Jennifer C Uol

Scam!!! Awful! Charged on credit card, but no order was even sent to my email. Never got the item, a toaster.

There was never a confirmation sent, I was charged and never got the item!!! Scam, scam, scam, scam!
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Preferred solution: Full refund

map-marker Oklahoma, United States

I got the charge to my bank account but I never got invoice number

Seems like fraud buy somewhere else buy I pay for my tool and still waiting for confirmation , I have to call my bank and make the report
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User's recommendation: Buy somewhere else

Bobby M Lbd
map-marker Hollywood, Florida

No invoice sent to email but my card was charged

Charged my card but no item or email back to me and the phone number is no longer works and the website is still up
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Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

User's recommendation: They must be closed down

norm w Vui

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Charged my card right away and then disappeared

Original review Mar 11, 2021
re So I was price comparing the cost of a tool I was looking for and this site came up on my google search and it looked legit. I mean I couldn't find any complaints about the site, it had listed a business address, email and a phone number so I thought okay, I'll try it. I don't do that often. Mostly not at all but I took a chance on another unknown website recently and that saved me so much money I thought it was worth the risk. Plus, I was pretty sure that I would get my money back from the credit card company. I just didn't count on how much trouble it would cause me and how much time I would waste on this. Anyway, I placed the order and NO confirmation email of my order after two days but I noticed they charged my card right away only it was to some business entity called 'STEPHANIE MOGAN MEDIA' whatever that is. Quick search turns up an address in florida but different town by hundreds of miles from, at least what's posted on their web site. So I send them an email, first of about a half dozen, asking for an explanation and status of my order, which have never been answered. I also used their website to try and submit a message but that just returned an error every time; never sent, never received, I guess. I also tried calling to various numbers supposed to be linked to this business and no answers to any of my calls. So then I go back to my card co and the posted charges now show up from 'oceaniacruises hollywood fl'. Again, not who I ordered from so I start a dispute and my card company says, "call them (the card co, not the business)". So I call, and they say I should wait. I say, "yeah but this company I never heard of has charged my card and the only the reason I recognize the charge at all is because of the amount", but they say I should wait. Wait for what I don't know. I tried calling the company, no answer, sending emails, no answer and now what? I've had occasion, especially lately where a company has been very, very late actually shipping anything or answering emails but I'm not sure this company actually exists or not. BTW, they have a link on their site to track orders but since I never got a confirmation email from them, I don't have an order id and since they don't respond to my emails it's all bogus. Anyway, I think I'll eventually get my money back from my card company but I suspect I'll be hassling with them as well. I'm just glad it's a fairly small amount. However, I'm very disappointed that my credit card company hasn't take this very seriously so far as I have. I mean these people now have my name, address, credit card so what's preventing them from running up other charges as well. So, is this site legit or not? I don't know but I would stay clear from them.
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Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: avoid like it was the coronavirus


In my case the precharge was the name I mentioned and then it was posted under another name like 'oceania' something. I got my money from amex but in cases like this I'm not sure they pay out themselves or charge back.

Anyway, I made sure that amex blocked any future charges from them so if it's a scam I'm not sure where they're making money off it.

I see this sort of thing on amazon all the time (now) where someone will pop up, take payment and then you never hear from them. I haven't figured out that one either unless there is a % of people who just never follow up on their purchases.


Same experience (no confirmation email, phone number is not in service, never answer email) but the charge was listed as from ABS-TOOL

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