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702 autocare

I was promised my vehicle would be complete by 12/0/10. It is now 1/17/11. I cannot get a call back from Harold or his brother Tony. I went by the shop and it seems like they have moved. Now I have no way to get my vehicle out to get in contact with either Harold or his brother Tony! I am very displeased on how they conduct business. how am I spoused to get my vehicle when it looks as if they lp ot is vacant and no one is answering my phone calls. Don't know what to do.
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North Hollywood, California
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Please do not take your car to 702 Auto care, spare yourself the hassle. My boyfriend took his truck to them to get it to pass smog. He didn't want anything else done to it just get it to pass smog! Harold and him agreed on the price of $500 and had promised to have it done in 2 days. Two days go by he calls them and they still aren't done Apparently they had found something else wrong with it and told us he was fixing no extra cost he promises to have it ready the following day, fine whatever. Another day goes by we call them and he acually tells us he has to go to the junk yard to find a part. I want new parts not junk yard parts... Couple days go by we hear nothing! Harold doesn't answer his phone gives the complete run around! Finally we get the truck back go take it to get slogged and it doe not pass! We took the truck back to have him fix it his time which was a big mistake. He gave us the run around for another week. Same story oh we need to do this and that It will be done tomorrow. Finally we look up their buisness on the Internet and find all these complaints! So my boyfriend called Harold about a hundred times demanding the truck back asap ! Got the truck back ad he didn't do a *** thing to it. Never again ! We wasted $500 for it still not to pass smog. I'm just glad we got it back and didn't lose a thousand or two like the stories I have read. What a bunch of theifs!!! Please don't wate your time and money!!
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Henderson, Nevada
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Stay away from 702 Auto Care

Same as everybody else on this string. I dropped my 1992 Dodge Stealth off to have a rebuilt engine installed on 7 June. After two months, and numerous assurances that they were making progress, I had my wife go down to the shop (I'm deployed) with a couple of guys an lo and behold they hadn't even started on my car. They asked for $1200 to purchase the motor and they never ordered it. To make matters worse, Tony, their "shop manager" tried to tell the guys that went with my wife that a Nissan block was the same as a Mitsubishi block. (The Dodge Stealth uses a Mitsubishi motor.) We'll see if I get my money back. I'm doubtful, but I'm currently deployed so filing suit isn't an option for me right now. To make matters worse, I'm PCSing to another location, so I won't be coming back to Nellis anytime soon. If anybody is actively litigating against this company, please drop me a line at sincitystealth@***.com. If possible, I'd like to join the suit.
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Just to let everyone know I was able to get my money back. I told them that I would sue even if the cost exceeded my original deposit and my wife stayed on them. I'm "only" out two months and got a lot of aggravation for my time, but at least I got my money back.

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Doha, Ad Dawhah
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702 Auto CROOKS

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER TAKE YOUR CAR HERE. Look at all the complaints and each are the same. They have you pay all or partial payment up front and 5 to 6 months later you still don't have a car. They tell you stories that they had to leave for family emergencies, then they are having personal issues, then they were bringing your car to you personally and it broke down on the way, they had a power outage in the area for 3 days. 702 Auto Care are Crooks! Contact the Better Business Bureau at 320-****, contact the DMV Bureau of Enforcement at 486-****, Contact the Federal Trade at 877-382-****, go online to the Office of the Inspector General and file a complaint, go online to News 13 @ 13Investigates@***.com or call them at 702-257-****. Contact me if you are interested in suing this company as a group keisha2u@***.com.
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Las Vegas, Nevada
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I took my car to Harold Gomez at the end of May 2010 paid for my services 2,000 June 1, 2010 because Harold stated he would work on my car immediately if I paid. Today is July 26 2010 and I still do not have my car have not seen my car and everytime I go to the shop it's closed. He tells me every weekend I can come get my car and when I go he has some lame excuse taped to the door that he had a family emergency. Now Tony calls and lies that my car is ready. I call to pick up my car and now it's Tony with all the lame excuse. He had personal problems that prevented him from fixing my car. If you are being cheated by the shop call the BBB at 320-**** & The DMV Bureau of Inforcement at 486-****. Also contact News 13 and inform them.
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Las Vegas, Nevada
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Retarded Idiots

I got a quote from Harold BULLSH***** self for a T-5 tranny he told me $700 but when I went in they said it was going to be $1100. I paid $1000 up front, they said all the had to do was order it, they said it would take 2-3 days its been two weeks and they nothing it's all a different excuse or a different story ever time i call. I call today and the Dumb*** phone picker upper hung up on me. What can i do to get my money back i'm tired of waiting, don't got the time nor the money to ride the bus everyday because they cant work with out Harold! Worst shop in Las Vegas maybe even the world! DONT EVER GO THERE!
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hey "harold gomez" why dont U quit *** with good honest people? lying, tricking and scamming out of their money and destroying their cars u *** *** artist ***-hole.

we dont need lowlife lying ***-bag thieves like u in this country, taking advantage of good people, cheating them and exploting the system for your criminal activity. as you *** ppl over, dismantle their cars, scam their money and blow them off. we see right thru U...go back to mexico and pull your illegal scams instead of raping honest decent law abiding americans with your deceitful bulshitt. your not wanted here.

