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HOA Scammers

I am going to admit several things right now so there is no question as to what I've done wrong: I frequently leave weeds in my front yard that I don't pull for a few weeks and I had a friend staying with me for several months while her husband was away, bringing the total number of dogs in my house up to 4.

I have had problems with Adept Management Services since the moment I moved in to my house. The house was purchased by a company owned by my family because I work from within the house. Within two weeks of me moving in, I received letters from the HOA demanding that I landscape my yard. Irritated at the lack of leeway for a new resident, I proceeded to call landscapers to come out and prune my trees and bushes, pull my weeds, and put new grass in. A couple weeks later, I received more letters from the HOA stating that I still had problems with my yard. Frustrated and now owing a hundred dollars to the management company, I physically went to their office to speak to the company and ask what exactly they wanted me to do. There were three people sitting at a table in a conference room, a woman and two men, and I told them who I was and what I was there for. The woman immediately began telling me that I had no right to be there because I was not the owner of the house. I explained that while I was not the owner, it was my responsibility as the current resident to maintain the house and I needed to know what had to be done to prevent future fines. It quickly became a shouting match between the woman and I. I was shocked, being a generally calm and soft-spoken person, but I felt I was being treated unfairly and was angry at how the situation was being handled. Thankfully, one of the men (who were both obviously uncomfortable) insisted that he show me the pictures and tell me what needed to be done. I became aware that there were parts of my yard I didn't know belonged to me and not the neighbors, and he told me what I had to do to stop receiving letters. I thanked him sweetly and tossed my check on the table in front of the woman before I walked out and began calling my landscaping company.

Fast forward a year later, and now I am seriously considering filing a civil suit against Adept Management Services. About a week ago (middle of February) my mother informed me of a letter the HOA had sent her telling me I had too many dogs and needed to clean my backyard. A couple days later, I got a similar letter that also told me I needed to pull my weeds. My friend and her dogs had left the month before and I had made plans to take care of the other things that next week.

Over the weekend, the gate code changed without my knowledge and I was unable to enter. Thankfully, my dogs had been fed already, but they had to sleep outside and I was forced to drive to Henderson to find a place to sleep for the night. The next morning, a Sunday, I called and was unsurprised to find the HOA office was closed. I decided to wait until the next day to call and ask for a new gate code and I was fortunately able to follow someone else into my neighborhood, but I stayed at home that day for fear that I wouldn't be able to get back in.

On Monday morning, I called on my way to class to receive my new code and was met by a very rude woman on the phone. She informed me that forms had been sent out to all the home owners and residents to get their new codes. I told her that I never received a form at the house, my mother never received a form at hers, and the company that owned the house hadn't received one either. When I asked if there was a way for me to fill one out online, she told me there wasn't and that it wasn't her fault if we hadn't received any forms because they had all been sent out. I asked her to send them again and her response was that if we had changed our addresses we needed to fill out change of address forms and send them to the management company. Again, because I am not the owner of the house, she refused to offer me any more information or help. I called my mother to let her know of the situation so she could, as the owner, get what we needed.

When she got back to me, she told me that the HOA was demanding about $3,000 in fines. Shocked, I listened as she told me the HOA insisted they had been sending out one letter every week since the beginning of October for the weeds and the dogs. They had also been fining us $100 every week since then. Both of us had only received letters the week prior and had no idea what they were talking about. They also refused to give me a gate code. We demanded to see all copies of the letters they had supposedly sent out as well as copies of the pictures they told us they'd taken of the yard time stamped as proof they had actually done what they said. They sent three pictures, one from November, one from January, and one from February that coinsided with their claims, but no copies of any letters. Throughout the day, we played phone tag with the management company and sent emails back and forth while they gave us the runaround with the gate code.

That night, I called the police department to ask if there was any way an emergency service vehicle could let me into the neighborhood or give me a code to get in since all HOAs have to give emergency codes out. They appologized and said they couldn't because it was a civil dispute between the company and me, and again, I was forced to wait until someone entered before I could go in.

The problem is nowhere near solved at this point in time, and we are still trying to gather all the evidence from both sides to try to piece together a coherent story. It's apparent to us that Adept Management Services was taking advantage of the fact that I am irresponsible about pulling my weeds by fining me secretly for almost five months before revealing the amount I "owed." I wonder if the gate code hadn't been changed if I'd ever have found out that I was fined at all.

The point of this is that regardless of what someone does or is doing wrong, it is their right to know what the consequences are and be aware of any action taken against them. Am I the most responsible person with my yard? Obviously not, but it is up to the HOA to tell me what to do and when to do it, not wait until the last moment to tell me what's wrong and say "oh, by the way, you owe us thousands of dollars."

