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A Grosso And Son Home Improvement - BEST CONTRACTOR EVER!!
A Grosso And Son Home Improvement - BEST CONTRACTOR EVER!! - Image 2
Let me start by saying I've been through a lot of contractors. I recently tried A Grosso & Son, which came highly recommended from a friend. I no longer need to go through any other contractors because I will be using Grosso and Son Home Improvements for ALL my home improvement needs. Not only did they finish my kitchen for an affordable price and in the short time allotted for this project, but it came beautiful. I love it!! I would DEFINITELY recommend A Grosso & Son. I will be using them in the future when I'm ready to remodel my bathroom.
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Good quality
Adel Eml


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i'm not even sure where to begin with this company, the experience I had was so insane, so criminal, and so beyond belief that it's almost hard to believe this actually happened. To preface what I'm going to write below, understand first that after I was ripped off unwittingly by these criminals? I did some serious research into this "company" and especially the "owner" Anthony Grosso Sr., and what I found is very very disturbing. So let's start with the "owner and CEO of this "company": The "owner" of this company Anthony Grosso Sr. is a MULTIPLE time convicted felon, who has been in and out of prison for all kinds of thefts and frauds his entire life. He is currently running yet another scam with this business, by getting his wife licensed in NJ as a home improvement contractor, and then using said license to make people feel safe, to more easily rip them off. A little research into this "company" and this individual reveals quite clearly that he and they have a solid history of ripping off homeowners, deceit, unethical practices, and theft of funds. After my experience I talked to MULTIPLE home owners who had the same horrific experience with these people, and especially this career criminal Anthony Grosso Sr. What they did to me is apparently very indicative of what they are famous for: Which is giving out "under bid" "contracts" (which aren't worth the paper they are written on), with ridiculously low prices which they have no intention of, nor any ability to honor. They do this steal the business away from legitimate contractors they are competing with. This way they make sure they suck you in and you are stuck with them, meanwhile you will never get your work completed, never get the prices they WRITE ON A CONTRACT, and ultimately you are suckered right from the beginning. Anthony Grosso Sr. then asks for regular "payments" on the contract, (even though work is not fully completed) under the guise of having to meet "payroll" each week. As time goes on Anthony Sr. burns through the customers (your) money, while not completing the work, and then once the contract is paid in full? This is then when this little criminals story changes, and everything changes..Once the contract is paid? His new tale becomes: "Sorry, I made a mistake and under bid the contract..I cant complete it for this price I signed to on the contract I initially gave you. Instead now, if you want your work completed? You'll have to start paying us on a weekly "labor" rate to complete my contracted work you've already paid me for, sorry..." When you mention the CONTRACT he signed, he will actually have the ordacity to YELL AND SCREAM AND CURSE AT YOU on the phone, screaming about how much work he did, and what a big FAVOR HE DID YOU for even doing that for the price you paid him already, and tell you WE CAN'T WORK FOR FREE ANYMORE!!! This person will also SAY and PROMISE anything to get your money..And once he has it? Trust me, EVERYTHING will change on his end of the "agreement", and you will be stuck and screwed. This company has pulled this "BAIT AND SWITCH SCHEME" with countless customers (VICTIMS), and this comes as no surprise once you start dealing with Anthony Sr. for any length of time, and realize that you are dealing with a pathological lying, common thief, with the barely enough intellectual capacity to peel a banana correctly (let alone run a business or be a professional honest individual). This company is run by a person who is DANGEROUSLY, AND CRIMINALLY INSANE. STEALING EVERY PENNY HE CAN FROM YOU, WHILE PROVIDING NOTHING BUT BROKEN PROMISES AND LIES? IS A. GROSSO AND SONS M.O. It is a SCAM from the moment they give you the worthless CONTRACT, TO THE FINISH WHEN YOU'VE BEEN ROBBED AND YOUR JOB IS NOT DONE. Be warned VERY VERY STRONGLY THAT IF YOU HIRE THIS COMPANY? YOU ARE DOING SO AT YOUR OWN DETRIMENT. This individual and this "company" cost me 10's of THOUSANDS of dollars in lost time, stolen funds, unfinished work...And now instead of having my job completed in a timely, professional manner? I now HAD TO HIRE AND PAY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS MORE TO REAL WORKERS TO FINISH THEIR WORK, and now I have to waste more time and money going after them and holding them accountable. It's absolutely insane what I have been through, all because I MADE THE HORRIBLE MISTAKE of trusting these worthless, lying, despicable CRIMINALS. I now have to Sue them in Civil Court for over $15,000, bring a full case against them to NJ Consumer Affairs to have their license revoked (as I'm sure no agency is aware that this convicted felon is actually running this business under his wifes name), Bring a case with the Attorney General of New Jersey, and I have to pursue criminal charges against this thief ANTHONY GROSSO SR. as when I fired him off my property, he stole THOUSANDS of dollars worth of supplies that I paid for and took them with him. This individual is nothing more than a psychotic criminal, who is completely out of control...BE WARNED I am going to see to it that Anthony Grosso Sr. is going back to Jail, and this fraudulent, scam company is going to be shut down, But in the meantime? Do yourself a favor and dont be the NEXT VICTIM!! AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE AT ALL COSTS!!!
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  • Being ripped off
  • Theft of materials from my job site
  • Theft of monies paid on contract
Reason of review:

