Brian t Peb

Terrible home

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The house is falling apart they just patch it up does not solve the problem roof sheets not nailed to trusses ceiling on roof swags its 5 months old looks 50 yrs old ceilings crCking already patched 3 times crown molding falling down want their money but they dont want too correct the problems i believe the better buisness b needs involved and gina needs investigated ? Simply junk
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Milton Wkx
map-marker Kernersville, North Carolina

Buyer Beware of Gina Sheets AKA Barnes and Bob Anderson: Modular Home a POS, unethical behavior, and cannot be Trusted!

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Updated by user Nov 08, 2017

This is the information on there forms: ABG Properties of N.C. LLC 324 Sidden Street, Mount Airy, NC 27030 3**-**0-1588 This one is the one registered under the NC Department of the Secretary of State: 7672 Crossing Ridge Drive Belews Creek, NC 27009 3**-**0-1588

Updated by user Nov 07, 2017

This past weekend on 11/4/2017 we had to pay a master electrician to come out because we had no power to our well. When the problem was discovered it looked like they installed used wiring from another project to cut more corners.

I am posting a photo. Additionally, here is a photo of the concrete pad they removed, when we did not want it removed, and they stacked it up a short distance from the house. My husband reminded me about the atrium door and weather-stripping that had to be replaced, which was one of the overages that Gina threatened us about changing the locks if they were not paid; we had to meet her in a Wendy's parking lot. The reason it had to be replaced was one of the workers she sent over was caught in the act (by my husband) trying to get into the house using a credit card, and then a screw driver because they did not have a key.

The damage was extensive, not only did she not provide the workers with keys, the foundation crew had to get a five gallon bucket and take water out of our lake, because we did not have water hooked up yet. Once the home was set and put together, it still needed stairs, but the workers took it upon themselves to use the pallets as a ladder and climbed into the closet window.

I will post photos of that as well. Trust me when I say, look into other companies and stay away from her and any company she is affiliated with, that includes Clayton Homes of Reidsville.

Original review Oct 31, 2017
ABG Properties of N.C. LLC 324 Sidden Street, Mount Airy, NC 27030 **** Crossing Ridge Drive Belews Creek, NC 27009 The Principal, CFO is Gina Sheets AKA Barnes. I would not recommend this company to anyone. The Principal Owner, Gina Sheets (Barnes) is shady, unprofessional, not trustworthy, and completely rude. We purchased a home through this company and they will not return calls, and when you call, she will not give you her name. She works with Bob Anderson, and he is just as shady and unprofessional as Gina. He was the salesman for, which his website which has been down for over two months. However, here is his contact information, Bob at 336-918-**** or at factorydirectmodulars@***.com. They also took us for the permit money, I had to pull the permit on April 12th 2017, and my husband was listed as the contractor. It should have been them pulling the permits, and paying for the permits. This was a construction loan, to build a modular. The people they hired to trim the home did a real bad job, in fact, I do not think they could build a picture frame, that is how bad the trim does not fit on the walls. The foundation is cracked in many places and we haven’t even moved in yet. Which bring me to the delivery and when we were supposed to have moved in. We ordered the home on January 3, 2017, and Bob told us we would be able to move in by May. Needless to say, that did not happen. They finally finished at the end of August. Additionally, in the master bedroom there was suppose to be a sitting room, they gave us another closet. I had to pay one of the contractors, Randy $400.00 to change it to what it should have been, because Bob would not do anything about his mistake. Just like the house was to have a ceramic top stove, got an electric one. Therefore, I lost the window to sell my home during the summer. They removed a very nice concrete pad that did NOT need to be removed. Then tried to charge us $500.00 for removing it. They also just piled up the concrete a short distance from our home. We will have to pay someone over $2k to put one there. They destroyed over $400 in landscaping, by literally placing pallets of concrete blocks, and garbage on top of all the plants in the front of home. She threatened us about changing our locks if the overages were not paid, even though, we had NO walk through. I am filing complaints against this company and some of their affiliates. We may try and get a class action suit against them. Do your research, and you can look up their licenses, which I did and neither one has a General Contractors license. I told Gina I will see her in court, they owe us at least, $9,000.00 + because we will have to pay someone to remove the concrete. I would STAY AWAY from these people and their companies.
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  • Gina being rude
  • Bob being fowl mouthed
  • Being lied too
Reason of review:
Most of All of the Above

Preferred solution: Full refund

Lashone Oaq

As far as this complaint we have attached the memo's that not only prove no harm on our part but also prove several lies within the complaint that are truly unfortunate given we had no intention of having a transaction go this far off course. That being said a bit of background.

