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Great Company - So why the bad reviews?

First off the bad reviews have to be a joke. I have been with AdResellers for 6 years and wanted to write a review because I think they are unjustly being accused of things. First off traffic is 100% human. No datacenters, no proxies. All real residential ips and active users. All of my campaigns have tracked in Google Analytics, maintain low bounce rates and my customers have been happy. Late night support can be rough 11pm-6am (I'm in the US) but the daytime and evening team is always helpful. They are the only provider that offers true 24 hour online support. All their support reps can help with basics such as adding missing inventory, investigating / speeding up campaigns and so forth. When people say they can never get a hold of anyone, know this. I have an account rep and I have direct access to him. I have his email and his cellphone. He has even helped me while he was on vacation and during his kids birthday party. He always responds to me via email, text or phone. I have never had a problem. I honestly think these other reviews are competitors who lose business to AdResellers. They give you a free account and free traffic to test. So how can they scam anyone when they give you free stuff to make a determination for yourself.
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Reason of review:
Good quality
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I have been working with them and i am so happy with

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Contrary to what they claim - the traffic is useless

the traffic sent your way is completely garbage. There are no real visitors but only bots and machines. I even had a chat installed and every attempt at establishing a chat resulted in total silence because there is no one out there. I have analysed the traffic, its source, operating systems, and locations. It's not real traffic. Customer services has no information. There is no working phone lines. Mobile traffic is the same low quality, fake traffic. Disappointing to say the least. It's expensive also.
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Reason of review:
Bad quality
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Ok. Normally I do not post things but this guy seems to be either a *** or someone who wants to damage a competitor.

I have been with AdResellers for 7 years. I have a dedicated account rep I talk to about once per week. I have never had any problem with them. I use IAS and have verified that the traffic is real.

People don't seem to understand that if your site is selling junk, it wont sell no matter how much traffic you throw at it. If you spend the time to find your market and know your audience you do well.

I have customer that have been with me for years and reorder monthly. I just hate to see good companies thrown under the bus for no valid reason.

Give them a call, they will answer the phone.

They even give you free traffic to test out so there is literally nothing to buy unless you want to invest in more than the free trial.

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Total Scam Company with Garbage Traffic

This company Adresellers/ / Resellerbackend, etc. etc. is a TOTAL SCAM. The "traffic" they send is 100% FAKE bot traffic. Regardless of your niche, delivery time, creative or otherwise, the traffic will be completely useless. They will tell you not too use Google Analytics but even the traffic counters in your C-Panel will not register the traffic because it's GARBAGE. Their "customer support" does nothing but copy and paste sections out of their TOS page and no one picks up the phone. Stay FAR away from this company and don;t sell their products or you will ruin what ever reputation you have.
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Bad quality

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution


I completely agree. for the garbage fake bot traffic that never converts and suspends users sites needs to be lowered to at least .10 cents per 1000 they are making a *** load of money for selling bot traffic.

you can get free softwares that sends a least a better bounce rate then these folks. yes completely stay away.


The customer in question here was trying to push ads that were passing viruses. We informed the customer that the ads were not permitted and he became vulgar with our staff. The review this customer has given are completely slanderous and unfounded.


First of all, you don't even know "the customer in question" because the review/comment was posted anonymously through PissedConsumer. Secondly, it's pretty hard to become vulgar with your staff when YOU DON'T EVEN ANSWER THE PHONE.

Lastly, your traffic is GARBAGE, that doesn't track because it's generated by bots. Anyone who sells your products risks completely ruining their reputation.

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Coriana Vwc
map-marker Tukwila, Washington scam review traffic aka AdResellers is a SCAM. watch out guys. Nobody ever replied to me for over 1 week regarding my service, its a fraud, they will smooth talk you . THEY ARE A SCAM DONT USE THIS FAKE COMPANY. NO ONE EVER REPLIED TO ME AND THEY SEEEM TO IGNORE YOU I WAS IN LIVE CHAT THEY WENT FROM AWAY TO ONLINE TO AWAY. ITS A SCAM BEWARE. THEY CLAIM TO BE THE BEST THEY ARE THE BEST SCAMMERS. only join this if you want to be ignored and scammed otherwise look for another reliable source to resell traffic this source
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This company's traffic is garbage as well. I spent $45.00 to test 45,000 Traffic - 30,000 Regular US Traffic and 15,000 Social Traffic (Facebook, Twitter).

I did for 3 days and I received no sales and my affiliate tracker only tracked about 1000 of the traffic...meanwhile, I sent 45,000. There system said it delivered about 45,000 but I not tracked about 1000 on google analytics and my affiliate stats tracker system....there is something really wrong here.


This customer was very rude, using cure words and was very abusive towards our operators. The customer was refunded in full when we informed him that our staff would no longer accept contact from him due to his abusive nature.

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