Preferred solution: Full refund


This customer did not state the facts of this matter,as I took this crack house with no walls to the full completions except a few punch list items that were unfinished before he broke out of the extension on the original contract ,it could have been completed in 2 WEEKS, but as most thrives do like he did ,once 99% of the work is done - they decide your no longer needed, and find cheaper ways to complete what remains,he said I broke a contract, but yet he agreed to pay the 1st payment on the extension in front of numerous witnesses, after having his father yell at him like the child he is and acts like ,he decides to tell me / I'm no longer paying any additional money ,and tells me I have to finish the few things for free,or he will take me to court ,slander my company name ,and file false charges against me ,I have proof of bow beautiful this house looked when I left ,and how horrible it looked when I started ,and as for being a criminal I'm not the one who was just in court for an assault on another human life ,unlike you Mr Micheal Settineris, I've grown up and have masde SOMTHING out of my life ,I do not need my mommy or daddy to hold my hand asnd support me or my projects , your a CON MAN ASND A SCAM ARTIST "" YOUR THE ONE WHO PAYS CONTRACTOR AFTER CONTRACTOR ,PAYS TGEM BY CREDIT CARDS ,AND TYHEDN REPORTS TO THE CREDIT CARD COMPANY, THAT YOU WERE ROBEEDFROM THE CONTRACT ,ALLOWING YOU A REFUND " CHARGE BACK " FROM THE CREDIT CARD COMPANY, AND THEN PAY NEW CONTRACTORS WITH THIS RECIRCULATION OF FUNDS ,YOU FORGOT TO MENTION TO THE PUBLIC ,YOU FIRED SEVERAL CONTRACTORS BEFORE YOU DID THE SAME TO ME ,YOU AKSO FORGOT TO TELL THE PUBLIC HOW I WAS GOING TO BE YOUR PARTNER " THAT WAS YOUR WISH" BUT ONCE I TOLD YOU THAT I NEW YOU WERE A CON MAN ,YOU WERE CRUSHED LIKE A LITTLE GIRL WITH A CRUSH ON HER 1ST LOVE ,BUT CONTINUE TO SLANDER MY COMPANY, I WILL CONTINUE TO WORK WITH YOUR REVIEW/ GOOD OR BAD ,ITS NOTHING BUT LIES

Shamar Jnk
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You forgot to mention on how he lost his broker's license for scamming people out of their houses that you heard from his own mouth.

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This customer will not show pictures of the work my company provided from beginning to end as proof , he lied to all credit card companies that I received payment through , telling them he never received merchandise. I only provide a service to the public .I do not sell tangible or receivable merchandise as a merchant receiving payments ,but as most know banks a credit card companies always find in favor of tghe consumer, so he was issued back ($6,800) that I am now liable for .

He has not stopped after he received this refund on a contract that was totasled at ($22,250) .