GTFO! word on the street says its **GAME OVER** for your cr00ked asss soon anyway :)


Please contact my law firm if you still need help. i have another client that I am working with to get his vehicle and or money back.



Who wants to do a class action against 702 autocare?


I think we should all get together and file on suit on Harold Gomez and Tony Gomez. 466-****


This place SUX. I wish i never even heard of them.

They have had my truck for 6 weeks and it hasn't even moved.

They pulled the engine and that is all, i cant even get it out of there. DO NOT GO HERE


i took my truck there 3 monhs ago to have a tranny put in by harold paid upfront $2700 i was supposed to have my truck in 3 days, 2 weeks later i finally got my truck back now its there again because i supposably have a "warranty" now told me that my rims are too big and tranny went out due to 22" rims, so i went out bought new rims and tires now to find out that the gears are bad, now i have a feeling that the truck is sold in mexico, now i still have no truck no rental vehicle, they took my truck to another shop without my consent and he still wont give me the number to where it is....this guy is a *** joke he needs to have his doors shut if anyone would like to help with a claim let me know i got one going on now and will be closing those doors he does not need to be in business when he doesnt answer anyones calls, nor call back email me if u would like to talk about this so called company.... bmxer150@***.com


Dud u might be waiting for like 5 months. I took my car there 5 months later and its still not done. I put a small claims case against them

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Las Vegas, Nevada

702 auto care in las Vegas

I took my car to the mechanics at 702 autocare in las Vegas to get my motor replaced because the old one was no good no more, The first time I was ther it was all cool so we made an agreement that my car was going to be done in a week so I said ok and a week when by when I went to peak up my car they started meaking excuses to make a long story short my car staid in the shop for 2 months shust to replace a motor wich they said they had wen I took my car ther 702 autocare *** sucks bunch of faggets don't take ur car ther unless u want to get screwd....
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The comments above are false. I am a Attroney in Las Vegas, ans my phone number is (702) 262-****.

I sued Tony Gomez for the work that he charged me for, but and never completed. Furthermore, Toiny Gomez damaged my car will it was in his care.



AVOID this miserable place like the plague. Unless you like being lied to, tricked and scammed out of your hard earned money.

They need to be put out of business. SOON


Had 702 pick my car up on the 21st of this month to repair my transmission. Dude told me it would take about 2 weeks to do the job because of Thanksgiving week.

Got a call today and picked up my car. Runs good. Try to tip him ad he said it was not needed. Told me to spread the word about there good work.

Thanks 702 Auto. Will be taking my car back for any repairs I need!


Great workmanship. Took my Toyota 4Runner in for head gasket repair.

Harold came to my house, looked at my vehicle and beat all other prices I had received. He towed my truck right then and there.

Received my truck and its running great. Good job guys.


Just finished reading all the complaints on this company. Amazing, most of them sound like fakes. Good service.


Wow, I took my car to 702 Auto Care for a transmission repair. They towed my vehicle from National Auto who gave me a price of $3200.00 to repair my vehicle.

Harold from 702 stated that he could do it for half the price. I agreed and decided to have them repair my car. They contacted me when they received my vehicle. They contacted me when they took it apart.

5 days later they contacted me that my vehicle was ready for pick up. They saved my old parts and my car is running great. I didn't look up this companies reviews before doing the repairs. I'm happy I didnt.!

They are professionals and will receive nothing but referals from me. I have tried to submit good reviews for this company on every site and for some reason they get deleted.

That's why I had to post this here. Great fast friendly service that is affordable.


took car in for replacement engine after three months, brought home what was once a car with all the parts, but there was nothing under my hood :( . the tow truck brought home my car when i finally blew my top, and I brought home the parts all off my engine, they had stripped it down to nothing.

had boxes and boxes of parts and in the trunk of the car they had just packed with more parts.

they lie so good and with a straight face, Harold actually said " i'm not a their", hmmm. wish we could put this in the headline of the newspapers so no more people would fall for their ***.


4 momths later Engine had been removed from auto , completly disassembled and in boxs and buckets.... lied about every completion date...


I took my truck in to have a rebuilt engineer put in. They said it would take about a week, not true.

I kept getting excuses on why it was not done. They quoted me $3700.00, but then they kept finding other things wrong, which of course was not anything to do with the engineer, so they charged me extra. They also told me they would give me a rental car. Which they did not.

Needless to say I ended going to a different shop because i could no longer trust these guys. They advised me that the engineer I received is not a rebuilt engineer, but one that looks like it came from a junk yard. I have since taken it to another shop who adviced me of the same thing. After having additional work done, I am now out approximately $7,000.00 and truck is still not running good.

I was originally writing it off as being a single mother, who just got taken advantage of. I wrote the BBB not sure how to go about it and advised them of same, but have not heard back from them as of yet.


i brought my car in for a motor swap and a turbo install they told me it was going to be 1 month it has now been 2 and a half months and they havnt done anything, they keep lying too me and i still dont have my car till this day. this shop is filthy and nasty very unorganized and unresponsible .

they never call me back and are very rude at this point they shouldnt even be in business at all!! i do no recomend to anyone!!!

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Las Vegas, Nevada

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