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5onfive is a class act that genuinely cares about the kids. It is a family business and offer a far better value ( time spent at the gym, training quality and money) than any other program in Orange County.

Because it is a business and if they don't win they don't grow, some kids who are new to the program may not get the playing time as the more experienced kids. But stick with this program for two or three years and watch your kid grow in both confidence and skill. They give EVERY kid the full opportunity to succeed!!! Oh, and one other thing about the competition.

We were at Team Nikos for a year and a half. You want to get ripped off and disappointed, go play for Nikos.

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  • Best 3 point shooting coach around
  • Three division 1 coaches
  • Best coaching staff in socal
  • No complaints all season
Reason of review:
Exactly as described/ advertised

Youth Sports - its about the kids, not the parents

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The negative reviews of 5onfive are just flatly unfair and unrealistic. First, competitive leagues and teams are "competitve"...and as a result, some players will not see balanced playing time.

That is also the reason behind the "free clinics offered by June and his staff", and that is where skills can be developed. Athletes need to learn Sportsmanship Athletes need to know their own level of Competitiveness Athletes need to experience a sense of joy as a team member June is a compassionate and fair person, and he is coaching kids with a broad-range of athletism. If you want your child to play within an "honest athletic system" let them experience competition, let them know what it takes to improve their skill, and let them experience both defeat and victory. Embrace the true virtues of Sportsmanship...we all know the minimal value of "participation trophies".

As a parent, support your child, build sportsmanship, and embrace competition...it can be a valuable experience in the long-run. In my experience, it is the "bruised ego" of the parent that is voice behind complaints about playing time.

My children have failed in some sports, and excelled in other sports...and they've learned from failing and succeeding, and are now stable, happy adults because I watched and wasn't hurt by limited participation, and I was elated by excessive participation. As a parent I was hoping they would learn to become good sports!

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  • Coaching
  • Parents expectations
Reason of review:
Good quality
Braysen Qew
map-marker Laguna Niguel, California

Resolved: SCAM!!! Avoid June Banks and his 5onFive Basketball Program

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This review is of June Banks and his 5onFive Club Basketball program in South Orange County, California.

My son played on June’s 12U team this past season. We joined 5onFive primarily based on June’s excellent coaching reputation, and despite significant deficiencies in his program, I still believe he’s a good coach. Teaches solid fundamentals and expects and gets a lot from his players. With that said, I strongly recommend you join another club basketball team. Here’s why...

Too many players on the 5onFive teams:

If your son is one of the five starters, he’ll get tons of playing time and experience. If your kid is one of the six or seven players coming off the bench, you’ll be paying $3,000 to support the extensive playing time of other peoples’ kids. Even in games with the 5onFive team up or down by 15 or more points late in the fourth quarter, expect many if not most of the starters to still be in there. June has his guys. That’s who he plays. The other kids are simply there so their parents can write checks. Since payment for the year is up front, you have to either stick it out or leave and just write it off as a loss, as many parents did.

High attrition rate:

About half of the kids that started the season with the two 12U 5onFive teams left at some point and joined other club teams. In hindsight, we should have done the same thing. However, my son insisted on staying out of loyalty to June and his teammates despite non-existent playing time. We made it to the last week of the season, then finally reached a breaking point...

My son’s mom and I grew accustomed to our son playing a few minutes per game. This past weekend at a tournament in Anaheim our 5onFive team played two games. First game my son was in for one minute and 38 seconds late in the fourth quarter. That was significant playing time compared to the second game, in which he was never put in. Both games we won by a large margin. There was no excuse for June sitting kids out. Even better, after only playing one minute and 38 seconds, June pulled our son out of the game for the remaining two minutes. Up by 17. Starters back in.

Loyalty doesn’t pay:

We have been loyal to 5onFive. Attended every practice throughout the year. Attended every game. Only player on the team that can say that. This is how our son was rewarded by June Banks.

Moral of the story...

If you want to pay $3,000 to travel all over Orange and Riverside County, pay entrance fees, pay for parking, all to watch your son play for less than two minutes a day, sign up for 5onFive.

