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Do not give them your car

Where is my car ? You picked up my car , took my money and now you wont respond to emails and all of my family's personal belongings were in the car . my child wrist bands from when they were in the nicu at mc master childrens hospital and every other damn thing that can never be replaced . pictures my childrens art work .... Shame on you . Im calling the police
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Hello Roslyn, He did this to several people in the fall last year. Myself included, let’s team up and pursue legal action against him. Please let me know if you would be interested in this, and I’ll give you contact information.

@Candace Hnm

I would love to get together with the others who have had this experience with Ryan “ kor” korstanje . Getting a straight answer as to why he can’t return my money for a service he never provided has been a frustrating experience , he won’t acknowledge or answer any direct questions as to where to send legal notices or even his full name .

He provided me with a changed email address that he included the word “ legal” to make it sound professional but it provides no relevant info as to the location of his business.

He doesn’t see to understand the simple concept of returning a trusting customers money for a service he didn’t provide . He even went so far as to blame bad customer reviews for his business failing and is looking for compensation for the bad reviews saying they are slander , when they are in fact the truthful perspective and experience of a customer (s).

@Candace Hnm

I see this company is still operating and going by the looks of it may now also be operating under the name Evolution Movers offering driveaway service disguised as shipping by train


407 drivers has now blocked their email . They took my car dumped it and stole my money .


407 drivers is now telling me they will not return my money and why ????? Apparently he thinks that he doesn't have to return my money because .......he is having problems with one of his drivers .

totally not my problem . what I'm starting to think is that 407 stole my money . not returning property or funds is theft . I'm pursuing criminal charges of theft and fraud and I suggest the others who have had this happen do the same so this doesn't happen to anyone else .

ryan of 407 hasn't shown any integrity by doing the right thing by returning the money which was given to him in good faith and contract but has decided to continue to make things worse .

a real business owner with integrity and good character would follow up any apology with a amends of returning peoples money first then sorting his business affairs privately without further hardship to others . Obviously the lack of good charter here is a example of what stolen money can't buy .


Hello, Sounds there is 5-6 of us and we should organize ourselves on here and take legal action against him jointly. Please let me know if you like to make contact and I’ll provide my contact info.


He did the same thing with me. Picked my car along with all my belongings from Nova Scotia on November 18th and was supposed To be shipped to British Columbia.

Now, I don’t know where my car is. Ryan left my car in Ontario somewhere as per his last email.


The whole thing is awful ... I spoke with police and they said I have a great civil case for added expense on my part and my friends time off work to retrieve my car ect...

So far I haven't seen a refund of any money .

you would think such a reputable company would easily be able to etransfer the money back to the customer who didn't receive any service only a hassle . Now that I'm requesting my money to be returned they haven't responded .


Jagmeet, can we all work together on this? I think there is at least 5 of us that he did this too, let’s split the lawyers fees and go after him.

@Candace Hnm

Yes Sure, my email is jagpreetbhatia@***.com. You guys can contact me anytime.

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