Marene Xoq
map-marker Loudon, Tennessee

Adopt a Golden of Knoxville

When a rescue group asks for an application fee beware. I get the need to research potential "dog adopters" and I think a home visit is over the top but, OK I get it your passionate about finding good homes. However, I have my doubts about this organizations legitimacy. This organization has a "volunteer" who constantly wants more documentation from vets, vaccination clinics, proof of heart worm prevention purchases. Oh then there is a problem if you dont have annual vet check up record. After emailing back and forth and submitting records I gave up. It was apparent there was never going to be enough "proof". Every reputable vet source states rabies vaccine is effective for three years and you dont know that? Your nativity makes me question YOUR ability to safely care for these dogs. If there indeed are any dogs. I have my suspicions this is a scam. $25 for an application fee but, never having a satisfactory application. Hmmm sounds like a scam to me.
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Reason of review:
Believe its a scam