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Absolute Miserable HEAT

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Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning And Heating - Absolute Miserable HEAT

I contacted AHS 8/11 regarding my unit not cooling until after the sun goes down. The vendor Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning And Heating arrived to *** and fix the problem 8/14.

I was told that the unit just needed to be cleaned which is not covered because it's maintenance. I paid an additional $225 on top of the $125 trip charge to have the unit cleaned. My house never cooled. I called the next morning and they sent the same person out on 8/16.

Mind you the first trip they tech never went into my attic. This time he did and said that it needed a part and that he'd order it and would be back Monday. The vendor contacted me Monday 8/19 and said the earliest date they could come was 8/21. On 8/21 the tech came out and said he had the wrong part.

So he had to re order the part. At this point the hottest it had gotten was 78. The next appointment was set for 8/23. I called the morning of to confirm that he had the part and ask to be the last person he would see because of my work schedule.

At 5:05 I received a call from tech saying he did not have the part and not sure why the appointment was made he'd come out Monday. The next day Saturday 8/24 8:00pm my home was 89 degrees. I have a 14 mth old, teen, husband, myself, a 105lb dog and a small dog. It was almost UNBEARABLE!

I called the vendor around 10pm said they would rout to a tech in the am. I Called again at 8am and said they would contact the oncall tech. The same tech text me said he would come by after church and see if he could "make an adjustment to try and bring the temp down". At 12:36 I hadn't received a call or text from him so I texted him back to see around what time he would be there.

I didn't receive an answer. At Around 3pm I called and the tech stated he couldn't do anything until Monday because he had no part when earlier the conversation was different. I call the vendors office and I ask for it to escalated to management. I received a text approximately 30 min.

later from the tech saying "I may be able to pull something off". He text about 20 min later saying that he is 30min away. When he arrived there was another person with him. He then said the compressor was weak and I needed a new one.

Now it took this tech FOUR visits to diagnose the compressor! Now I have to wait 3-5 Business Days for the part. I contacted AHS four times Sunday after the tech said it was the compressor. The only convenient concession I was offered was 1 night at a hotel or 125 cash that could go towards a portable unit.

I was told per the vendor they try to exopodite the ordering of the part and was told that they couldn't do that. I called and was told the same information to the compassionless Manager Erika in the Georgia office, said my case was not an escalated one, that she did not have a supervisor that I could speak with, and that she couldn't give me the information as to who her supervisor was. She also stated that escalated calls go through corporate and that she couldn't give me corporates number. AMERICAN HOME SHIELD DOESNT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS!

Last night my house was 91 degrees!!! I guess life threatening conditions is not an urgent matter.

They contract these jobs out to incompetent vendors and will not provide loaner window or portable units in cases like mine when the customer has been waiting weeks and there is life threatening temperatures. So I bought a window unit that only cools 1 small bedroom for 150.00 and I have to wait maybe another WEEK in this TEXAS HEAT!

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Reason of review:
Incorrect diagnoses, incompetent, charge for items services that we did'nt need.

Preferred solution: Full refund

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map-marker Damon, Texas


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Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning And Heating - ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE

We were treated horribly by Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning.

My husband and I live in Katy with our three small children.

Our AC broke on Monday July 4th 2016. We called in the issue and were sent a tech from absolute. He told us all we needed was Freon but they wanted to charge us $100 a pound. I told him we would get it elsewhere cheaper.

We did and that didn't fix the issue as we were told. We called them out again and this time the SAME tech came out and said "You have a leak but I cant find it you need to find someone more experienced" then he left. I asked him to tell me what the issue was but he said he didn't know. We called Absolute but were told we could not have someone else out for 4 days.

We waited and the new Tech said we needed to pay $1200 for a new coil and upgrades. We had to pay as we have 3 little children and it was the middle of summer and over 95 degrees. So because of them we were out AC for 10 days.

I would not recommend them to anyone. Please stay away from them at all costs.

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Reason of review:
Pricing issue

Preferred solution: Price reduction

map-marker Houston, Texas

Damaged AC System

Absolute Comfort are absolutely useless. I was forced to use there "Services" by my Ex home warranty Co.

American Home Shield. The tech came out and immediately went to the backyard. He opened my AC unit panel and stated its dirty. Not surprising as they warranty co will not warranty equipment that fails due to lack of maintenance.

I explained that it is still working ok but could use a bit of Freon as it has a very small leak that is basically undetectable.(Freon lasts 2 years on average before requiring a top up.) This guy Carlos Nava hooks up to measure the pressure and then tells me "Its low".... "Right well can you top it up?" He says "No that's ILLEGAL if i can't find the leak" Really I say. They have been topping me up occasionally and have never mentioned that to me before. Anyway now he goes into my attic and proceeds to hammer on the box that houses my evaporator coil until he punctures *** in it.

After which he tells me "ITS LEAKING" Wow I bet it is. he goes out to the truck and writes me up an estimate for $1860 and then proceeds to tell me my warranty company will be in touch. "Sooo.. Are you going to seal my box back up" I ask?

No he says. It must be replaced anyway. What about all that cold air blowing in my attic. I would rather it blow into my house.

He ignores me and just proceeds to leave after I pay him the 75$ service fee. Stunned I called my regular AC guy the same day and he had to undo the damage this guy did. He then cleaned it and topped me up like usual and it works great.

Stay away from Absolute Comfort. They should be called Absolute Cons!!

Mike M.

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Korynn Bhd

Poor Customer Service

This business installed the wrong front panel on a gas insert in my home. The owner of the company was very rude and hard to work with.

They also lie on facts. I will never do business with this company again. I want others to know that this company will not work with you if they screw up!

This business only seemed to care about getting paid, not doing things right.

The owner of the company continued to contact me after the job was finally complete. It was almost like harassment!

Please beware of doing any business with this company.

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map-marker Houston, Texas

Absolute Comfort's Mistakes Cost Me $5K!

Absolute Comfort misdiagnosed my a/c problem and sold me an evaporator coil that I did not need (and charged me a whopping $2,400). It became obvious that that was not the problem when the a/c problems persisted after the new coil was installed. Plus, their own documentation included enough information to convince my new a/c contractor that the evaporator coil was never the problem. Additionally, I now know that pressure readings taken by Absolute Comfort after the coil was installed indicated that the problem had not been fixed, yet they left it that way anyway.

Because Absolute Comfort left my a/c functioning improperly, my compressor burned up long before its time. That cost me another $2750 to replace. (I didn't use Absolute Comfort for that service.) It took the new contractor 2 full days to undo the damage left behind by Absolute Comfort (fortunately they didn't charge me for the additional labor but another consumer might not be so lucky).

Absolute Comfort made 4 different trips to my house and did not send the same repairman each time. This convinces me that dishonest practices I experienced were not limited to a single employee.

Incidentally, they advised me to stop using the 4" thick filters that my system called for and to use 1" thick filters instead. I did as they advised and the 1" thick filter, which was too flimsly for my system, got sucked into the motor of the unit!

Also, before I knew of the damage Absolute Comfort has caused me, my mother called them because she started hearing a rattle from her a/c system. They were at her house for 10 minutes and charged her $155. They told the problem was that she was using the wrong filter. She explained that she had been using the same type filter for years but they insisted that was the problem. Dissatisfied with that answer, she mentioned it to my brother who decided to take a look for himself (althouh handy, he is not an a/c repairman). He quickly discovered a loose screw, tightened it, and the rattle stopped.

For you own sake, please do not use Absolute Comfort.

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