Threatening and abusive.

I tried to get the sales person who spoke with a foreign accent (may have been from India) to stop giving me his sales pitch and take me off of his call list. I told him I'd like to grab him by the collar and shake some sense into him to which he responded, " I'd like to punch you in the *** face." He proceeded to tell me he knew where I lived and threatened to rearrange my face with other explitives. I am considering pressing harrassment charges. His threatening and abusive language continued, then he threatened to come to my house with the police. Strange because I never threatened him in that manner.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
map-marker Dover, New Jersey

Access Capital Funding Group LLC Scam

Access Capital Funding Group LLC is a huge scam. I sent my hard earned money to this company hoping to get sound advice for my new start up business. This company took $2499 from and provide me NO service. I attempted to call and wite requesting a refund and all of a sudden they will not return my phone call or respond to my letter. I need to know if someone have a lawsuit filed against this company? If so please send me the information at ladie2luv@***.com I am so pissed with this company, I am so pissed with this company, I am so pissed with this company!
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ericstorck Y
map-marker Washington, District Of Columbia

Access Capital was dishonest

My company was considering financing some equipment with this company. They requested and 1,100 fee to process the paperwork. We were assured that this was refundable if the transaction did not go thru. When we recived the final paperwork the terms were not as described and we elected not to complete the transaction. They then refused to refund the $1,100. We called several times with no response. we sent a registered letter that we know was received with no response. We attempted to contact the owner with no luck. They are require to register in our state to do business (Virginia) and they did not. In the end we received not financing and no refund. I would strongly avoid this company.
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Access Capital Funding Group - Scam

Access Capital Funding Group in Denver CO run by Courtney Krenz and Andrew Eickenberg is a scam and a fraud. This company has gone on long enough ripping people off. Seriously, Access Capital Funding Group - stop your scam and start refunding your victims. Conumer - Beware!!! Access Capital Funding group has not only stolen my money, but look around on Google. What do you see? Victims of the Access Capital Funding Group LLC in Denver Colorado. If you have a bad experience, please post here and on the Denver BBB. Access Capital Funding Group should have it doors closed by none other than the Colorado Attorney General. If nothing else, you can contact Tom Martino and post your complaint. Tom is an excellent consumer advocate and might just drop by with a camera crew and expose Access Capital Funding for the frauds they are. Remember - Attorney General, Denver BBB and Tom Martino. Do not let Access Capital Funding Group continue ripping off the innocent consumer. Access Capital Funding Group - STOP
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Thanks for the help :D, Grayson.


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I received calls from Monterrey Collection Agency as well. They threatened to report non-payment on my 'Personal' credit report, which is ridiculous, I initially contacted Access Capital Funding to grow my BUSINESS credit.

What is most absurd is upon receiving documents from Access Capital Funding, I disagreed with their terms, put them on notice that I would not be doing business with them, I had not signed any documentation, but they had my name, business name (NO EIN or SS#) business address, phone, etc.

I began receiving bills/statements from this collection agency demanding that I pay the remaining $2000 balance due on an account never established for services never rendered. I threatened to file suit against Monterrey Collection if the harassment persisted.


Access Capital Funding Group and their group of Bandits should be shut down. How does Courtney Krenz and Access Capital Funding Group get away with these types of tactics in our currnent economic environment? Isn't there any regulation against companies like Access Capital Funding Group?




Access Capital Funding Group and Courtney Krenz have now ripped off TOO MANY clients to continue getting away with FRAUD.


Access Capital Funding Group - based on everything I have read and researched about this company, you would NOW have to be a bit of an *** to give them a dime of your hard earned money. I would have to agree with the other posts and suggest avoiding Access Capital Funding Group.


Access Capital Funding Group - you should be ashamed.

I agree with the poster above, Access Capital Funding Group should be reported and closed.

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scammedperson t
map-marker Fort Worth, Texas

Access Capital Funding Credit Card Fraud!

