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I called them last Friday July 15 to fix a leakage in the basement of one of our units.They gave me a quote $1,000 - $1,500. I found a bit high but I approved. They ripped up the drywall underneath the window, about 4'×5' area. They came back Monday 18 sprayed a liquid in the very small mold area in a stud, about 18". Now they say I have to hire a concrete company to fix a crack that doesn't exist. I expected them to fix the leakage and I'm...
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Working with 911 Restoration, with the office on McLaughlin in Milwaukie, Oregon is one of the two worst experiences in my life. Our issue was a mold issue. When they first came I asked the man, Patrick, if they would focus on our job and not spend an hour at our home, then we wait a week and they come again for an hour...etc like so many construction companies do. He assured me that would NOT be the case. HOWEVER, it was the case. My...
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I had flooding in my basement, caused by the city I live in and got a call from the "project manager" saying that they were "busy" with other jobs.Their website says they will respond in 45 minutes. He said that he could call me in 5 or 6 hours and at least get the flooding under control. He never called, they never came and my basement is in worse comdition because I trusted they would respond! I would never trust this company to touch my...
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911 Restoration Water Damage Restoration Review

Called them for water damage. Horrible service. Hacked way too deep in walls. Did not help with insurance claims. Lied. Didnt return calls and left us with one big mess. Wish i didnt call them...thank god my insurance allowed us to call someone else to take over their mess.
I've seen the other bad reviews but I can't agree with them. In Texas we have had some bad rains and I called 911 after my house started leaking on a Sunday morning. I got this awesome worker that came within a couple of hours and put up fans, took out wet drywall and even carried it away. His name is Logan Dorrell and I can't thank him enough....he basically moved all of the furniture, dealt with dogs and was so nice the whole time. He even...
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It's probably because John is the plumber that they are using his license to do all their scams and illegal jobs. He has been in and out of rehab and if he has been caught stealing from them NUMEROUS times, and they don't put their foot down, I wouldn't be too surprised that they tried to hustle you too. This company has too many chiefs and not enough Indians, meaning they all want to be the boss but when it comes to taking responsibility for...
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I didn't like
  • Ripoff
  • Work ethics missing and lies i was told