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Breach of agreement and unpaid bill

We were asked to conduct some work on behalf os Adelaide Security and Investigations. We dealt with an individual calling himself Julian Wundke. He asked us to trace a beneficiary to an estate, provided us with certain details and agreed to our terms. We duly completed the case and advised julian of this. Days went by and the fee was NOT paid. Eventually, when we finally chased the outstanding fee, we were told that the fee would be "paid shortly." However, the fee remained unpaid and as such, we once again chased. By this time the fee was over a week late. We were asked for our payment details again, which we supplied. Then, Julian Wundke told us that he had found a review online and questioned it. We told him exactly who had posted this and the fact that The police in The UK had dealt with the fake post and the person who made it. We then received a call at our office form Julian Wundke of Adelaide Security and Investigations, telling our secretary that were "being investigated by the police for fraudulent behaviour." The fee remains unpaid.
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