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I am a DisAbled Veteran that lives in Michigan the frequent 7-11 on numerous occasions. I am currently visiting Washington, DC / Capitol Hgts., MD were I had stopped at a 7-11 approximately 1- 2:00am Feb. 8,2017. There wasn't anyplace else open at the time so I decided to purchase a 1/4 pound big ***. After I ordered and paid the cashier my money, he went over and used one plastic glove to put the hot dog in the bun and put it in the container.... Read more

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To Whom it may concern: Twice, I went to 7Eleven at 31-31 Thomson Ave. in L.I.C. NY, and the cashier would not give me the deal that I've been hearing on the radio for a few weeks (Coffee and donut $2). Last week I let it go when he said "the deal was over". But after hearing it again this morning of Feb. 8, 2017, I went over again to get it. But no, the cashier said again "the deal is over"!! He charged me full price for the deal of "Any size... Read more

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I tried to redeem my free coffee earned with my 711 app which It clearly stated that I was due. When it failed to scan, I was sent through 2 lines and then denied it. There were numerous customers behind me and it was quite embarrassing. The coffee would only have to be thrown away. Why create a dissatisfied customer and also enrage all of the other customers in line as well? I called the Store Support center. claim 96170129105829 4 TIMES!!! and... Read more

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when visiting the 7/11 store on the corner of treadaway and 14th in Abilene tx. I saw several mice run under the hot dog dispenser. over the past several weeks employees that I work with have said several times that the store smelled of rodents and several cases had seen rodents in the store. one instants when visiting the store I saw several rodents and informed clerk about the issue and he simply responded " I guess that's what that noise has... Read more

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went to Orchard Far East Plaza for a $30 top up of mobile credit juz now. and the cashier aunty was in a very bad attitude said am wasting her time for charge me 2 times in $20 and $10, and behind me juz a customer waiting for the Q . juz changed service from Starhub to Singtel, so I really don't know for Singtel top up can't be 1 time wif $30. but charge 2 times less than 2 mins alr consider wasting her time? Read more

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This morning 05.01.2017 at 9.20 - 9.25am i wanted to buy a cheesy chicken burger promotion that is $3 come with either coke, heaven and earth or pure drinking water. So i choose a pure drinking water but was told off rudely by cashier no cannot. The burger is only with coke for $3 not other drink so i told her of the fine prints that i saw then she say no cannot see fine prints. Fine then i told her i settled with coke she was still nagging out... Read more

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I went to nearby 7-11 at my area blk 641 I grab my stuff and waited for the casher to scan instead of coming to me straight he finish his thing about few minutes then come over to me ,after scanning I microwave my food and update snapchat he come over and ask me why am I taking photo when I am updating my snapchat he Insisting to browse my snapchat so I allow and show it to him I am just updating this stuff is really rude I have my rights to... Read more

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This is at the 7-Eleven which is 2500 W. 25th St. in Sanford Florida I don't really expect associates to be kind ornice people and people are rude all the time but the extreme rudeness this female showed me is the reason I'm writing this review. I went to 7-Eleven to grab some things and when I entered this particular female her name is Haley she greeted me. I said hi back to her. When it was my time to check out there was a man checking out... Read more

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  • Nov 18, 2016
  • by anonymous
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I don't know what is going on with the Newport cigarettes, but they taste stale as *** and I will never by from 711 again. I guess I'll have to travel all the way to a tobacco shop to NOT get these generic, stale *** Newports!!!!

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Dear Sir/Madam I and my husband went to 7 Eleven store locate at Bukit Gombak MRT station on the 15 November around 12.45 am. We were surprise to see the door was locked and there were no signage. We thought maybe the staff went for toilet break and waited for about 15 mins. A malay lady after seeing us waiting, she just walked casually, did not even apologies to us. I was very furious. I ask her why never put signage indicating to... Read more

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