This customer contacted us with a specific floor plan already provided by another retailer. It was for a floor plan that we have never sold mostly because its not of the quality of product we strive or sell regularly. That being said the customer was insistent that he wanted this house due to square footage, layout and affordable price. The customer ALSO consistently explained that he needed everything done to keep the costs down.

He brought his own loan approval to the deal and honestly that was all we cared about at first given the bank had done several projects for us already and we were comfortable with their construction to perm program. Anyways the land being purchased already was improved with well, septic, driveway, barns, power, etc. We therefore were told to worry about the home, set, trim, heating/air and hookups so that the price again could stay as low as possible (as low as possible was told to me more than anything else). The customer after we ordered the house got engaged, and subsequently married and this person whom was not our customer is the author of this complaint but not the one involved in the daily decisions, contract, loan with bank, permits, etc per HIPPA laws.

Now since the author is not the one who we contact about the project since the author was not our customer there will be a few lies within this complaint happily disclosed.

First off the largest item should be addressed the concrete pad. The placement of this home was to be at the end of a circle driveway. The length of the home caused a situation of either removing some mature pine trees and not lining up properly with the driveway or remove the concrete pad to put in the foundation. The CUSTOMER was given the option and he selected the concrete pad verse the trees and not lining up with driveway, NOT the author of this complaint.

In addition the customer paid for the removal in cash outside of his loan. A) we can not make the home smaller and B) we received permission from our customer for course of action. Emails and test message regarding removal of concrete pad between customer and ourselves avail upon request. Invoice payment for the work of $500 available upon request.

Now its hard to come back months later and blame us for the lack of a concrete pad that you concurred to remove and paid to have removed.

Second item to address herein is the floor plan of the standard closet vs the sitting room. In the customers own complaint with the state they presented the floor plan with the standard closet, which is what we presented and ordered 2/10/2017. The closet that the author herein mentions cost roughly $500-600 more given extra windows, layout change etc. AGAIN OUR customer kept emphasizing keeping the costs down and went with the standard closet as even they acknowledged with the state floor plan submitted.

It even says on the spec sheet and floor plan there was to be carpet in that area of the closet. The new wife (not our customer) wanted vinyl and a sitting room. Actual confirmed floor plan and specs of customer available upon request. NOW for irony the potential solution was to have the someone replace the carpet and redesign the closet.

The customer HIRED outside this deal the same crew that trimmed the home inside and out that they proclaim could not build a picture frame... If you think they can not build a picture frame WHY would you employ the LATER after the home is complete to redo your closet?????? (Again actions do not concur with complaint) BTW the trim crew redid the closet for less than the factory was going to charge in the first place. I JUST SHOOK my head on that one.

Third all homes built go through a process of completion for inspections, sign off, etc to meet codes, then we have a punch list done to touch up things, replace things, whatever the issue may be.

As with EVERY build things happen. This punch list is then addressed by us with the factory, subcontractors, etc to rectify to the customers satisfaction (note this is long after the county building officials have already certified the home for occupancy, which in this case was July). Anyways we have asked for this punch list. We have received acknowledgement of having the punch list but not returned.

Once the occupancy certification has been issued and the bank has funded the transaction we can not just walk into the house and do the punch list for the customer so when I come on here and hear about cosmetic issues I cringe because we can not fix what we do not know. HELLO (Text conversation about having punch list starting July 27, 2017 available upon request)

As far as wiring to the well we were never contracted to wire a well that was existing for 20 years, we were strictly contract to wire the house and the heating/air system. Not sure how we could of used old wire and screwed that up when we never touched the well.

As far as $400 landscaping (no confirmation this existed), I am not sure about anyone reading this post but I am not sure who would plant $400 in an area where 120 ton crane and two sections of a house weighting north of 30, 000 lbs and a 76 foot long foundation is going to be built. Lastly I would like to express that we offer homes at wholesale prices without sales centers or layers of management/overhead compared to retail channels and this customer purchased from us for that exact reason.

They brought the plan they wanted, they dictated the terms of how they wanted it, we are not a pressure selling organization because our process keeps us very busy with MANY happy customers (available at ANY time as references, our customers this year alone saved over $350K documented dollars buying from a two person operation).

Its sad that this customer has apparently put themselves into a situation of a new marriage, two mortgages, many upgrades and items purchased for the new property that were very costly leaving themselves strapped financially. That being said that has nothing to do with what they contracted us for, nor does their ignoring doing the punch list open the door to scrutinize us for the product (product they brought to us to build).

Bawi Cmv
reply icon Replying to comment of Lashone Oaq

Let me start by introducing myself as the "buyer", my wife wrote the original complaint. Personally I was too fed up to try and deal with ABG Properties any longer.