Access Capital Funding Group knowingly charged unauthorized fees to my credit card numerous times without my signature on ANY official documents/contracts/service agreements. After Demanding a REFUND from Access Capital Funding and notifying them to cease and desist/cancel account, they continued to fraudulently charge service fees per the “unsigned agreement.” I was given the run around when trying to contact them about the REFUND. Finally after several failed attempts to get in contact with someone authorized to return my money, the Vice President, Andrew Eikenberg laughed in my face and accused me of lying about my situation. He stated that his representative, Jodie Tallman was one of his best employees and that she would never charge my credit card for “anything I did not agree to.” Meanwhile, I am receiving dozens of automatically generated email messages from Access Capital Funding informing me to return the documents ASAP so that the credit department can begin working on your account/file. The credit department cannot proceed until the documents are returned. Ultimately a REFUND was NOT PROVIDED and services were never initiated. Access Capital Funding Group stole money from my business. Their mission statement reads something like this: “Access Capital Funding provides the financing options and capital you need to help your business grow…Access Capital Funding Group is an essential partner for obtaining the capital funding your business…” Bottomline—Access Capital Funding is bad for business! Access Capital Funding stole hard earned capital from my business. Don’t let them hurt your business!
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I can help everybody find this "Scam Artist".....(FREE) I have his home address and his employment informatio......i will ALSO show you how easy it is to obtain a Judgement on him in Small Claims Court and Garnish his wages!...just e-mail back....


Due Diligence


I agree, Contact the Attorney General.


Startup Business looking to raise capital? Access Capital Funding does not discriminate when it comes to robbing people! Scammers! Illegal unauthorized charges for Services never rendered. Refund was never provided; I was given the run around!

Access Capital Funding Group is under criminal investigation for massive over billing and ripping of entrepreneurs. Which begs the question of how many more thousands of dollars has this corrupt company made off with for all the times it wasn‘t caught? Access Capital Funding under scrutiny for numerous legal battles and allegations of corruption, However, Andrew Eikenberg, the CEO of Access Capital Funding denies allegations of such claims, as the company remains open for business!!!???

Hard working entrepreneurs, fund your company through a respectable organization. Access Capital Funding Group is a company perpetrating a massive fraud.

Los Angeles, California



Access Capital Funding Group should be reported directly to the Colorado Attorney General to initiate an investigation into potential criminal Fraud. Please post your complaints on the Denver BBB site and be specific.

If you have been a victim of Access Capital Funding Group, then perhaps you can prevent your neighbor from also falling prey to this company and their unethical marketing tactics.


This is a repost from Rip-Off Report Concerning Access Capital Ripping Off Consumers.

On Sept. 3, 2007, I signed a contract with Andrew (VP) of Access Capital funding Group, LLC in Denver, CO. I also authorized (4) direct payments of $399.75, beginning in Oct. of 2007, totalling $1,599.00.

I also signed their 'Personal Credit Restoration Program Contract,' which gave them a 'limited power of attorney,' so thy could obtain information and improve my personal credit score.

I have had to further pay for all credit reports twice, and the cost of mailing them to them...this was not included in the fees.

I completed forms for Trade Accounts application, for my business credit building process to begin. I finally had to call Dunn & Bradstreet on my own to establish an account. I also had to apply on my own for my business trade accounts, Staple's, Office Depot and Quill. I received those business credit cards, and made several purchases, and paid them prior to being invoiced (as advised by Access Capital) however none of them have filed that positive credit information to D & B.

I have received no information on becoming an LLC, or incorporation of any kind, which would have seemed a likely step into establishing any such business.

I essentially have made all the efforts, paid their $1,599, and have to date...received nothing!

This process has been going on since Sept. 3, 2007. It is now June 6, 2008!

I have e mails to verify that I was to receive my business loan in the amount of $150,000 by Nov. 3, 2007, from Andrew Eikenberg, the Vice President of this ACFG.

Because of this, I made several business deals, and it caused a great deal of grief when I actually found out...that wasn't going to happen in Nov. 2007.