I supplied a 4 man crew along with my time from Sep through Dec 24 th, when I left this house ,all sheetrock work was installed and sanded ,painted ,all 3,500 SQ FT of LAMINATE flooringv was installed ,all 1st and 2nd floor shoe MOULDING was installed and painted, all kitchen floors were tiled ,grouted ,all kitchen cabinets and counters on all 3 floors were installed , all bathroom vanities installed all faucets on kitchen and bathroom sink were installed and running water ,all sinks were installed and mounted ,TRIM around all windows and doors on 1st and 2nd floor were completed and caulked and painted , a good half of doors were painted and installed , there was 3 doors on third floor not installed ,the back entry door and a door between bedroom and kitchen ,and a bathroom door , on 2 fl there were 5 doors not installed ,this was the rear entry door ,bathroom door , and 3 closets that needed doors , in 1st floor also 5 doors needed to be hung , they were the front entry door ,3 closet doors and a bathroom door , in the contract it was a ($4000) part of the contract , we had already trimmed down atleast 10 doors already in tthe home and had them painted and hung and working ,we purchased SEVEREAL solid core doors and had installed them already , the 2nd and 3rd floor had steel entry doors already hung and painted, and 1ST floor I purchased a solid core/ 6 panel entry door for back of 1st floor entry and installed ,painted and trimmed at time of being fired FRIM the home owner , there were SEVEREAL areas in all 3 bathrooms that needed to be painted over from repairs we had to do in these areas , and 3rd floor had about a half of day work left to finish up TRIM on windows and doors, I absolutely beileve in all fairness after receiving ($6,800) refund on a ($22,250) CONTRACT that this customer has been more than compensated in the amount of work unfinished, especially after his own claim is that he was charged($4000) for doors that were not completely done ,and still after you deduct this 4k from the ($6,800) you have nearly 3k remaining to finish any THING I listed that was unfinished, now mind any readers that I entered this contract without taking any required deposit as I've always done ,and was only paid as bank inspections were passed and draws on this home owners project were released from the bank after aprovijng any work on this construction loan agreement PR customer and bank , and I passed every bank inspection and then his funds were released to him directly, NOT ME , and only after he was issued payment for work completed did he then release my payments ,along with a list of several contracting companies being fired from this man , aand my company being the only guys left working on this project ,I then did the install of all basement windows ,DEMO of basement and clean UP, TRIM of all windows and doors ,and the list goes on ,point being is that Mr Settineris continues to say he paid ($14,000) over the original contract and was robbed for this money ,well I think not ,as he and I agreed to ($3,500) for basement cleanup,demo of a few walls and purchasing 6 windows and installing these windows, ($3,000) for TRIM around any windows that were missing TRIM, door trim were missing and base TRIM that was missing ,we completed over 90% of this TRIM and tried several times to finish the few WINDOWS that only needed window stop and about 3 doors on 3rd floor not trimmed ,we also agreed on cleaning house of debris ($500) it was completed/ DEMO of some TRIM and close up wall with SHEETROCK ($500) it was completed / we agreed to fix anything with plumbing that was previously failed by the city of Newark from the work previously done by the original CONTRACTORS, that Mr Settineris also fired and revived ($15,000) FROM CHARGE BACKS from credit card payments he made to them , out of this ($5,000) in plumbing work , we corrected all 3 kitchens that failed and repaired it all up to code all 3 bathrooms up to code ,and at the timee of our problems starting with this home owner ,only had to get the furnace gas line changed to 1" or have the inspector pass it as it was in 3/4" , but never got to this point due to him and I constant arguing, there was also ($1,000) for us to repair and STUCCO a ceiling ,and after 4 months numerous things I never charged him for ,in 12 years of being online and licenced and INSURED in N.J as a contractor ,I have no bad reviews or complaints ,UNTILL this gentleman's accusation of theft , and all his other lies . He keeps writhing review after review under different names from people and places I've never worked at or for ,all these reviews are from the same guy ,they all call me a pathological liar and criminal, not one complaint of my QUILITY or the manner if experience I have ,bad work ethic, but all his complaints say I still money and this is a lie ,BEING LICENSED IN NJ ,IF I STOLE ($20,000) AS A DEPOSDIT AND NEVER RETURNED TO DO WORK ,I WOYLD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE, IVE NEVER TOOK MORE THAN A DEPOSIT FRIM A CUSTOMER AS I SHOULD BE ABKE TO CIVER MATERIALS AND LABOR COSTS TO START A JOB , I NEVER RECIEVE A 2ND PSYMENT UNTILL ROUGH INSPECTION IS PASSED AND A CUSTOMER IS SATISFIED, ABD FINAL PAYMENT COMES AT THE TIME OF FINAL INSPECTION APPROVALI ONLY ASK THE CUSTOMER READIND THESE BIGAS REVIEWS, LOOK PASS THE LIES THEY ARE AND RESEARCH MY CONSUMER AFFAIRS LICENCE AND SEE FOR YOURSELF I HAVE NO COMPLAINTS, AND AS IVE BEEN IN BUISNESS SINCE 2007 AND I HAVE NO BAD REVIEWS, WHY ALL THE SUDDEN IS IT MY COMPANY IS BEING ACCUSED OF BEING THEIFS AND NOT TO BE TRUSTED ,SEEMS LIKE A MAN WEHI IS SEEKING REVENGE AT ANY COST ,AND I WONDER WHY IM NOT THE 1ST HE HAS DONE THIS TO, ON THIS PARTICULAR JOB ,IM THE THIRD CONTRACTOR HE HAS DONE THIS TO .I HAVE ALWA YS GIVING A CUSTOMER A LICENCE NUMBER IN GOOD STANDING,A INSURANCE CERTIFICATION AND 3 REFRENCES OF PEOPLE I HAVE DINE WORJ FOR ,I ALSO TAKE A CHECK PAYABLE TO MY BUISNESS ACCOUNT AND ISSUE A RECEIPT AND A CONTRACT , I SUPPOSE THIS IS HOW A THIEF OPERATES.

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