Another endearing quality - June is an aggressive debt collector:

The only time June Banks sought me out or contacted me during the entire year was when he needed payment. Then he contacted me often. Very often. Text, email, even sought me out in practice to get his payment. Like a druken ex-girlfriend at 2am. Interestingly enough, this was the only direct communication I had with June all year that was initiated by him.

Revolving door of mediocre, uninspiring coaches:

Other than June, assistant coaches came and went. They would often show up late for games and parents would have to jump in and coach. It was obvious that 5onFive was just a paycheck for them until a better deal came along. Morale on the other 12U 5onFive team (the one not coached by June) was abysmal. Kids would scream at their teammates on court when they missed shots or turned the ball over. A lot of negative energy. Of the 12 kids that started the season on that team, only two remained at the end.

Late evening crowded practices:

Two 6th grade, one 7th grade, and one 8th grade team train together twice a week from 8pm to 9:30pm. One court. Almost 50 players stuffed in every practice. Plan on getting home around 10pm on school nights.

Extermely high coach to player ratio:

Usually two but no more than three coaches at practices. Approximately 50 kids. Individual player development non-existent.

June adds players despite already overcrowded teams:

Despite an already full bench, June will add additional players from his other teams. One recent example: Two weeks ago, June added players from his 11U team to give them experience playing at the 12U level. Good for them. As a result, the bench kids who had limited playing time already had to watch the newcomers play significant minutes. June takes care of his starters. The rest are walking wallets.

Observations of other club teams at tournaments:

We watch other teams at tournaments very closely. They typically have 7 to 9 players versus about 12 with 5onFive. Kids are rotated on a fair basis. Coaches take a keen interest in the development of all their players versus their top five, regardless of the score.

Lack of integrity with 5onFive:

The 5onFive club team is different than a rec league, where all kids play. If June Banks did not think our son was a fit for his team, why did he take our check? As a 29-year veteran of the Marine Corps, I value integrity and direct communication. You’ll find neither with 5onFive. June’s ongoing empty promises of increased playing time for our son strung us along to the end of the year (so he did not have to refund any money).

Cost vs. Value:

At nearly $3,000 a year, 5onFive is one of the most expensive programs in Orange County:

What do you get for it?...

Overcrowded teams/limited playing time

Limited communication with June Banks... unless you owe him money

Revolving door of uninspiring coaches

Low morale

Coaches frequently showing up late for games - parents jumping in to help

High player to coach ratio

Jam-packed practices - limited individual training and development

Adding new players to an already packed team

Late night practices during the school year

Lack of character/integrity

Extreme bias toward a few players at the expense of all others

High attrition rate

Final note:

We joined a new team this week and could not be happier. Coaches running the new club team also lead local varsity high school programs. Only one team practices in the gym at a time (about 10 players), with two exceptional coaches who are truly interested in player development instead of income generation. My son got more one-on-one coaching in his first practice than he did in an entire year with 5onFive. Far less expensive too.

Do yourself and your son a huge favor - join another one of the many exceptional club teams in Orange County and avoid the miserable experience we endured this past year with June Banks and his 5onFive program.

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  • Coaching skills
  • Revolving door of uninspiring coaches
  • Limited communication with june banks unless you owe him money
  • Overcrowded teams and limited playing time
Reason of review:
Lack of Character

Went through the same thing many years ago when my son was the back-up point guard to June's son Payton. Playing time was non-existent for my son.

However, I must say this: The reality is what's more important: playing in a few games a month or practicing with and against superior talent on a consistent basis every week? My son was always smaller than the other kids on the 5onFive team. He got beat up and pushed around at practices and in the games when he did play. He finally grew tired of it and started pushing back and became an aggressive, tenacious defender and awesome ball handler.

Once he got to the high school level he was head and heels above the other kids. He spent some time on the JV team as a Frosh an some time on the Varsity team as a Soph. He played on the Varsity team his Jr & Sr year and started at point guard for those 2 years. His senior year he was the MVP of the team.

Bottom line: I attribute that to my son practicing with bigger, stronger and more athletic kids on the 5onFive club teams. As a parent you have to make the right decision for your kid. Life isn't always fair.

