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Gobank... I opened an account because I drive with UBER and they offer an account with no fees ...Then, after I switched my direct deposit from my other job, I tried to use the atm but my pin had changed mysteriously... Read full review

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Light In The Box - The fact that you won't give out your phone number makes it doubtful that I'll do business with you. I've searched all your sites and can't find a phone number, are you a real company and do live people work for you? It's very upsetting to try to... Roadmaster Drivers School - Disappointed dissatisfaction disappointed 2.0 This school is a complete rip off you pay all this money and for what I'm currently attending this school after 5 hours I'm lucky to get into the... Cincinnati Bell - Why is your service so bad and never fixed??? 1.0 Like many others on here, im also a victim of your pi*s poor service. With all of these complaints how do you stay in business? You should be ashamed... Disney Movie Club - Tried to rip me off. I wanted to exchange two movies for another title.when i called them they said just to write down what i wanted in exchange and there would be no... Coinstar - WAY too expensive to use 1.0 OMG they want like 12%, that's just unbelievably outrageous, I was gonna cash in about 600 bucks worth but NO WAY am I paying them over 60 bucks for... First Savings Credit Card - Approved then not approved 1.0 I applied on credit karma said odds were very good for approval so i was approved after two weeks they sent letter saying i need to send copy of... SCAM STAY AWAY from RODGER HOPKINS BAIL BONDS in Virgina Beach Rodger HOPKINS BAIL BONDS is a heavy set guy in a white lifted truck, he was sitting in the parking lot of the magistrates office in Virginia Beach... Lazboy - Terrible quality. Useless customer service My sofa and chairs cost over $4000.00 purchased less than 2 years ago and they look 20 years old. the fabric is all stretched and pilling, the...

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" Heartland Rvs...2 tires exploded causing serious damage to fenders, slides, lights and interior shower door and nearly caused a major accident on the highway. Cost $1400 to replace 4 tires.This unit is a lemon…"
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"Aspen Dental...Had to come back 3 different times for them to pull out pieces of tooth that they left behind. But here's the big kicker that run my business and my life, my bill was $7,100 being that..."
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"Zerowater...In just 3 weeks, the water taste like lemon.Dumped the whole 23-cup pitcher and refill with water again. The same thing, lemon taste still. Replaced..."
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