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ADCO management group/ Directv sales

ADCO Management Group is a Smart Circle company that is contracted to sell Directv inside major retail stores They hire as many people as possible telling all that they will be promoted to management in as little as three months under there " management training program " code for you will be thrown into a store and expected to sell from day one. If you do not sell enough in the first 5 days you will be fired. In itself a practice that many sales jobs hold the difference is in the interview they will tell you that the average sales rep does 2 sales a day and you should have no problem. The reality is that less than 5% of the people they hire maintain that average and less than 1% will ever make it to a management position. ADCO has been operating in Harrisburg since April of 2011 and if you google there name you will see nothing but hundreds of job postings and complaints about them. They need to post so many ads because there turnover rate is among the highest of any company out there. If you are unemployed then give it a shot but if you have a job that pays you more than min wage you are look elsewhere. To make any real money you need 8-10 installs a week and they need 10-12 sales reps to staff there stores. So for reps to make money the office needs to do 80-120 installs a week. The best I ever saw when I was there was 40 installs divide that by 10 and you will get paid on 4 sales a week. That means about $375 a week for around 55-60 hours. I hope you all use this to make an informed decision before walking into a business that is more about mass recruiting then grainy quality reps to be successful.
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Lancaster, Pennsylvania
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Brian Mcguigan /ADCO worst business in PA

If you are interviewing with ADCO management in Harrisburg, Pa or any other company owned or managed by Brian McGguigan beware. It is highly unlikely what he tells you will be true. He will tell you in 1st round interview you will be doing marketing and sales for DirecTV, that is about the only truth. He will tell you the average rep makes $750 plus a week and that you will be able to get promoted through the system to management in as little as 3-4 months. He will also tell you you work a 49 hour week and that is what he will pay you on. In reality you will be required to spend nearly 60+ hours a week if you want to have any chance of being promoted or not fired for that matter. Your paychecks will most certainly be wrong and he will wait until you bring it to his attention to fix it and that is when he will give you some excuse of why it is wrong. The problem is he will not give you access to your commission schedule so you will never no if you are being paid properly or not. I have worked with Brian for over 2 years and it was not until I personally worked side by side with him did I realize how dishonest and unprofessional he actually is. He will do a great job of making the job sound good the only problem is nothing can be taken as the truth. I watched him lie to numerous people to there face and was a full to think he wasn't doing it to me. Learn from my mistakes and steer clear of ADCO management and more importantly Brian McGuigan.
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Fake *** cheats *** bags really bad




I too went to an interview with Entourage Management(formally Adco Management) and the office is trashy. There is nothing on the walls and my first impression was it looks like a "ponzi" operation, in the sense of business ethics.

I say this because there is nothing on the walls, his office looks unprofessional and there is nothing on the desk, NOT EVEN A PEN, only a laptop and a stack of papers(which is probably pu thter to make you think he is working) it is almost like they put nothing into their office because when *** hits the fan they can just grab a few things and RUN. The entrance looks nice with a bunch of high end magazines catered to WEALTHY people and has brands like Best Buy, CostCO, DirectTV and Walmart on the walls, but looking at the other offices you can tell they are just trying to make a strong first impression. Leaving the interview I felt I needed to research the company a little more before wasting more time. What I found was alot of negative things and not one posting that was good or contradicted any of the negative.

He even had to change company names from what I found out because of the poor publicity be was getting. I have been looking for a job for a while and have seen similar operations and my impression of him and his attitude fit the bill perfectly for a company who expects high turn over and screws ppl over.

They throw HUGE earnings, promotions and benefits at you and see if you ***. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I must warn you everything about Entourage Management is not what it seems.


Thank you all for your information. It's people like you that save other people their valuable time as well as saving them a head ache!

I almost interviewed with these jokers as I put my resume and cover letter on sites like "Monster" and "Indeed". Thanks again for the information.


Thank you for posting these comments. I was considering looking at this opportunity but there is not a chance now.

More people should read up on companies before taking an interview. I understand that they are in it to make money, but if you have the high turnover in a smaller market like Harrisburg, it's only a matter of time before he's out of business.



Adco is a smart circle company if you have any questions about this business just google smart circle. You will see that this is one of several hundred little companies that lie to people to get as much as they can with empty promises.

Most companies like adco will work you to death before firing you or pushing you to quit. Research this company and smart circle you will see what they really are


I went to an interview with ADCO last week.

Was told i would be selling directv in sam's and best buy. Pay was min wage or commission which ever was greater.

Also told i could be promoted to a manager in as little as 3-6 months.

I went to best buy to ask about the guys, was told the directv sales guys quit all the time because they work everyday but most of them dont make any money, most get paid min wage. This company makes it sound great but from what i have learned they have the highest turnover i have ever heard of.


Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to counter all of your negativity with a very truthful statement: Smart Circle is NOT for everyone. If you are willing to put the time in, and do so while understanding this very simple statement, YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL.

A high turnover rate is simply the product of people who think they are going to get rich for not doing anything...unfortunately, the growing reality of today's culture. I have known Brian personally for over a decade and I too was 'in the trenches' with him looong before Adco and Entourage. We had days that were huge successes, and some that weren't. There were days that we wondered why we didn't do this sooner...and some that made us question why we started it at all.

The structure behind the company is such that an IMMENSE reward awaits those who are literally willing to sacrifice and put the time in. Build teams...lose teams. Have success...have failures. All the while, learning invaluable lessons both in business and client interaction.

HERE'S THE IMPORTANT THING: Absolutely NOTHING he tells you is false. You have to understand the business model here. Everyone who fails at this business has made the choice to fail. (Even if they did so on an unconscious level).

How can you expect to one day run an office if you can't even look past the simple negatives of a few bad days 'in the trenches'.

This is an amazing opportunity - If you're the type of person who expects everything for nothing like the several above yourself (and Brian) a favor and keep looking. If you can HONESTLY say you have a great work ethic and understand that true success requires it, look no further.

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