map-marker Milford, New Hampshire

Scammed wood pellets from achile agway, MILFORD STORE THE ROOSTER

paid for 4 ton premium new england wood pellets,they came and dropped off there junk agway brand, worse pellets ever!, never offered any money refund to my cc.Unfortunetly my son,home from college,and his friend were helping me out,and had stacked all of them in my basement,and it would be very difficult to remove them,so stuck with the situation,very disceptive business,never use them,I'm sure I'm not alone.NH. attorney general was notified.It is very sad how things have become in america,local companies ripping off people with in the area of the lame business,no back bone,no more doing things right,always taking ad vantage of the disabled and retireed communitty.
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  • Red rooster rip off
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Not as described/ advertised