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My Air conditioning did not have a cool air, and I called A1 Air to look at it. They came in and checked everything. Then they came up with the fixed solutions which included: LEAK SEARCH, replace DUAL CAPACITOR and SINGLE CAPACITOR, DRAIN SWITCH, and filled 2LBS Of R22. They charged me $1000.00(one thousand dollar) by finance through the bank. It worked only for 7 days, and the system failed to produce the cool air again. Now they are saying...
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I wouldn't buy another Daikin unit if it was the only unit available in the state. Had the unit serviced in March and didn't use it until the end of May because of all the rain and mild weather we had this spring. This was a $99.00 service charge. The upstairs air "condenser" failed towards the end of July. I expected A1 air to wave the charge, but they didn't. Here it is August 6th and now the downstairs air is doing the same thing, blowing...
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My bill was very expensive so the tech offered a package price.(lower price if I bought a membership) I bought the silver so I could reduce the price of my very high bill!It came with 2 free service calls. Winter/summer. I missed the winter, luckily for me! Because the summer device call was nothing but a scam! They are just trying to sell you something! Telling my ducts are dirty and I need repairs to my duct work, the lid of my air unit was...
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$526 to replace a $34 capacitor (american made) and add a p trap to my drain line. 30 min. worth of work. Less than $40 worth of parts and $486 labor. That works out to $972 an hour. They start selling you the minute they hit the door. Then, during the annual inspection he said that the airflow is restricted because the coils need to be cleaned. That is part of the service contract. Don't get suckered in by the low annual contract cost. Total...
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Bigbasstx I would love more information on how they resolved your issue.

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