Ya my son should have played more but he worked hard and kept his head up high. The work ethic he learned and how to deal with adversity playing basketball has carried over to his personal life as a 25 year old adult and I couldn't be more proud of him.


Sounds negative but I could understand the frustration...

Braysen Qew
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1743494

I’m the guy with the original post. Although my son’s experience was not great, that does not mean it was true for everyone.

June is a good guy and great coach. I know he means well and have heard from some of my son’s old teammate that many negative issue we had have significantly changed for the better.

Unfortunately I cannot take the original post down as my intent was not to damage June’s business, but simply to vent ongoing frustration. Please check out June’s program and make an independent decision.


we totally agree with you, we had the same experience. If your son is not a starter, he will be sitting on the bench a lot. Don't waste your money, go somewhere else.


Hi Richard. 5onFive would be a good choice only if you get June Banks as the coach (not one of his assistants).

I'd ask how many kids are typically playing at tournaments. Our experience was 10-12. Starters got the vast majority of playing time... so if your son is toward the end of the bench, expect only a few minutes per game...

or none. June is an exceptional coach, so if you're on his team with 8 players or less, please consider it.

Other teams that might be good to look at are Nikos and Evolution. It's just a matter of finding the best fit for your son, so visit all the programs you can before making a decision.


hi thanks for the great feedback my son and I are evaluating this program. What that name of the new team you joined I wouldn't mine checking them out.

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Make sure you read the responses to ocpapa...His review is so far from the truth. Sadly, I feel he was frustrated because he child wasn't at the caliber of talented, athletic kids June attracts.

June will make your child learn the game, play as a team, reach his potential... And earn every bit of it...absolutely nothing wrong with that...


OCPapa1 - I fully understand that you had a negative experience. These things happen and it is great that you found a new program to play for.

Our three children played on various teams throughout Orange County for the past 15 years. We settled in with 5onFive and have had nothing but positive experiences with June, the coaches and the program as a whole. What you will find is that there is always a lot of movement between club teams. Nikos will pickup a few 5onFive players and 5onFive will pickup a few Nikos players.

It happens every season. This doesn't make June or 5onFive a bad program. You simply found a program that works for you. I'm not sure why you need to write such a hostile review.

June is a good guy.

Using words like "scam" are ridiculous. Reading all the reviews and comments, there seems to be overwhelming support for June and the 5onFive program - in contrast to your overly negative review.


I agree that June has a tendency to put in his best players to win games and keep that respectable coaching reputation. In your argument you stated that it is not rec ball.

That is correct it is AAU if you want your son to play equal minutes put him in rec or have him get better. I myself was in the same situation your son was in for a whole season when I was 13 playing 1-2 minutes per game however at the end of the season I didn't blame it on June, coaching staff, crowded gyms, or over stocked teams. I blamed it on myself. I wasn't good enough to play for a lot for June so unlike quitting I worked harder then I have ever worked before in the offseason.

Lifting weights,practicing fundamentals,strengthen my jump shot, getting condition and when I resumed 5onfive June noticed my improvement and raised my minutes from 1-2 to 5-6 and when I played those 5-6 minutes per game I would play like it was my last game on earth. And June had no doubt in his mind that if he put me in he would get 150 percent hustle and heart every time and eventually I moved myself into the starting 5 for the rest of the season.

I respect your devotion to our country and showing true integrity because I know to be a marine you have to have incomparable work ethic. Too bad your son doesn't have the same


I have had a very positive experience with our 3 years at 5onFive.

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map-marker Orange County, California

5onFive is an Excellent Program - Response to OCPapa1

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June Banks: 5 out of 5 stars

5onFive Recreation League: 5 out of 5 stars

5onFive Club ball: 5 out of 5 stars

It is disappointing to read the negative review that was posted by OCPapa1. I can fully understand if the program didn't work out for him. However, the attack is unnecessary. 5onFive basketball is not a "scam". It is the best developmental league in Orange County. We have three children (two boys and a girl) who played basketball here in OC and they all played for a variety of recreational leagues, developmental leagues, and club teams including 5onFive.

