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Hello everyone, Say you have an opposition business to the One you have, near by and you want All the local and visiting business for yourself . Then all you have to do is go to a similar website and submit a complaint, Lie and Discredit the business and you’re done. Then, get your employees, and associates (who you can buy for a Free tattoo) to write as many Fake/False/ Fraudulent comments as possible under the complaint. In order to get all the business. Then in no time at all, there listing is near the top of your Google Business Page, for everyone to see. So anyone reading the complaint is put off coming to see you. Even if your facebook page has numerous of 5 out of 5 star ratings. See because of the new laws introduced in NSW , Australia in 2013 governing tattoo shop ownership and tattooing. They can’t get there associates to stand over tattoo studios any more, like they used to. But if they did, they are smart enough to know it would lead right back to them. So instead they’ve found another way, to Try and get rid of anyone standing in there way. If you notice in most of there bogus comments on the other complaint, it always states (they should be shut down) near the end or at the end of there comments. What does that tell you? They want to shut us down, right! Unfortunately criminal run businesses, don’t play by the rules of fair trading, so they have to resort to this type of behaviour. It’s scandalous. I guess they’re criminals, so you shouldn’t expect any more from these types. I think jail is the place for this lot. See in this day and age of the internet, your reputation follows you everywhere. So if you have bogus or fraudulent reviews, it comes up on every search result, every time your business name or tattoo parlour/studios, Coffs Harbour is keyed into Google , which can be devastating to your business. I’m smart enough to know you can’t please everyone, some people are just wingers no matter what you do, it’s never good enough. We have no control over what people do once they leave the studio, all we can do is give them after care instructions, and hope they follow them. Look, after tattooing a couple thousand people, there has only ever been a few people not happy. What can you do when they go to the opposition, and opposition fills there heads full of lies and disinformation. But these comments mentioned staph infections and hospitalisation are just totally bogus and fraudulent. We as a tattoo studio have the highest Infectious Control Procedures/Policy implemented of any studio. The health department has never sited us once in 3 years of operating the tattoo studio. They have always been more than satisfied with our Infectious Control Procedures/Policy. Unlike the opposition who have been sited on numerous occasions, and even shut down over the years. What does that tell you. See the best thing to do is, see for yourself, don’t take my word for it, contact Coffs Harbour City Council Health Department for yourself. Think about that , the next time you are thinking of getting a tattoo from the opposition. Please help stamp out this disgusting criminal behaviour.
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I got a tattoo from Kane, to and it turned out wonderful. Kane is so quiet and gentle that I find it very hard to believe that he would abuse anyone.

This person is obviously a puppet who’s strings are being pulled by those bikie criminals at coat of arms.

I read that all the bikie tattoo shops will be shut down soon, that will be good thing for Coffs Harbour when that happens. People won’t have to be scared anymore of these bikie thugs.


I got a tattoo from Kane I only got the outline that ended up scared , spotty and not straight . When my session was finished Kane basically told me I had to pay for the entire tattoo there and then , when I told him I only had the money for the outline as booked he got very rude and abusive .

I then noticed that they where closing down a few days later so what where you guys going to do with my money ? I won't be going back , these liars at 1 more body mod can spread as much junk as they want , fact is they along with their work and attitude are sub standard


Hi, I love tattooing and all forms of body art. I know what your going through, as a similar thing is happening to me, here in the US.

I have been the owner of a Tattoo Parlor for over10 years. An Outlaw Biker opened a tattoo parlor and moved in near by, and that's when it all started.They started slandering me, my shop and of course our work, verbally at first and then on the internet. Sounds like what your going through. Then they started racing up and down passed my shop, scaring my employees and freighting the clients.Then coming into my parlor, not just 1 or 2 of them, 5 or more scaring everyone.

I had to politely ask them to leave. They look like they’d kill you for 50c and enjoy it.

Lately I’ve been thinking of selling my business as I have my families safety to think of, my employees and myself.

The Law does nothing.

When you say they are criminals its true, that's exactly what they are. These people don't care about the art, bottom line it's all about the money...

This seems to be happening all around the world, in one way or another.

