has half a mind will seek another company for their management services. They take advantage of people and truly need to get a wake up call from someone in the regulatory division of the Commonwealth of VA - obviously there is some questionable accounting going on - at the very least it is extremely sloppy and their staff along with Robin Stortz is wholly irresponsible and incapable of performing their duties. It isn't about the money - it's only $137.00 - it's the principle. We received a refund of $278.00 6 months ago - how about you apologize and don't offer to 'negotiate the amount owed' when the error is on your side.... admit your mistake and suck up the amount as your own error - let it go already - and stop being so rude to people - what the is wrong with you!? Who would not be pissed about this!?
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  • Disrespectful attitude toward their fiduciary responsibilities
  • Lack of empathy and service delivery
  • Accounting practices
Reason of review:
Incorrect Billing

Preferred solution: Wipe the record clean at this point

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