Jaquell Lhm
map-marker Stamford, Connecticut

John Darer is a Con Artist

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John Darer is a con artist that I tried to work with but he was impossible to deal with. He spouts off and just never ever shuts the heck up.

Man does this boy keep on blabbing on and on and on.. If you dont believe me call him and listen to him ramble on about nothing and talk about how great he is and that all the reviews about him being a scammer, inducing fraudelent settlements, being licensed, blah blah blah.. This guy is one you need to stay away from. He is a straight up con artist and scammer.

He tried to rip me off but I ended up working with another company in his industry and am glad that I got away but that wasnt before he called me non-stop for a period of time.

He has also been sued multiple times for fraudelent practices against a woman. So if you are a female do not work with him he doesnt respect women.

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  • Guy takes no responsibility
  • Scammer
  • Con artist
  • Fraud

Preferred solution: Apology

User's recommendation: Con Artist

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I am the Business Owner. We keep good records and we have not ever spoken to or done business with anyone by the name of Jaquell Lhm.

It's easy for the anonymous to throw around words like Jaquell Lhm has. The individual does not make any sense, because if any of it were true JD could not hold any insurance licenses as he has for 39 years. It's easy for any consumer to verify a license through online records with the relevant state insurance department (in some case referred to as Department of Financial Services). The individual seeks an apology for someone and/or something that simply cannot be substantiated.

Please refer to JohnDarerReviews.com and https://***/verified-client-reviews. Please refer to JohnDarerReviews.com and https://***/verified-client-reviews

Deb Nfh

This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ

Verified Reviewer

John Darer - 4structures.com - The Worst Structured Settlement Planner in America - Stamford CT

After I won a lawsuit my lawyer put me in contact with John Darer of www.4structures.com to put my winnings into a structured settlement. Mr. Darer is supposedly an expert in setting up a structured settlement.

The structured settlement that John Darer put me in is totally NOT sufficient for my needs. I explained this from the get go but Mr. Darer didn't seem to care.

I am now stuck with small payments for the rest of my life, yet I can't pay my bills. The tax stuff was never explained to me by Mr. Darer. To be honest nothing was ever explained to me.

It is very insulting that the judge and my lawyer thought that I wouldn't be able to do the right thing with my settlement, and they pushed me to deal with John Darer.

I have tried to get Mr. Darer to change my settlement payment terms, but he just blows me off. I am so fed up with his snobby attitude. He treats me like he has made his money off of me and since he can't make a new settlement (and make more money) now I am just a pain to him.

I even emailed him copies of my overdue bills, and he just ignored my emails. After about 20 calls to him begging for him to help me he told me to call JG Wentworth. I called them and the figure they gave me was only for a fraction of what my initial settlement was for.

The JG Wentworth representative said that was the most that they could offer. They also said that "John Darer has a reputation in the industry for being an unprofessional, {{Redacted}} and a real jerk".


I hope that this helps someone else out there not to trust John Darer with your settlement proceeds because I feel like I am being victimized over and over and over again.

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  • Cruel
  • Unprofessional

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

John D Kju

We keep really good records and we do not have any client named Deb S. Whether a client called one time or 20 times each call is important to us.

This appears to be a male client, first initial R. who was represented by an attorney and signed a Settlement Agreement and Release establishing a structured settlement in 2017. As the client was a Medicare Beneficiary, a Structured Medicare Set Aside Account was established with a professional administrator.A Medicare Set Aside is a voluntary process to demonstrate compliance with the Medicare Secondary Payer Act. Those who do not comply risk non payment by Medicare for accident related injury that would otherwise be covered by Medicare.

An MSA cannot be used to pay non accident related expenses or those that would not be covered by Medicare.The client contacted me in 2-16-2019 and claimed the third party administrator (TPA) had not been paying his bills. The TPA had actually paid some bills but did not pay (and should not have paid ) where it was not a Medicare Eligible expense. Contrary to what the posting says I spent 7.5 very patient hours that weekend communicating with the client, responding to emails and calls on all day that Saturday, Saturday night and continuing the next day and to Monday. R not followed through.