Take Care..

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Sydney, New South Wales
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1 More Body Mod should be the model for how a good Tattoo Studio should be run. They did a superior job in helping and guiding me and made me feel I was most important to them. I had been thinking of getting my second Tattoo for about 2 years, so while on holidays visiting my parents in Coffs Harbour, I thought I would checkout the other tattoo shop first, and when I asked for some help they told me to bring in what I wanted, and they would slap it on me. Not what I wanted to hear. So I went to 1 More Body Mod Tattoo Studio instead. When I walked into 1 More Body Mod, I noticed how clean and fresh it was, straight away. I was greeted with a smile and then asked if I needed any help. They then sat down with me for at least 40 minutes, to get the tattoo together. The tattoo I was thinking of, but could not draw it myself, and then drawing it up as a one off piece, right then and there. I was impressed to say the least. I had the tattoo done and it turnout better than I’d ever thought possible. I noticed 3 weeks later that a couple of lines had dropped out, which I’m told can happen sometimes. So I immediately called 1 More Body Mod to tell them about it. I have to say, I was really surprised at how they handled it. They just said, “Sorry to hear that” but come on in the next time you’re in town and we’ll fix it "Free of Charge". “WOW! I was really impressed. So that’s exactly what I did. I went back up for a visit and I called in and they fixed it for "Free" No Charge. I’m over the moon. I could not be happier. They made it so easy and made me feel like it was no trouble at all. I have to say, I would highly recommend 1 More Body Mod to anyone who was thinking of getting a tattoo, whether it was your 1st or 50th, they will look after you no matter what. This is very important, they do what they say they’re going to do (Free Touch up’s). It doesn’t matter if you’re in Coffs Harbour or up the coast or down the coast or even out west, I highly recommend you go and see them. Because you won’t regret it! I will be going back for some more work soon, I have another one that has been drawn up and looks great, can’t wait. If you want a Tattoo Studio that really cares about you and the work they do, then you can’t go past 1 More Body Mod. Thanks for reading.
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I got a tattoo from Kane, to and it turned out wonderful. Kane is so quiet and gentle that I find it very hard to believe that he would abuse anyone.

This person is obviously a puppet who’s strings are being pulled by those bikie criminals at coat of arms.

I read that all the bikie tattoo shops will be shut down soon, that will be good thing for Coffs Harbour when that happens. People won’t have to be scared anymore of these bikie thugs.


I went here recently and had an outstanding experience. I will be back next time I'm in Coffs :)


Hallo,I have been to this tattoo shop and I was treated very well by everyone there.Thank you for my Great tattoo and piercing.

*****Highly recommend*****


It's an easy choice for me to make,when I come to Australia.I'll be traveling from Melbourne to Cairns on my Holiday.So I will be calling into 1 more Body Mod for my tattoo for sure.Thanks Eme1980


I'm from France,I wanted a tattoo for a long time.I first went to the other shop,and did not like it,was very small and looked dirty,I got no help.So I walked away.While walking around I found 1 More Body Mod,nice big shop,very clean and new.I was helped as soon as I walked in and got what I wanted.Very good number 1.


Love 1 more body mod! Ive been there twice, always been stoked with the results :)


I went to Australia for holiday.While there I stopped in to Coffs Harbour on my way around Australia.I went to 1 More Body Mod for a tattoo.I got a kangaroo to mark my visit.The did a great job.I'm very happy.Thanks


These guys are great,friendly and very helpful.I'm glad I went there.I've recommended them to all my family and friends.Extremely clean shop and I love the black and red color scheme.I'll be back.


This studio is great and I've never had any problems.