I CAN tell you right off the bat, that Bob Anderson is the person who wrote the above comment. His "partner" Gina Sheets/Barnes would not have been able to complete the above w/o threats of some kind. Since my wife posted this she has blown up my phone with texts and threatened to come to my work and talk to my superiors. Believe me when I say I have them all available and would be happy to share as I did with my superiors and others.

In rebuttal to the above comment from Mr.

Anderson, I did contact him in reference to purchasing a home for a 20 acre property I had just obtained. I did NOT come to him with a floor plan already picked out. On 12/23/216 he supplied me with a list of 3 homes that he thought met my criteria. Of the 3 homes, we chose model 23-879.

This is the EXACT email. Note; I "X'ed" out his phone number.

From Bob Anderson:

OK getting quotes for delivery, set and trim so my numbers are accurate from the factory is PAINFUL around the holidays since nobody wants to work apparently. Anyways after pulling and tugging information out of the different departments given the location of your property I was able to drum up three examples. I focused on these three floor plan design to to the unique features as you will see.

Each has its own character. Each has the 4 bedroom, 2 bath design you needed.

The 23-2961 happens to be a design we put on Oak Island this past spring for a customer and is the smallest one I gathered at 1600 sq ft. It is off frame in construction and crane set on the foundation. The turnkey cost is roughly $115,500.

The other two are just over 2000 sq ft and will show you that the size really does not effect the price greatly. The model 980 and 879 have a turnkey price at roughly $122,000. Note these prices are sheetrock construction with 5/12 roof pitch and not coil burner stoves but rather glass top. No appliances would deduct roughly $1400-**** per house.

The price includes (if you want/need other features price can be adjusted for such): Builder Package Included • Delivery and Set • Finished Interior and Exterior Trim • Crane • On Site Contractor • All Contractors Bonded, and Insured • Poured Concrete Pier and Perimeter Footers • Basic Grading for Pad • All Homes with Block/Brick Exterior on Foundation (40” Average) • Complete Electrical Hook-Up • Plumbing • Steps (Front & Rear) • Heat Pump • Freight • Termite Treatment • Vapor Barrier As discussed these houses are more expensive than a manufactured home for a reason yet these prices are far below anything offered in the retail world for a 2000 sq ft 4 bedroom 2 bath off frame modular turnkey. BTW some people like to talk turnkey and they neglect to mention that does not include the heating and air (as if you do not need or something).. hahahaha Have a great Christmas.. -- Sincerely, Bob Anderson Factory Direct Modulars (336)-XXX-XXXX Our Motto: "Why retail when wholesale is available?" So as we can see Bob's second paragraph claiming I brought to him a floor plan from another retailer is FALSE.

It's also good to know in his words "It was for a floor plan that we have never sold mostly because its not of the quality of product we strive or sell regularly". Did I ask to keep the project "low as possible"? Of course I did! We had a budget and we did not want any surprises.

As you can see by his own email the "turnkey" price was "roughly $122,000". When I see the word "roughly" it means it's not going to be $122K. I did indeed have everything lined up with the bank as stated. I was not wasting his time or mine.

The "largest" item addressed is the concrete pad. What we need to do now is put into play his "partner" or possibly "construction manager", Gina Sheets/Barnes (it depends on what documents she's filling out as to what last name she uses). I'm not sure exactly what she is in the company but she is the main point of contact after Bob sells the home. She takes over and sets up all the contractors.

Back to the concrete pad... Bob and I had discussed prior that the concrete pad was a very nice pad and it would be nice to KEEP. Yes, the "center" of the house would be "off" a little but no big deal. It's a 20 acre property (plenty of room to make "adjustments") and concrete pads aren't cheap.

Pad or trees? I received a text from Gina at work in the morning around 9am by Gina. She needed me to call the contractors that were at the property to do the initial grading ASAP. I called and was told that the concrete pad had to be removed or two trees cut down.

I was also told that the new foundation could not be set up to the existing concrete pad because it would not pass inspection. I was told the house was too long to move the house foundation over a bit off of the concrete pad without cutting down the trees. I asked if they could remove the trees but were unable to at that time and they would have to reschedule to come back another time to do the grading. They said it was no problem to REMOVE the pad right then.

Since the project was already running behind schedule I made the split decision to remove the pad and let them continue on with their work. Having to reschedule them, would mean Gina would have to reschedule everyone else. Please keep in mind they were done removing the pad, grading and off the property by 12:30pm. I know this because I called them back at that time and they were to the next job.

MOST IMPORTANTLY after taking measurements the concrete pad OR trees didn't have to be moved at all!!!! Also speaking to the county inspector a few months later at the final inspection, he said the parking pad wouldn't have caused any issues with inspection. Off the top of my head the concrete pad was 12'wx28'lx4"deep. Price that out with a couple of contractors to see how much that cost to replace.