One simply cannot share client records in a forum such as this. but it would be inappropriate to post them here. After this was posted, I contacted the TPA and R. has not contacted them.since 2018.

R has asked in the post for the Company to propose a solution.

It should start with a phone call from R. Anyone who wants to read more about Medicare Set Asides can follow this link https://www.4structures.com/medicare-set-aside-allocation

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Two thumbs up!

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Lawson B Vaa

Excellent experience

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I had nothing but a wonderful experience with Mr. Darer. Mr. Darer explained everything to me in a layman's term so that fully understood what I was getting into. Mr. Darer was very professional and always returned my calls efficiently. I would definitely come back to 4structures if ever in need. Thank you
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  • Professional

User's recommendation: Wonderful

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John D Kju

Thank you Lawann!

map-marker Southfield, Michigan

John Darer Complaints Reckless and Wild Individual

When I thing of troubled young men who must have been picked on by every kid he knew growing up I think of John Darer. This cyber bully is not the type of person I would ever want to do business with and anybody who is lucky enough to read this then you should also know that somebody who's sole job is to take advantage of businesses and to slander the good names of families to try and make a living is a dangerous person. If you are in the Stamford Connecticut area you will find that this person is a ghost and nobody in town knows him. My family had a structured settlement in Detroit here and we called him and he was *** and rude.
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Reason of review:
Not honest - Complaints about John Darer

Preferred solution: To ban this person.


John Darer is definitley crazy and is missing a few screws. Actually a lot of screws. So many complaints about John Darer.

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No legitimate complaints, just credential after credential and great commentary.


the complaints in this industree are crazy

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Jane Maria S
map-marker Paris, Ile-De-France

John Darer of www.4Structures.com Was A Horrible Experience

John Darer was the structured settlement "professional" who dealt with structuring the court payments that I received due to a car accident into a structured settlement stream for me. I want to warn others that dealing with this man was the worst experience of my life. I am not satisfied at all with the services that he provided to me. He did not explain what I was getting into and he never listened to the personal needs that I expressed to him. I am now left with a structured settlement that does not take care of me and I am dealing with a really pleasant structured settlement company out of Houston TX in an effort to sell my payments and get the money I desperately need to live. The nice representative that is helping me sell my payments was horrified at what John Darer structured for me. He recommended that I consider suing John Darer. The representative even put his boss on the phone and his boss (who is an attorney) also confirmed that John Darer's actions were unconscionable and that John Darer is well known among the structured settlement broker community as a loose cannon that cannot be trusted. They are even considering posting a nationwide press release warning others about what he did to me. Once I get my money I will consider taking legal action against this terrible man. No matter what you do stay away from John Darer of www.4Structures.com. He will just take advantage of you.
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Oh David, get a life.


I will continue to defend my rights. Even though I previously posted that these were fake and I thought I would win out in the court of law over the owners of Pissedconsumer I was wrong. The lawsuits have not worked out in my favor but I am just trying to help geesh.


Again Ms. Beckner the above Pissed consumer posting that you are commenting on is completely bogus.

It is the work of a structured settlement factoring operative ("cash now for structured settlements pusher" Caucasian 46 year old married male with young children living in the State of Maryland who is not a client of ours and who appears to be on a business suicide mission. This person (and his accomplices) will be dealt with in a legal forum as they properly should. We know who they are. How about you reserve judgment until you see the evidence that is presented in Court?

The person behind the original post has already settled one lawsuit, has one that is ongoing and may have one or more on deck.

Re-read comments 2 and 3. Thank you John Darer for 4structures.com, LLC


With the exception of #1 All of these comments cited as written by John Darer are fake. We've identified who the defamer is and place no credence in any of these fakers' comments.

The person who wrote this is committing business suicide, without Dr. Kevorkian.