I'm sick of hearing about how everyone has had bad experiences but they never call them to see if it was something that is normal or not and the never say if it was something that caused the problemp

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Coffs Harbour, New South Wales

Epic Fail Tattoo

I was in Coffs last November and I'm also from Liverpool Sydney. I went to 1 More Body Mod for my first ever tattoo with a friend. It was done by Kane who was lovely. I was prepared for the pain (even tho it was on my foot) and Kane said it would feel like a little ant ***. Apart from the fact that I felt like Kane was ripping my skin off...I ended up in hospital for 3 days with a terrible infection. My tattoo was not covered. It was simply smothered with Vaseline and off I went...instructions? Do not touch it. No antiseptic. Nothing. Let it heal naturally I was told...I thought it was odd but being a first timer...Pffft what did I know? That night my foot had swollen up to the point where the Dr at the hospital thought I'd broken it...I called the shop everyday for a week straight. Conveniently Kane was too busy to take my calls and whoever the *** was answering the phone was not the slightest bit interested...I have major scarring at the site of the tattoo that will always be visible...sooo a very big thank you to these dickheads...they are pathetic. Anyone thinking of getting at tat from there should read all the reviews...cause it's all sooo very true! Time to pack it up boys...and Kane seriously you're a lovely kid n I imagine these idiots are feeding you *** but unfortunately I agree with whoever said they've done nothing but *** up your reputation...sorry kiddo!!
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Had the same thing happen to me , Kane did my tattoo it got really badly infected the day that I got the tattoo , I rang up and complained they tried every excuse then tried to say it was my fault .


Wtf seriously call the health department, it will be on record at the hospital what infection it was ,and make a formal complaint


Lol wow those guys are red hot Danny the boss did a dermal piercing on one of my friends chest not only did he stuff round for an hour before even starting , he lost the footing in her chest , he tried to get it but gave up and gave her a 50 dollar gift card , I think the surgery to remove the piece of metal he left in her chest is going to cost more than 50 dollars , every one in that shop is a total drop kick .

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Coffs Harbour, New South Wales
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1 more body mod ruined my tattoo

i went to 1 more body mod tattoo parlour in coffs harbour to get a tattoo , they butchered it the night it was done it started to look really swollen and started leaking , went to the doctor he said i had a staf infection , when it was all healed i went to coat of arms tattoo to see if it could be fixed up and i was informed that 1 more body mod has no qualified tattooists , 2 apprentices that have been tattooing less than a year and the owner who is practicing on people . my tattoo is all fixed now thanks to the guys at coat of arms .
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I rang,up to see about working there as a tattooist, could tell over the phone that danny was a big tough 'body piercer', hellbent on a powertrip. You do not dictate to tattooists, i imagine the man has a hard time getting tattooists to stay there, due to his wanting to control tattooists.

You do not tell a tattooist when they can use their phone, you do not tell them the rules, they tell YOU ***.

I hope you've worked that out danny. The worst shops to work for are are owned by 'body piercers'.


I had a tattoo done about a month ago a cover up and they did a great job I love it and great price to :)


All of the positive comments have grammatical similarities. The over-use of ellipses and failure to space after a comma, show that it's the same individual doing the typing.

I have a major cover-up job on the horizon, but this has shown me where to take my business.


While looking to get a tattoo in coffs... Stumble on this instead really makes its difficult for somebody who wants a tattoo to see both stores shaming each other.


This guy is rediculous seriously , 2 years worth of lies and *** jobs he must of learnt from last time and decided to span his comments about himself over a few days . You guys are fn work up all over town . YOU SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN


1 more bodgy job , biggest bunch of losers ever , no way in *** I'd let them touch me , ran In to a couple of the workers there the chick and the big guy the both bragged how good they where and how every other shop in town was *** , seen your work guys! No amount of bull plop can fix that mess


Typical of those guys, bull *** as much as possible and hope people believe it they have obviously convinced themselves , the way they carry on they are the best tattooists in the world , when in actual fact their work if floating round town and an absolute embarrassment for the individuals wearing it . 1 more body mods work is horrible friend and I both got a tattoo from there on the same day they are both really spotty and most of the ink has come out , when we went back to get it fixed the fat one said we would be charged for it , as far as I remember I paid for it to be done properly the first time !


Lol what a laugh 6 comments all at the same time hmmmmm wonder if those are fake fat boy must have been bored looking at kiddy *** .


Great work done here, very clean and so professional...


Loving Mr and Mrs Indy's new work thanks for the awesome work Kane u boys are great!

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Sydney, New South Wales

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