-Extremely pissed off consumer

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sounds like you have a major issue.

Wrenley Xna
map-marker Las Vegas, Nevada

Adept Management and Mary Elizabeth Bolchalk

Adept Management and Mary Elizabeth Bolchalk are complete frauds. If you have have had issues with either of these fraudsters please contact the Attorney General and the FTC.

Do not do business with Adept Management or Mary Bolchalk. She claims to run a real "HOA Management" business. She only runs a ***-job and extortion operation.

The Secretary of State also lists this address for Adept Management:


Las Vegas, Nevada 89131

..isn't that a home address?

Also watch out for CRYSTAL JEAN HOWARD who is also on Adept Management.

More information coming soon.

Angry. Annoyed. Upset.

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:cry Adpet sucks and we are dumb ***.

Wrenley Xna
map-marker Las Vegas, Nevada

Adept Managment / Mary Bolchalk = Scammer!

I lease a condominium on the ground floor of a two story unit. On Sunday January 14, 2007 due to the uncommonly frigid temperatures, a water pipe burst in the condo directly above mine. I noticed the streaming water coming over his balcony onto my patio and thought he might be washing his terrace off; until it became a waterfall. I guessed that maybe his water heater had busted and ran up the stairs to see if he was home.

When he answered I was shocked to see his condo being inundated with water from every conceivable outlet possible. His ceiling fan, his light fixtures, it seemed to be coming out of every opening. Not just dripping mind you, but *** in a steady stream. His furniture, carpet, walls, ceiling. everything was being flooded and there was nothing he could do since it was flooding so quickly.

I realized that the water would soon begin seeping through to my condo and we ran down stairs to see if it had begun to come through.

Sure enough, the corners of the walls at the ceiling were beginning to run with water, drywall was beginning to break away and streams of water were coming through, the water was beginning to soak my carpet from the baseboards, (obviously from flooding to the foundation), my laundry room was flooded, my kitchen, the hall closet had a steady flow of water and was soaking the carpet, the closet floor in my mother's bedroom, my daughter's bedroom carpet was becoming soaked, her walls had seam splits and the water was leaking through, her ceiling was splitting in places and water was steadily streaming out.

I grabbed some pans and towels to catch the water from the various breaks. he had turned the water off at the main, and after about thirty minutes of non-stop cascades of water flow the pipe finally drained itself. His condo is in ruins. He began calling his insurance company and the HOA of the condo complex, (he owns his condo). Right from the start he began getting the run around. The HOA manager, Mary, flat out told him that he had to call his insurance company, that this had nothing to do with her!

I too had decided to call the managment company that I lease my condo through, and they sent someone out to begin extracting the water within thirty minutes. Three hours later he was still waiting for some response from the contacts he made. Supposely there was a plumber coming for him, but taking his sweet time to be sure.

After about three hours or so, and long after the guy who came to my unit from my managment company left, (he extracted the water, pulled the carped away from the walls and set up drying fans), my neighbors "help" arrived. They found the origin of the break and began tending to it.

Once that was done the contractor came down to my unit and asked if he could come in and look around. I allowed him in. After assessing the situation he decided he didn't like what the guy did who came to me from my managment co. he got on the phone and told the HOA manager that what the person did in my unit was substandard work and would be taking over my condo as well. I took offense at his criticism of the guy who came to help me. he is a carpet man for crying out loud! He extraqcted the water, pulled the carpet up, set the fans blowing, and described what would happen once the plummer arrived.

He explained that more water would certainly come through when they released the broken pipe and left some extra heavy sponge like towels in place of the areas he knew would leak again, concentrated more than a couple of fans at these areas, and told me he would check on me in the morning.

Aside from doing what he is licensed to do I don't know what the contractor had expected. MY guy was correct in everything he said, and covered us.

The next thing I knew Mr. Big shot contractor was on the phone again with the HOA mgr, Mary and I heard him tell her: "These people are going to have to move, NOW". I was immediately alarmed since we had no place we could go and a hotel is simply not a possibility in my budget, not at all. He pulled the phone away from his ear and told me that we HAD to LEAVE. I asked him where we should go and for how long? He said, "You have to MOVE OUT". I asked who would be footing the bill for this since I was pre-paid on my lease and had no money for such a sudden situation. He shrugged and offered no further explanation. I left the room and then went outside.

