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This company is the worst!!I take a specialty injectable medication, and they consistently do everything they can to deny me my perscription, by losing or denying the Doctors prescription, losing the authorization, failing to address incoming FAX's, and failing to notify me that my vital prescription is no longer valid or in need of renewal. It's a full time job fighting with them to send me my vital medication, and my insurer requires me to use...
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Anonymous I'm new to Accredo but that's been my experience so far just trying to get my injectable biologic prescription started. I had Optum rx and Briova before this, and they were w...

Accredo canceled a Rx that was written 07/18/2016 to 11/7/2016 and when I inquired 09/11/2016 was told we are contacting your doctor. We are needing a new Rx. I contacted doctor and was told there was no contact from Accredo. Called Accredo back next day and told we are contacting your doctor. Doctor calls Accredo and told someone canceled the good Rx. Take Humeria once a week and have been out going on the 2nd week. They want the big bucks but...
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