A Cut Above Tree Service Tree Removal Review from Thomasville, North Carolina

ALL AROUND TREE SERVICE. Tommy Sexton and brother James Sexton gave me a great quote on taking down some dead trees. Said they had just merged their businesses. Paid them some $$ up front, signed a written contract with them and they never showed up to do the job. Gave...
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It's a joke these people tried to get the lowest price from me as they could. when i put them at the bottom of he work order list they started calling me threatening me and they even fired me due to not jumping at there command.

even though i had only taking small deposits that stated no refund !!! They signed it and got what they deserved there are plenty of customers that love us and our work.so don't be so cheap. pay someone what a job is worth and you might have better luck. Learn to talk to someone nicely and you might not lose no more money.

i was glad you were in beach of contract and happy to see you both lose your mony. I also noticed you two didnt tell them how i had worked for you before and you loved our job and thats why you called us again.

i didnt scam you! you broke the contract i was just happy to see you lose your deposit

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Thomasville, North Carolina
Reason of review
Poor customer service

"A Cut Above" now "All around" Tree service

We were taken for a ride....paid a lot of money up front and never got work done. Even though it was not the whole amount up front we lost a couple thousand. Steer clear of Tommy Sexton. Apparently when his first company went bankrupt (A Cut Above) he managed to open another (All Around Tree Service). New name - Same game! We lost a lot of money. Tried to give him every chance to stand up and do the right thing but first one cell phone was disconnected then the other wasn't answered and has a full mailbox. WE have not heard from him in over a month.
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Tommy Lee Sexton 47 years old born February 18th 1974 is currently being held in the Davidson county jail Lexington North Carolina for of course obtaining property under false pretenses and taking advantage of the elderly if you have been a victim please contact them and do your part to protect the community


Tommy Sexton just took my wife and I for $3,000 it seems this is a regular thing for him to pray upon the elderly. We will be pressing charges not for justice but to protect our fellow citizens I suggest you do the same or this delinquent will continue to pray upon our community


Tommy Lee Sexton 47yrs old is being held in davison county jail for ripping off more people. If you want justice or restitution I suggest calling them. He stole $3.000 from my wife & I & we are pressing charges not just to get our justice but to protect the elderly people he prays on

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High Point, North Carolina
Reason of review
work not completed

A Cut Above Tree Service Tree Removal Review from Anniston, Alabama

They quoted me a great price on having a large tree removed from my front yard. He planned to come out by 7am. 9am rolls around and they still weren't here. I called and a man named Steve then informed me that my appointment had "slipped his mind". I told him I was pissed off that i had cancelled other appointments to be available for him to do the work and he apologized and said that he'd be there within 3 hours to complete the job. I waited for the rest of the day and Steve did not show up or call. After a negative FB post, the owners wife called and said she would see what she could do to make it right. She called me back and said that Steve said that I cursed at him and so he would not perform the job. I said that I was pissed off so maybe he counted that as me cursing him. He should have told me he wouldn't do the job instead of apologizing to me and telling me he'd come out within 3 hours
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Tommy Lee Sexton is being held in the Davison county sheriff's department in Lexington North carolina. He had taken it deposit from my wife and I of $3,000 we will be filing charges as well not just for our Justice but to protect the elderly people this monster praise upon if you had given him a deposit I suggest you do the same to protect our community

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Anniston, Alabama
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Almost Got Scammed But Thanks To This Review Page, It Saved My Pockets

on yesterday April 1st, 2013 I reveive a ring on my door bell and it was a man that was in a white pickup truck with two other guys, which stayed in the truck. This guy introduced himself as Tommy and handed me a green flyer inquiring about doing some work with my trees in the back yard. I had just had this conversation Friday about having my trees trimmed and thought, what a great opportunity to go in back to see how much the free estimate would cost. He quoted me an price I could not resist and was actually going to have him complete the job today,4/2/13, the next day. Well, he asked for money upfront of 35% of the cost. I asked him if he had a website, photos of his work or any proof that he could to the job as we discussed. He had nothing, no documentation, etc. He told me he would be done with the job within one day, which would be cleaning out a wooded area, prunning trees, etc. I told a friend about this and he suggested that I do research because most people does not ask for money/payment until the job is completed. Well, I called him back last night and told him that I was going to cancel the appt. today because I did not feel comfortable paying him my money and do not know what type of work he does. After researching, he had other complaints and the approach from the other people were simular to the exact same way he approached me. He even called me at 6:30 am this morning to see if I had changed my mind. I told him, if he go do the job, then he will be paid based on what we discussed how he would do the job and make my back yard look. He refused without money. He is not even BBB acredited. Have not insurance, etc. I would suggest anyone not to agree and pay people who walk up to you and offer a job that expect money upfront. I am glad I did my research!
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this is not the real a cut above tree service. the real one is ran by mike and anna rossbach of white bear lake. www.acutabovetreecareservice.com 651-334-****


This a cut above tree service is not the same a cut above tree service of st paul mn owned by michael jordan. There is only one a cut above tree service in mn that is registered with the state he is licensed fully insured bonded.

This a cut above tree service that the review is talking about is a fraud.

He is fraudulently using a cut above tree services name. Any questions or concerns contact michael owner of the real a cut above tree service at www.acutabovetreecareservice.com or call 651-334-**** or n8m@***.net.


This scam artist is in North Carolina. Specifically, Winston-salem, High-point, and Thomasville area.


As a ex General contractor if you do not get pay 65% up front I will not except the contract, that pays you taxes and help for the job needed completed. Atlease you can pay your help .you have to pay your employees regardless if the homeowner pay the contract. Thats why we need 65% up front.


Maybe that's why you're an "ex General contractor". A professional is established and has the resources to complete the job without the necessity of a whopping 65% up front.


I was conned by this man. I thought anyone that would have flyers printed up on cardstock must be legit.

NOOOOOO! Do not give him the time of day.

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High Point, North Carolina