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American Red Cross… My family applied for Hurricane Harvey disaster assistance and got denied.No explanation.We're no where near as bad off as the people of Rockport, but we definitely need help! If you're not helping the people in Rockport, my family, the 40 people we've talked to that were denied (houses under water), or the countless people on this site… Read full review

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Cancel my cable,"NFL Go to ***" Painty waist liberal actors spouting their liberal crap in the news and on all those useless award shows. Now the NFL gone commies on us too. They... Nfl - Politics on sports. I changed the channel to get a sports show and all I got was politics. As a consumer we did not get what we paid for. The president is calling for... Saturday is my football day..not the NFL ! Goodell makes $ 34 million and he supports his players essentially *** on the flag. He walks on the graves of the fallen that died. He insults NFL... Case Boss - Disappointed after received 1.9 Actually i look forward your product but so sad and disappointed when I received it! This case no prefectly about the phone cover and I felt waste my... Camping World - CW terrible company 1.3 I bought a new 26ft Pioneer Toy Hauler in 8/16 from CW in Spartanburg,SC. I took a 6 week road trip with motorcycle and a problem with the floor... Prestige Portraits - TERRIBLE SERVICE & PRICE GOUGING 1.0 My son's first round of senior pictures were horrible. The outdoor pictures, the photographer had him facing the sun, he could hardly keep his eyes... Fooled by "express deal" on Priceline Booked 3 star, hotel was NOTHING like a Hyatt or similar as Priceline described. I have pictures. It was not the hotel's fault, employees were nice,... FITBIT DOES NOT STAND BEHIND ITS PRODUCT 1.9 I purchased a fitbit HR in 2015. by 2016 it was dead. they sent me a new fitbit hr. it died in 2017. when i called them and even spoke to the...

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"American Web Loan Got a 2000 loan .Terms not clearly expalined.INTEREST RATE IS 445 % Yes .!!! In a 2000.00 loan you end up paying 11000.00 I have contacted the NC Attorney General, and they..."
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Cosmetics and Toiletries Cosmetics and Toiletries Reviews

"Bella Serata...went to check my credit card, and guess what? They charged me $368 (in six different charges) since August! I called them next morning. The customer service..."
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"American Homes 4 Rent...Not to mention I had to put down a $1700 deposit when I moved in but when they sent my deposit refund 30 days after I moved out it was only for $174.They charged for things they..."
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"I had been with my storage company for almost 2 years before Cubesmart bought them out.I never once got a rate increase.

After they were in they said if I changed units I would get they're promotional pricing. So after I went thru the time & trouble of hauling everything 2 floors down (after much aggravation & confusion over pricing) they send me a postcard in the mail telling me..."

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