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This company is the worst company I have ever seen, I've had numerous of problems with this company, but my problem today has to be the worst yet.I spoke to a customer service representative about an unauthorized payment and the customer service representative BLOCKED my card. I can't use my card at all and I have bills to pay. Now they're supposed to be sending me another card so I can access my money, which by the way is going to take 7-10...
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I didn't like
  • Worst card
  • Achieve
  • Fraudulence
Setup direct deposit over two weeks ago, on the day my pay is to be deposited, achieve closes my acct. for inactivity and tells me they rejected the deposit. Now I call my employers and they say the money was rede posited after I had achieve reopen my acct. now achieve is saying there is no money there and that if there is, hey need a 15 digit number that doesn't exist in order to release my funds to my acct. they have no 24 hour customer...
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