The 5onFive program is geared toward developing young boys and girls into the best players they can be. Much like any other developmental league it requires the players to step up, work hard and execute. In the recreational league they will all play an even amount. However in the club program, they need to contribute to the team and show that they are giving 100%. If they do, they will gain playing time. If they don't, they won't. Our oldest son was a marginal basketball player when he started with June Banks. June challenged him and over the period of a few years, he developed into a starter on the club team. By the time he started high school, he was strong enough to play high school basketball. This would not have happened without a strong commitment on my son's part and the skills June instilled in him.

It is no accident that the majority of the varsity players at Santa Margarita Catholic High School and many of the other top tier high school basketball programs in OC grew up within the 5onFive program.

Yes, as OCPapa1 stated, club ball is expensive. Yes, you will need to drive your child all over southern California. Welcome to club ball. No, June will not play every child in every game. No, June will not play the second string when the game is on the line. These are life lessons that are all part of playing club ball. They are important lessons to learn. If you are looking to get even playing time for all players, then you should play in the recreational league offered by 5onFive or many other basketball programs. These leagues will guarantee that every player gets an even amount of playing time. However, this is not the real world and isn't doing your child any benefit. The 5onFive recreational league is coached by parents and some parents feel that they don't get the quality of coaching that they would like. However, these are the same parents that don't bring their child to the 5onFive academy on the weekends. If you really want your child to excel, make sure he or she attends every academy.

June is nothing if not honest with the parents. Between our three children I have sat through probably 30+ orientation meetings led by June Banks. He spells out the league and club programs extremely well. There should be no surprises to anyone in the program.

I for one want to say that June Banks and the 5onFive program were an extremely positive experience for our three children, each of which played for June in both recreation league and club ball over a 10 year period. I would highly recommend the 5onFive program to any family.

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Reason of review:
Good customer service

RESPONSE to ocpapa1

5onfive has been in business for 14 years in South OC, helping to raise young men & woman through basketball. Whether it’s building self-confidence, self-esteem, or athletic & social competition, all which assists in shaping their young lives. Offering recreation leagues, camps, clinics and club teams at every age group, we've helped develop a community of young talented players, including most of the top players from SOC. We pride ourselves in our programs, reputation, & relationship with the child/parent & community.

There's player movement yearly for numerous reasons, skill set, coaching style, team philosophy, pricing, or team chemistry. We take to heart any family whose expectations are not met, Nothing is ever personal against their child, we wish every child could excel in basketball, unfortunately that is not always feasible.

In this case, it’s unfortunate the parent took the route of posting negative comments hoping to harm a business, instead of addressing the issue directly. We've reached out to this parent discussed his frustrations wishing them the very best in finding the right program.

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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
map-marker Gardena, California

Response to July 15, 2015 Review

5onfive has been in business for the past 14 years in South Orange County. We pride ourselves in our programs, reputation, & relationship with the child & parent, and community.

Club sports companies, there's player movement yearly for numerous reasons varying from skill set, coaching style, to team chemistry. We truly feel bad for any family whose expectations are not met. We feel we've failed them and take this to heart, wishing every child could excel unfortunately that is not always feasible.

In this particular case it’s unfortunate this parent decided to take the route of posting a negative comment with hopes to harm a business, instead of addressing the issue directly. We've reached out, discussed the frustrations & wish the best in finding the right program.

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map-marker San Clemente, California

5Onfive Basketball Program Review from San Clemente, California

This negative report is ridiculous. As the other person responded, June is crystal clear what he expects from his players.

My son is starting his 3rd season with the club, and last year he was on the 12u black team, the team that was referenced in the complaint. My son was never a starter until mid season last year. He worked his butt off to earn this position. He understood that if he wanted to play, then he had to have the skills and work ethic to prove himself to earn that position.

June always made this clear. After every game June sits down with the boys and points out their strengths and weaknesses, and always encourages the bench players what they need to work on if they want to play. As mentioned, this is not your community league where everyone is required to participate. This is a highly competitive league, and you only get a trophy for 1st!

Our new season is starting in September and we are thrilled to be part of it again.

And, I would encourage other families to join. It's great coaching, great kids, and a great program.

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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

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