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Do not use, liar and thief

He is a liar and thief
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  • Thief and liar
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This POS tried to have the *** sex offender R. Kelly play at a failed event called Fashion Meets Music Fest which was largely canceled by a small group of internet trolls.

Koral Ixc
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Bret Adams lied and embezzled money, committed lots of fraud

Adams Partners LTD - Bret Adams lied and embezzled money, committed lots of fraud
Bret Adams, a sports agent located in Columbus, Ohio, has intentionally failed to pay numerous vendors, service providers, investors, loaners, etc for the Fashion Meets Music Festival, which he owns. Bret's thievery didn't start there, he is known to have embezzled money from partners in a project a few years back. Bret is involved in many court cases, and even has judgements issued against him for his lack of payment. Some of these cases are filed by him in order to avoid debt or in attempt to scare his enemies, which are mostly creditors. If you give this guy money, you won't see it again.
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  • Never paid back for what he owed
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Problems with payment

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