A few minutes later he came out and said, "Mary wants to talk to you". When I got on the phone I was met with the rudest, snappiest human being I believe I have ever encountered! She nastily told me, "YOU HAVE to MOVE!", I asked her where we were supposed to go, and who would be reimbursing me since I had a whole six dollars to my name. She responded, "I don't know, that is not my problem, call your managment company. You have to get out now". I told her there was no way I could move my 70 year old mother, my daughter, cat and all my furniture in a few minutes like that. She told me to get out. I asked her why the sudden urgency since all I had was some minor damage to the drywall, and wet carpet, which had been contained by the guy who came to my unit first. She told me she did not have to explain anything to me and that I had no recourse.

Well that ticked me off. I hung up on her, asked the contractor if the condo upstairs was going to cave in on mine and he laughed and said "Heavens no!". I inquired as to why we needed to vacate immediately and he simply said, "because my workers would have to work around you". I asked him if it was a safety issue and he said, "aside from noise and some dust, no".

Well this pissed me off even more. Here he was just trying to keep from inconveniencing himself and his royal workers.

I again contacted my managment company and they asked why we were told to move. I expalined that I did not know and repeated what the contractor told me. I then told her what the HOA manager had said and the way I was treated. My managment co told me to stay put, she then asked me if I had an attorney, and if I don't she had one she could recommend who would come to me right away to assess the situation and get some answers. I have a friend who happens to be an attorney that specializes in tenant/managment and real estate law so I called him.

He tried calling the HOA witch and did not receive a response. The HOA sets her phone to voice mail and good luck to anyone that might wish to get her to call back in a timely manner.

The attorney repeated his call to the HOA and again after two hours did not hear back.

He came and looked at my condo with a builder friend of his and he was satisfied that there was no imminent danger to us, the unit was not going to cave in and crush us. actually after all those hours of haggling the water spots on my walls and ceiling had begun drying up as was the carpet quickly responding to the fans. We stayed.

Here it is four days later and no urgent crisis has occurred, save for the capret needing to be re-nailed in place and the fans removed. I don't know if the contractor has a right to make the carpet man stay away or not, but these fans are his and not the contractors. Who is going to replace the pulled up carpet if His Royal Highness the Contractor has forbidden the first man to return?

Who the *** does that HOA manager think she is to talk to me like that? Whether I lease or am purchasing, as long as I am current on my rent, (I am pre-paid until April. that is how I like to pay my rent. six months in advance due to my budget getting sketchy with the sporadic kind of work I do) I have as much right to my unit as anyone else. I have as much of a right to be offered an explanation as an owner does. I am not squatting on the condo lady! I am paying for it just like a purchaser! You need to learn some skills in behaving properly towards people. She is rude, dictatorial and absolutely nasty in her skills of communication!

She had absolutely no call to start right out by ORDERING me to vacate my home for no good reason, especially since it amounted to a "Chicken Little the sky is falling" story from the contractor. just so he could keep from having to work around us instead of making a few concessions to allow us to remain. Heck we have no problem stepping out for a few hours to accomodate the heavy stuff like tearing out drywall. ***, I'd even be happy to do the clean up afterward!

Mary is a ***, caused my mother undue stress, (she has a difibrillator implant due to six heart attacks) and certainly did not need the frigtening episode she had to endure wondering where we were going to go. My daughter too was unduly frightened and was crying and asking how we would afford another home. She ended up making herself sick with worry.



Las Vegas, Nevada


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First of all I happen to have first hand knowledge on what happened here. A board member lived above you named Ray. This water break occurred after hours and on a weekend...The management company responded and called the insurance carrier for the community you lived in... The management company contacted everyone they had a phone number for and explained what had to be done. Renters needed to contact their management companies, owners needed to contact their insurance companies, etc...

Let’s go on... when the pipe burst, you were informed that you had to contact your unit’s owner or your unit’s management company, because the HOA had no responsibility to "house" you for damage done from a sudden and unexpected incident. That responsibility fell directly on your unit owners lap. As it turned out your lease stated that you were to carry renters insurance to protect you against sudden and unexpected incidents, like this one, yet you failed to do so...Shame on you! As a responsible renter you should have carried insurance and if you had done so your insurance carrier would have provide housing in this situation...again shame on you.

This entire incident was an unfortunate accident, the insurance company was called, all units were repaired, owners were reimbursed for out of pocket expenses and the claim was paid in full...

Sounds like sour grapes to me. You need to be more responsible in the future. Hope this taught you a lesson and you will be more productive and stop slandering and pushing your poor decision making on others.

I happen to be very happy with the management company and Mary and her staff. I find her and her employees to be very proactive and professional. I have called on weekends when the gates don't work and get return calls. You get more with honey than you do with vinegar...I suggest you sweeten up and be nicer to people instead of blaming them for all your misgivings. I think you made some poor choices and you had a terrible experience because of that. That is not anyone’s fault but your own.

Susan, owner of a unit at Altair

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