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Gobank... I opened an account because I drive with UBER and they offer an account with no fees ...Then, after I switched my direct deposit from my other job, I tried to use the atm but my pin had changed mysteriously... Read full review

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Evine Live - Wow! The worst. Purchased shampoo and body lotion that spillout out everywhere during shipping. I called and they told me tough it's not there fault! Called... CR England does not have enough trainers 1.0 I had waited for 2-3 weeks for a trainer once I had completed training at the trucking school. The hotels that CR England put you in are disgusting... Pick N Save - Rotten produce 2.2 8/15/2017 cut into yellow delicious apple, rotten inside. yellow poatoes. brown spotted inside.. not happy... have previosly gotten an aplle that my... Pennymac is excessively increasing escrow I Received may mortgage statement for 9/1/2017 and found that PennyMac has increased my monthly payment by over $538.00. They claimed that Plaza... Terminix Exclusion is a JOKE. Total waste of money. 3.0 I listen to the rats, mice, squirrels, opossums, etc. running back and forth and up and down all night. I don't care if it's Mickey and Minnie Mouse... 7 Eleven - Expired milk 1.7 I'm sick of walking to next door 7-11 store only for milk, then finding all sell by dates 3-5 past. If this is not corrected, I'm turning the store... Shoppers Advantage - Total Rip off I thought I was calling the Water Department to get a refund for an overpayment of my bill. Shopper's Advantage is one digit off. When an agent... Playster fails in customer service 1.0 Customer service is horrible! I have been waiting for a return phone call from a manager or supervisor for several hours! I am hoping to reach as...

Sport Sport Review

" Dicks Sporting Goods...The shoes were on clearance! Since when does clearance=used?I paid $85 dollars for used shoes, clearance or not! On top of that..."
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Footwear and Clothing Footwear and Clothing Review

"...I had $130 worth of merchandise in the cart with a $20 discount code, then they added $14 for shipping - ridiculous. Goodbye, Coldwater Creek..."
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Cosmetics and Toiletries Cosmetics and Toiletries Review

" mouth has been sore as if I'd burned it with hot food.I bought the Classic Sensodyne as I thought it was the original toothpaste, but after 3 days..."
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