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A & G Auto Sales Va Beach can't be trusted

Update by user Dec 30, 2011

A&g and I came to an agreement. I\'ve asked pissedconsumer to delete my acct as I cannot find this option. This problem has been resolved and complaint no longer valid.

Update by user Dec 30, 2011

A&g and I came to an agreement. I\'ve asked pissedconsumer to delete my acct as I cannot find this option. This problem has been resolved and complaint no longer valid.

Update by user Jun 14, 2011

I called A & G again today and finally got through to the owner, Andy. He told me that \"anything I hear when I speak to the other people, it comes from them, so just speak to them.\" I told him I simply want to know the progress on the situation.

He said that he had taken the Volvo to another dealership and that they have found nothing wrong but he won\'t tell me where he took it. Said, \"I will not tell you\". Every time I tried to speak he would talk over me and said irrationally(sounded like a small child) \"the Volvo dealership, they could find nothing wrong until you call them and convince them\". ???

As far as I know, the Volvo dealerships have to be credible and find reasons for issues, they can\'t just go on \"convincing\". They had a diagnostic reading and a solution dictated by Volvo Corp\'s tech support.

Even though the Volvo Service Mgr in Va Beach has provided me with details of their findings and has told me that he has given this info to A&G, Andy, A&G owner, says, \"I have no paper stating something wrong\". Which I know is not true. He screamed, \"you will pay me back\". And when I asked, \"I listened to you, can you please let me speak, please listen to me?\" he said, \"I do not have to listen to you.\"

Ok, I suppose court is the only option. You would think they would want to resolve issues and would be able to atleast listen to their customers but what I\'m getting is someone who I can tell isn\'t willing to listen, to reason, to resolve.

What I want is for them to cancel my contract and return my deposit to my credit card. I have a lemon of a vehicle that I drove for three days and have \"owned\" for almost a month. A payment will be due in three days and I don\'t have the vehicle, it has been in their posession almost the entire time. I have a \"warranty\" that isn\'t worth anything because they won\'t tell me who their mechanic is who is looking at the vehicle and they won\'t listen to the two Volvo dealerships that have stated that it needs a new transmission. What I\'m getting is someone who is telling me the sky is purple even though they\'re looking at a bright blue sky in front of them. I\'ve not dealt with someone before who is literally incapable of even alluding to appeasing their customers by even having a civilized conversation with them.

I\'m not saying to anyone that they shouldn\'t go to A&G to buy a car, I\'m simply stating my experience so that the buyer can be aware. I have purchased many vehicles in my lifetime and have never had an experience as bad as this.

Original review posted by user Jun 10, 2011
I purchased a vehicle from A&G and noticed a slight pause in transmission which I questioned and they excused with a mention of spark plugs and a few hundred dollars off on cost of car. Next day had major transmission issues and called. They said to call them the few days later when I had a local volvo dealer scheduled service and let them know what was wrong and they would take care of it. The volvo dealer said it needed a new transmission. They said they would have to look at it themselves(6hrs away) but that they would be willing to put in a used transmission. They took the car, very slowly had it looked at by a mechanic who said he "couldn't find" any issues and then their own volvo dealer's service who said that it did need a new transmission, however, they have refused to fix the vehicle. They told me to pick out another vehicle. I said that I wanted a volvo xc90 and that how could I pick out another vehicle and trust them when they are willing to resell that vehicle to another customer, screwing them over, knowing it needs a new transmission. She said it doesn't have anything wrong with it. Wellllll, call me crazy but when two volvo dealers say that the car needs a new transmission, ???? sure, there's nothing wrong with it. Should have known. When I got there, the car wasn't clean enough, the sunroof was broken, and the 97,500 service had not been completed and they had no idea whether it had been completed or not, never bothered to find out. I called its previous location and found that it had never received that service. Basically....they get cars from auction, doesn't appear they do a thing to them but put them on the lot and cross their fingers, which is about all you can do when you buy from them---cross your fingers b/c their "warranty" is b.s. b/c obviously no matter what is wrong with the car, "their" mechanic will not see an issue with it.... I don't suppose he wants to, does he?
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Did they cancel the breached contract and give you your money back. Seems like they are doing fraudulent business the city of virgins beach needs to enforce there laws on them.


Sorry, that was rude. I'm done with this banter.

Being rude to a perfect stranger is not only pointless, but not what I'm into at all.

What I AM meaning to do is prevent this same thing from happening again. If I'd seen a post like this, wouldn't have gone there andwouldn't be dealing with this now.


Well, I'm from Maryland, Dear, and I am very glad I didn't visit your dealership either. The lr3 is the closest, lr2 has completely diff wheelbase and yes, I had bad rovers as well as good rovers but I had great dealers and service people.