Now, I'm hearing, and I have all e mails verifying this, that they need to get my PERSONAL credit score up to around 720 before the financing will happen! 'It's your past credit mistakes that are causing you problems, we can't help that!'

But at the time they sold me their 'package,' they assured me, this loan would be solely based on the business credit they helped me establish.

This company is deceitful and misleading, and I can assure you they fully plan on dragging this out until Sept. of 2008, at which time, they'll most assuredly tell me...'your contract has expired, and there is nothing we can do for you!'

I have repeatedly asked for a full refund of my $1,599.00, but I just keep hearing about how much work they've done for me, and they emphatically reply 'there will be NO refund!'

I have countless e mails, and every single piece of correspondence I've had with these rip-off people saved in my file. Someone needs to STOP them from robbing the hard-working public of their money and their dreams of entrepreneurialship!

Fed-up and ripped-off in Wisconsin!


Oostburg, Wisconsin



Perhaps calling the Colorado Attorney General would provide some resolution. Certainly posting your complaints on the Denver Better Business Bureau would be helpful.

Any additional positings on Access Capital Funding Group sheds light on their activities.

The two principals in this operation appear to be Courtney Krenz and Andrew Eickenberg.

Share your stories and help prevent internet scams. Keep an open eye for Access Capital Funding Group.


Access Capital is making lots of new press and should be researched very carefully. Check rip-off report, and wikki for postings on Access Capital Funding Group.


ved from credit reports and they were able to remove nothing.

Then I was told that they would get my loan approved based on the new established credit since they could not get any credit items removed from my reports. I also signed their 'Personal Credit Restoration Program Contract,' which gave them a 'limited power of attorney,' so thy could obtain information and improve my personal credit score.

I have had to further pay for all credit reports, and the cost of mailing them to them...this was not included in the fees. Then they asked me to sign up for a credit monitoring service, which was out of my pocket, so they can monitor there so called success.

I completed forms for Trade Accounts application so they can do exactly what the previous person posted on this site. They get you an account with Quill and Office Depot to 'build company credit' and then cant get you a loan.

I was then informed of a fee to obtain the loan that was never documented or mentioned from the sales department. They then removed that loan discount fee since I am sure they were aware of the tactics of misrepresentation from the sales department.

I was then told that they can not get my company a loan which is the business Access Capital performs.

I have left numerous emails and phone calls for there employees (which access capital has records of) and they have never been returned. 1700 dollars has been spent on there bankruptcy recovery program and they have yet to remove the bankruptcy or obtain funding for my company.

Do the research, this company is a fraud. They misrespresent themselves and can't deliver.

Every wonder why they are not members of the BBB? Its because they know there practice is corrupt.

The bottom line is they advertise they can get your company funding and they can not. They charge enormous fees for services that are not rendered.

I strongly urge you to run from this company.


1700 dollars poorer, New Jersey


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Who is "Assist Business" in Phoenix

"Assist Business" in Phoenix is really Access Capital Funding Group located in Denver Colorado. The Phoenix address is bogus and operations are still conducted out of Denver. It would appear that Courtney Krenz and Andrew Eickenberg are continuing the "Access CapitalFunding Group" scam under a NEW NAME - Assist Business or Assist Business Now. The scam continues apparently unchecked by authorities. Their intent to mask their identity speaks volumes about their fraudulent business practices. I would encourage consumers to research "Access Capital Funding Group" before handing over any hard earned money. Good luck...and avoid "Assist Business Now"
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Stole My Money-No services rendered

Perhaps Access Capital Funding Group can be held legally responsible for the unethical business practices. If you have been ripped off, post your comments on RipOff Report and seek some free legal advise. If nothing else, a class action against Access Capital Funding Group and owner Courtney Krenz might help promote refunds for victims of this unscrupulous company. Access Capital Funding Group and Courtney Krenz- definite THUMBS DOWN From what I have read on most of these postings, Access Capital Funding Group has treated many customers the way they treated my business. They sell a high priced credit builder with the promise of a loan they can't acquire or deliver. They do however keep your money and apoligize. LOL
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Feb 3, 2020

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