Aderra Condominiums - Complex Atmosphere Review from Mesa, Arizona

I have lived in several communities since relocating to Phoenix. This is by far the noisiest complex we have lived in, and we started off in a complex near ASU (temp corporate housing). While I understand that the grounds need to be maintained I find that the list of noise-producing projects is endless. We will not be renewing our lease. The community is lovely but I cannot stand the constant noise pollution.
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Mesa, Arizona
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Bad quality


Great complex, and since homeowners cannot govern themselves in a peaceful and respectful manner we have a great management co, and board that will. This is a lovely community dense in its structure. No one wants to hear dogs barking and unkept; & children running aimlessly through the complex with or without supervision. This is adult living. Dogs and children need a larger space to roam. This is not the place for you if u are not looking for upscale, sophisticated living. BEAUTIFULLY WELL KEPT GROUNDS. QUITE AND PEACEFUL SURROUNDINGS CLOSE TO SHOPPING AND RECREATION. GREAT HOME! LOVE ADERRA!
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you're a *** ***. adderra sucks.

and you're probably one of the 3 "board" members aka owners like dave. you make adderra miserable.

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Las Flores, California
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Good customer service

Towing Cars for Profit

This is the 2nd time my vehicle was towed from the front parking area outside my condo. My vehicle has all of the tags and is registered as I have been an occupant for over two years. Aderra has a "sweetheart" agreement with the mafia car towing company and this is the 2nd time I had to pay $200 to recover my car. I parked out front and simply forgot to move before dark. Aderra should know better - contact people - you have my number or put a sticker on the windshield.. After a long day of work and stress I simply forgot to move it. This is not treating your occupants with respect. I'm moving.
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Interesting review there. As a long time homeowner at Aderra, I remember years ago when the HOA board instituted the rule requiring all residents to park their cars only in the allocated spaces for their units in the garages and not in the very few surface parking spaces (these are for guests, and for a limited time).

This was to decrease the congestion and competition for these very few surface spaces.

This rule seems to have worked out well except for those few who decided to flaunt it. The community streets now look neater and cleaner than they did before.


Amen!! Screw this place!

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We have had both of our vehicles vandalized/keyed in this community at 3 different occasions and the leasing office/sales have done absolutely nothing about addressing this issue. We don't even feel safe living here anymore and plan on leaving as soon as possible. We were forced to park our vehicle outside of the gated community because it was safer there, can you believe this? well it's true. If you plan on moving in this beautiful community, DON'T DO IT!!! RUN... Inside our apartment, we couldn't make a move without *** off the neighbors below before they start banging on the walls again and again, unbelievable!!!
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Phoenix, Arizona

Names shall be named

We shall name Rachel Rowe AKA Rachel Dalton as the main culprit of the property management company, City Property Management Phoenix, AZ. Why does an HOA need a Property Management Company? To photgraph our balconies to seek any violation of the worthless HOA laws that don't allow a child to ride a scooter on the premisis. If I knew I was moving into a retirement community I would have run the other way! Rachel, Rachel, Rachel do you have any idea who you *** with? Well I'll give you a hint, it was the wrong person. You will pay for every dime you have cost me to remove a 3 inch clamp from a *** balcony. $300 and if I can't get it one way, I'll get it the other. You should really be careful when you go out. We wouldn't want you to have a slip and fall now would we??? Well you rot in *** and I'll handle the rest.
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Phoenix, Arizona

Aderra HOA is ***

Thanks for the compliment. I think you're right they have nothing to do with their day. You're right tons of violations I photographed today but those folks live on in peace. Why did they chose to pick on me and my poor child. We did nothing wrong but try to get TV service. I suppose they don't watch TV, too busy taking pictures of everyones unit!! I will not accept this lying down but I have to follow protocol per my attorney. The formal complaint was filed today with the FCC and now they can do nothing until the FCC rules on my complaint. If you live in Phoenix and need a condo Don't Come To Aderra, there job is to make you miserable!
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Phoenix, Arizona
New Reviewer

My H.O.A. won't let me clamp sattelite to balcony, No other TV service is available

My condo complex only have cabability to have satellite TV. The only way I could get reception was to clamp the dish on the bottom rung of my balcony. This is a violation of HOA rules yet there are NO other options for TV service. Isn't Aderra (my complex) required to provide me with TV service at my expense? Aderra Condominums 11640 N. Tatum Drive Phoenix, AZ 85028. Caution, don't rent if you want TV. I believe this is a violation of FCC Rules and Requirements. Can anyone help me out on this one. They are making me take down my dish
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If this area is maintained by the Association (it is their responsibility) you can not put the dish there.

However, there maybe other areas that you CAN put the dish. Look into that first.

The second area maybe MORE offensive to the HOA and they will allow you to put it in the original place.



Oh honey you will win, I did with the very same issue. The HOA's are Nazi freaks and the property management co's are just a way of telling the HOA's that they are *** and can't run there own property-funny though because they can't.

The board memebers are as *** as the management.

Get yourself a Cease and Desist if you haven't already. Hang in there, you've got a load of people backing you up!


My friend you can request your money be repaid by the HOA for having to make adjustments to your dish. I would find out where these power grabbing freaks live and give them a piece if your dish!


Well eg146 you may have a leg to stand on with the 1996 FCC ruling. I have been succesful wining cases on these very same grounds.

Since you had no service for so long and you have no other options, you can take this to litigation or to a judge if you need to recoupe money. I have some attorneys who would even do this pro bono because they are against HOA infringements on personal rights. I would tell you to sue them to get out of your lease, once they start on you they tend not to stop. I'm sure they will keep finding things to pick on you about.

I could say with a degree of certainty they will still make you take down your dish even if it's not clamped to your balcony. The only way to get then to leave you alone is for them to find someone else to pick on. If they aren't trying to take away our constitutional rights, they have nothing to do, therefore nothing to get paid for. Find someone else in your complex who has a violation and report it so they stop bothering you and move on to other people.

In any event, I will email the names of the attorney's you can contact who will challege your right to have a dish and you won't have to pay legal fees.

Keep up the fight for all of our rights!

Stay tough, stay strong, and don't ever back down!! :grin


:( You have every right to be mad. I had problems with them as well.

The board president Rachel Dalton-Rowe is a real B####. She has nothing to do with her time but try to make everyones life miserable since her own life torally sucks. I would sue the board ann let them pay your leagl fees.

I think HOA boards should be outlawed or at least have the members undergo a psychiatric evaluation. These members typically have mental issues and use the board to provide them with power to fill the holes in their own lives.

Don't take this *** girl, you don't need to. I'll rally with you because they pissed me off 2 years ago too.

We'll get everyone who has had an issue to go forward and have these board members replaced by competent, educated people. Not the dumb *** they are!!


This is typical of HOAs Power hungry losers who have nothing to do with their time but *** everyone off. You are right about the FCC law, thay have to allow you to get satelittle service.

I say *** them, don't take it down and maybe you can get out of your lease and find a friendly community. I know this place and ther are many violations there but those people don't get picked on.

Are you pretty and successful? You must be or they would be leaving you alone-LMAO!!

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Phoenix, Arizona

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