John D Uyb

This is a bogus complaint,one of 3 identical that were posted to 3 separate services within minutes of each other on May 8, 2012. We believe all of these were written by the same person, who registered as many as 9 domains solely for the purpose of deafming John Darer.

We have confirmed the identity of the person (believed to be the same person here) and you will soon see his name on legal complaint in which he will be asked to prove all this BS. The defamatory activity against John Darer has ramped up in forums such as Pissed Consumer because the defamer has reached the beginning of the end. The defamer who posted this is deperate because despite massive efforts he has failed. We have been patient in pursuing this villain and will proceed in the appropriate legal forum.

Our company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau with no complaints.

In addition there are no complainst with any state insurance department. We want our clients to be happy.

Our relationships with our clients are interactive and if this person or any of these fake commenters were real clients they'd pick up the phone and call us. We don't place any credence in anonymous postings, why should you?


I know John Darer and he does have serious mental issues. One day he could be your best friend and then the next he wants you dead.

John thinks that he has lots of friends but sadly he doesn't.

We all do our best to "tolerate him" when he attends an industry conference. You just can't trust the guy in any way, shape, or form.


They cut out all my harsh words... Well you are a horrible person.

This is how I feel reading the truth about you. :) :zzz :p 8) Thank you PISSEDCONSUMER.com You guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had a really bad experience with this individual as well.

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aworriedwife I
map-marker Los Angeles, California

John Darer 4Structures Blog Lies & Deceipt

John Darer knowingly writes lies and untruths on his blog. He openly tells associates close to him that since he has business insurance covering him against defamation lawsuits that he is immune to being sued and that he can write whatever he likes no matter who it hurts and/or if it true or not. Mr. Darer has been attacking my husband for the past 4 plus months and before that an associate of my husband's from TN. John Darer is a terrible man who constantly lies and makes false statements that are harming entire businesses and their families. With regards to the person in TN John Darer openly told many people that he found it hilarious that when she sued him over his slanderous blog posts that she spent over $500,000.00 yet he never had to spend a single dime. John Darer's actions have given me the strength to speak to my congressman about making the defamatory actions of an individual like John Darer a criminal activity. John Darer should not be immune to prosecution when his lies end up hurting honest business people and their families. He needs to know that he will be held accountable for his statements. In the meantime please do not do business with John Darer of 4Structures, LLC. or read his garbage at structuredsettlements.typepad.com. Get the word out there that John Darer is unprofessional, a liar and in my opinion JOHN DARER IS A CRIMINAL! JOHN D. DARER IS AN AWFUL, UNPROFESSIONAL, DANGEROUS; INDIVIDUAL WHO WILL GET WHAT'S COMING TO HIM IN THIS LIFE OR THE NEXT. Sincerely, One Of The Many Victims Of John Darer's Lies
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Anonymity goes only as far as a court subpoena. You've been forwarned.


The woman is upset and he writes above that he will sue her too.

Good luck honey! It sounds like he is a real piece of ***


The woman is upset and he wants to hand her a civil complaint.

Mr 4Structures there are medicines for the kind of anger issues you have.

The world is a nice place if you can find your way back to it.



John D Uyb

It's ironic that Pissed Consumer says that Personal Attacks will be deleted when this very post is a baseless personal attack. The woman is not from Los Angeles and her husband is believed to be the target of two lawsuits over questionnable business practices.

I know who she is despite the pseudonym and she may be facing a civil complaint herself. As verified tonight, her husband has no association with the subject person from TN as was represented

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And wasn't that David Springer, the Mount Airy MD man you seem to allude to, found liable by a Maryland Federal Judge for his questionable business activity in one of those lawsuits.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1162318

I believe you're right Frilly Knckers. But it may be worth reading this http://structuredsettlementwatchdog.net.

The guy has honorable intent. Look at what this guy Springer did.

It's in the Court records. Springer was a lying sack of potatoes.

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