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I didn't have a good experience with them at all. My account was deleted after I created a whole new account and only being on for a couple of hours. I told this guy about himself and I didn't want to talk to him, he in turned reported it as me being abusive and abusing him and I was only on for a couple of hours that's no reason to ban anyone for telling someone about themselves and it's not a violation when I told him about himself. Oops guess... Read more

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Not able to pay online for gold membership from india for last two months

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I tried logging onto my account but it keeps saying wrong password and username. When I actually put my right password and username. Then I clicked on forgot password to reset my password so i can log on. But it wont even let me do that cause it keeps saying wrong email and username. When they clearly are my username and email. PLEASE HELP ASAP!! please send my log in information or try to get me into my account and email me on... Read more

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They steal money Adult finder

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i dont get it ive never been there before and i signed up tried to add pics next thing i know poof nothing as if i was never there wtf. I just dont understand why there not letting any new members in. Its just *** is what it is i guess no big deal. does anyone know elsewhere i can go thats like theres but better? Why do i have to write 100 words for? Anyways if anyone can help me out id be thankful. I do know i can meet men i do have the looks... Read more

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Isn't it ironic how a site enforces there TOU'S they let people get away with all kinds of violations on a regular basis but when a member files a complaint their the one's that get banned. I do remember all the *** you went through Sandra that was total B.S. Also wanted to throw in there back when I first joined this A.F.F. I paid for one year but they tried to jack my credit card for four payments how I found out was within 10 minutes my bank... Read more

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Wow, I'm amazed that you are so informed about the things that are happening on that site. I was also banned for life because I spoke out in my blog about the site allowing transsexual men to use female profiles, the ambassador program that is used to lure new members through deceptive business practices and the points for cash program that pays women to interact with men on the site. I also spoke out about the stolen *** photos that the site is... Read more

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Ive been a gold member several times and find the chat never works. I send chat requests 100s of times and it never says they receive and I get zero replies. I had same problem as a standard member. Might as well not pay anymore. While the cam portion works okay, the chat sucks. If your a standard member you get 5 chats supposedly but if they end up no answering or never getting it then you lose your daily chats, this sucks.Been a member for... Read more

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i dont like this *** friend finders is something wrong with this fake company them they scam people who want to hook up and they delete people with no reason they suck i dont like that they take advantage of singles who want to meet other singles and its all hookers and girls who are not hookers get offers for money im not a hooker i was on there getting offers to *** for money and im not a hooker and this is a fake website for singles to meet... Read more

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