That's the missing part of the equation and no, I make sure not to screw people over, I wouldn't be able to do to someone. Always traded or serviced prior to sale. And, the fact that you defend an obvious problem when you are not even a party to it baffles me. Why do you waste your time?

Just extra anger to vent?? Really?? Get into a new line of business that causes you to feel less bitterness towards people you don't have anything to do with.

People that are ok with themselves don't feel the need to get involved in this b.s. Police your own issues, I'm sure you've got plenty.


I am in Maryland Dear and the Lr4 and Lr2 are just newer Discovery's the name is changed as all Car companies do, and also if you are an avid Land Rover buyer you would know that they are actually worthless after 50k, so you are no better then that dealer of your's, I am sure you passed your turd rover off to some nice person right after the ECM had broken or the air shock's went out. You are a major headache I am sure, and I am very happy you did not come to my business to purchase anything.


Um, hon...are you aware that a)your spelling is seriously off(not to mention attitude) 2) you are taking so personally and failing to reason so outing yourself as to where you work,"carsaleslady" 3)if doing business correctly there wouldn't be an argument here, only a problem and a solution 4) you are making your employer look much worse, not better.

And, oh knowledgable "carsaleslady", they stopped making Discoveries in 2004, learn your industry and let your boss know that if he'll cancel my contract and return my downpayment, the case will be over and they'll have resolved my reported issues to the bbb in va beach and will retract all complaints. I'm just asking them to do the right thing here.


Call you Landrover friend and get yourself a new Landrover Discovery, we know your too broke for a Range rover Lil miss whiney pants


And you're classy. Nice mouth. gross.


Lady you are a little whiney C-u-n-t


Lol. Cry baby? I'm sure you work there or in that same genre so I shouldn't be surprised with your hilarious juvenile response and your assumptions. Know what you are speaking of and the other person's history before you make comments that make you look foolish. I'm simply letting others know of my experience, so that it may save someone else from what I'm dealing with.

Actually, I've paid cash for atleast half of the cars I've ever owned. I used to only drive Land Rovers that I loved, new ones at that, and loved the dealership, the service, and am still friends with the dealers there. People have a lot of negative opinions on Land Rovers but I do like them and when it comes down to it, a car is as good as the service you will recieve and the trust you have in the person that you purchase it from/service it with.

The economy is different now and I am in a charitable line of work, as opposed to an extremely lucrative one, so while I needed a large vehicle again, I researched for quite some time the right vehicle to get under $20k that would last long into its' milage. The volvo seemed a great choice and I know plenty of people who have had wonderful experience with them.

The vehicle was $15,000. and had right under 100k miles and while you may think that people should say, "oh well" when a car falls apart 12hrs after they purchase it(because you are a dealer who probably sells unreliable product and sends people on their way)WITH a warranty I might add, no one, no matter how much money they have, would be anything short of *** to just allow themselves to be screwed over and happily take it.

When two Volvo dealers' service departments say that the car needs a new transmission and there is no other solution,yet the sales dealership says there is no issue, that is ignorance of an issue, plain and simple. They are basically saying, "you are on your own and the warranty we gave you isn't worth the paper it is written on." Only a complete *** says "ok" and pays $7000 to put in a new transmission themselves, bringing their investment in a vehicle that they drove for 3 days up to much more that it is worth. If I had $1M in the bank, I wouldn't do that b/c I'm not that idiotic with business or with $.

I will get this taken care of appropriately and will purchase a car from a dealership in town with a factory warranty, maybe the same kind b/c it's not the vehicle that is the problem, it can be fixed. The manner of dealing with the issue, or rather the dealership's lack of dealing with the issue is the problem.

Why I justified your kindergarten-style comment with a response, I don't know. Go mouth off to someone on your level. Sure the playground isn't empty yet.


So you bought a car with 100,000 or more mile's on it probably over six years old or older I notice you did not mention the year, you probably paid less then 10k for it, and I bet the problem is that it just doesnt shift quit right. A new xc90 is about 40k the reason a used one is only 10k is becuase it is used and it will have defects why don't you spend 200 service the transimission, and stop crying like a little ***, I guess you wanted to buy a volvo so you could look cool, european cars are for people that have money not for little poor cry babies, next time try a chevy cavilier you can fix that for 1/10 of the price.

It never ceases to amaze me how people spend 20% of what the car cost new on a used one and thinks it will drive like new. Let me guess your financial situation does not allow you to replace the transmition, you think the poor dealer who made a small profit should lose that plus an additional thousand because the transmition is not to your liking. BOOhoo next time dig deep and buy new, it is no one's fault you wanted to drive a stylish car with an empty pocket. Next time you can do it like a big boy.

Write a check for 50k keep the car for three years trade it in for 20k pay another 50k get another new one. that is what people do who buy european.

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