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HSA Home Warranty...My wife and I bought a house on December 8, 2017 and purchased a home warranty through HSA.On December 27 the boiler heat stopped working...Around 10:30 on Friday night the gas build up ignited causing a mini explosion in my basement. It threw me to the ground damaged a door and damaged the pilot light to our gas water heater.We had...
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"Mattress Firm ...A horrible mattress sitting on a broken adjustable frame!Great $5,000.00 investment - only to end up on an old beat up couch.I would NEVER, EVER recommend this store."
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"Outback Steakhouse ...both were to be well done.The order was still almost $30.- Except they were far from that they were still breathing.If they had legs they would have been walking !..."
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"Popjulia ...I called about getting a refund and they said it will cost me $35-$100 to ship them back to China I only paid $15 for the first pair. The second pair came, and they didn’t fit properly..."
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"My wife and I attended a timeshare presentation and were deceived as to what we were getting for our money.When I tried to get a refund everyone I talked to at Westgate agreed I was duped, but said there is nothing they can do..."

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