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5RB Barristers - Dishonesty to Court. Lying to High Court Masters and Judges. Subornation Concerns. Abuse of self-represented litigants

5RB Barristers - Dishonesty to Court. Lying to High Court Masters and Judges. Subornation Concerns. Abuse of self-represented litigants
I have seen documentary evidence that demonstrates to me that 5RB are not honest and integral in their dealings with others including the Court. I am duly authorized by law to make these statements in the public interest to prevent people being subjected to harm or danger and in that respect I have qualified privilege - and for reasons that 5RB do not fully comprehend - absolute privilege (as the authority on truth, higher ethics, morality, ethics and integrity - and thus immunity from suit. I have also seen how 5RB do not follow the rules that govern civil litigation and break the rules laid down by the Bar Standards Board - and also deliberately lie and deceive the Court in order to lend a helping hand to those involved in various kinds of wrongdoing including cheating, deception, dishonesty and falsification of witness statements. 5RB have also been named by some as advisors to the devil (those involved in moral turpitude and dishonesty). I have also seen concerns that some of the barristers at 5RB are professionally incompetent and involved in serious scandals elsewhere that revolve around themes of dishonesty and low behaviour unbecoming of a law firm. For these reasons, this law firm should be avoided, for if you use them, you may end up spending a lot of money to sort out a dispute and end up with a worsened one. I understand that the Bar Standards Board at some point will deal with 5RB and may strike off some of the barristers in question for dishonesty and misrepresentation to the Court. I was threatened by some of the staff at 5RB. They also thought it was a good idea to insult my religion, interfere with my work, lend a helping hand to those who would conspire to cause my death and to attempt to obtain monies by way of deception and dishonesty. I also have some of those threats in writing as well. When I showed them to my own legal advisors, I was told that 5RB had indeed broken the rules and risked civil or even criminal prosecutions as a result as subornation is a very serious imprisonable offense. I sense 5RB now deeply regret their mistake, for they now know that I have many deadman switch mechanisms which will ensure the demise of 5RB should I ever be harmed by them, or its partners or associates, which would also tell the world the dark secrets going on in the closets of 5RB - namely that it advances its position by way of abuse, duplicity, dishonesty, fraud and misrepresentation. They also take advantage of self represented litigants and threaten criminal proceedings to adjust civil disputes, which is cause for a barristers debarment. 5RB should also consider this passage, from the words of my Masters, which explains how 5RB can incur a catastrophic loss by way of karmic amplication and find themselves pushed down a few notches in the field of London law. They may have not been aware of the phenomenon, but now that they are, they would be wise to say they are sorry, for it is the only way to avoid the x1,000 fold karmic consequence of trying to hurt a Spiritual Master. “It is not every day that an Avatar or Adept appears amongst men.. Tremendous forces are centered in the teacher and use him. Whatever you give him you will receive back a thousandfold. Not because he personally wills it but because the forces centred in him give back a thousandfold the good or evil that you send him. Should you hurt or injure him you will bring terrible physical suffering upon yourself, because by spontaneous reaction you have to get back from him infinitely more than you gave him – and in the same coin. For these reasons, they should say sorry for causing problems for a Spiritual Master and for lending a helping hand to those who cheat and lie.
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We have spent nearly two years investigating related concerns and our findings which we have reported to the Bar Standards Board of England & Wales, are stomach turning. Whistleblowing court staff have exposed related corrupt conduct - unthinkable in a world renowned legal and justice system.

The ability to take advantage of incompetent High Court Judges & Masters to rule against the vulnerable self representing litigants without showing a shred of evidence to support a claim is beyond belief.

In one of the cases we investigated, the serious misconduct led to deaths and serious harm to a number of innocent parties.

Your prediction was spot on- all will soon be revealed.

Judgment day is around the corner. #karma

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  • Bad integrity in business and legal dealings
  • Abuse of self-represented litigants
  • Subornation concerns
Reason of review
Abuse of Self Represented Litigants
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution
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Resolved: 5RB Barrister David Hirst - Insults and threats toward Spiritual Master - Calling him degrading terms and a liar - Lending helping hand to unethical client-Disrespect of Source-Refusal to apologize

Update by user Jan 06, 2016

The complaint(s) made about David Hirst set out here are withdrawn in their entirety and no reliance should be placed on them. I have since discovered that the facts on which I based my reports may in fact not be true.

I was the complainant.

I have settled my differences with David Hirst. I am unable to remove my post from this site, but if there were any way to do so then I would.

Original review posted by user Nov 25, 2015
David Hirst is a barrister who works for a law firm in London called 5RB. In my opinion, this law firm is not ethical and places self-interest and the interests of unethical companies above common respect, moral considerations and a duty to the Truth. I have never heard of a law firm insulting people and calling them myopic, a troll, hallucinatory, etc. Nevertheless, this is what 5RB (via Mr David Hirst) did. In my opinion, this barrister should be debarred for disgusting and degrading behaviour toward a Spiritual Master as well as for showing a general contempt toward ethics and integrity in favour of supporting an unethical client.
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"I have since discovered that the facts on which I based my reports may in fact not be true". What a clown.

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London, England
  • Insulting language
  • Obnoxiousness
  • Absence of apology
Reason of review
degrading behaviour
Preferred solution
Formal apology from David Hirst of 5RB for being rude, insulting, offensive and degrading in his language and tone - upon which I remove review.

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