They claim to have emails and invoices that I paid $500 for that pad to be removed are absolutely false!! I was contacted almost a month later by Gina asking how I was going to pay the $500 fee for the removal of the concrete. I was livid because I did NOT agree to a $500 charge for the removal of the concrete WHICH IS STILL PILED UP ON MY LAND!!! I was NEVER given a price for the "removal"!!

And remember, I was called at around 9am and they were done with the ENTIRE job and on their way to the next job at 12:30am. I HAVE MANY emails and text messages about this damn piece of concrete that not only show how pissed I was but show how rude Gina is!! Bob's issue is he has no idea how his "partner" or "construction manager" treats the clients. On another note in reference to Gina, on a construction loan there are basically 3 payments that go out, one to start, one sometime in the middle, and the final.

Would you purchase an incomplete car? Would you go to a car dealer and say "here's all the money for my incomplete care. Call me when it's done"? Gina will expect you to.

I wouldn't release the final payment until they had finished the house. The final inspection was done but there were still many issues that had NOT been taken care of and some that are STILL not taken care of. She actually threatened to change the locks on the house. I contacted Bob and his exact words were "I told her not to treat my customers like this"!!!!

Back to the list: - Standard closet vs. Sitting room: I have the copy of the floor plan from when we met Bob for the first time at Fatz restaurant that shows our request for the sitting room instead of the closet. Of course Bob has the spec sheet that he filled out wrong, submitted and even admitted to. - Landscape: We totally understand things "go wrong".

We understand that is why there is a punch list. I have PLENTY of pictures, emails and texts mostly all from Gina regarding the landscape. Once again it's important to note this is a 20 acre piece of mostly cleared property. The area around the house is clear except for the center of the circle drive and a tree line to left of the house.

The right side and back is pretty much WIDE open. As a matter of fact they parked the 2 halves of the home in the field to the right when they brought them in. All the construction supplies on pallets (blocks, shingles, sand, etc.) were dropped in the front and to the right. Plenty of room...

So what did they do when they brought the crane in?? They SHOVED all the remaining block, trash, shingles, wood, etc. into the circle of the circle driveway where all the "landscaping" was?? You easily have 2 or 3 cleared acres at your disposal and yet "you" choose to rip up the ONLY landscaping around??

The crane didn't ruin anything... It had plenty of room.. So what would the consumer do in this situation? WE simply asked for the block, all the trash, and ALL THE RUTS FROM THE TRAILERS to be removed and filled in and for some compensation for the landscaping that was destroyed.

It almost took an act of congress for them to get someone out there to simply remove the crap and the ruts were supposed to be filled in when they did the final grading but they are STILL there! I asked MANY times for the ruts to be filled in and I would get no answer. - Punch List: When the house was completed for some reason we expected someone to meet us there and do a final walk through. Instead we were told on the phone that there should be a packet in the house with all the home documents and someplace in there is a punch list.

We found it. After all the issues we had (and items still not complete) we submitted the punch list to Champion Homes directly and they have been fantastic. Unfortunately it puts us in bind because we are unable to deal with Gina and any construction issues we have. - Wiring: It was as clear as the sun rises everyday from the start that the wiring to the well had to be hooked up which simply consisted of running 15 feet of cable to the meter.

That was it. Again, it took an act of congress to get that done. I even had to bury it myself!!!! Later to find out the cable the electrician used was nicked all to ***!

I had to replace 5 feet of it after it burned through. I have that saved also if anyone wants pictures. Simply put we are still having issues. Yes, we paid the same trim crew to redo the closet into the sitting room we originally asked for.

At the time we didn't know it was the same crew who trimmed the entire house. Also plan on paying for your own building permits and being held responsible. I did not know I was going to become the contractor until AFTER we closed. Again, phone call from Gina saying we needed to go down to the permit office and pull and pay for the permits so they could start.

None of this was explained before hand. EVERYONE we have talked to in the construction business (including a Champion Homes rep.) said that was "sketchy". If we hadn't closed with the bank already, I would have stopped right there. It was truly the first red flag.

We are not "strapped" financially. Don't know where he came up with that.

I have all emails, texts, documents that anyone could possibly want. I could easily go on but prefer not to at this point.

reply icon Replying to comment of Bawi Cmv

We have had a very similar if not worse home buiding experience with this company!!

Milton Wkx
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1428962

Can you please elaborate? You can contact me at partsguy19@***.com.

I would like to know more, I have filed many complaints against this company. Do you have all your paperwork?

Ariahna Bml
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1428962

Please message me at 18goblue317@***.com I would like to discuss your situation as I believe we are in the same place. Thanks.

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