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My husband and I went to Schumacher homes hoping to get a quote on building a house.They asked for $1000 down to "lock in a price quote" and we were told we could cancel or choose not to use them at any time and would receive our deposit back.... Read full review

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Coinstar Gift Card Exchange is the worst experience I have ever had with a machine
I went to 5 different kiosks and None of the worked!!! I wasted at least two hours of my time on three seperate occasions trying to use the gift card...
Leifer And Associates - Owner operator
This post is ridiculous and an obvious bizzare attempt at identity scam. Whomever posted these reviews doesn't know me nor has ever done business...
Godaddy SSL scam
Today GoDaddy turned out to be a scam. Thanks a lot godaddy. They ripped me for $2000 give or take on SSL. Some concerned guy called me from Godaddy...
Google Retaliates To Pissed Consumer Review
After writing a review at Pissed Consumer about the wretched way I was treated by a Google employee, Google then retracted a deal they had offered me...
Should have used 23 and me. Ancestry sucks
Ordered 2 kits one for myself and one for my husband. They seemed to have lost my husbands. I called once was told to call back in a few weeks....
Market Basket - Rude Behaviour of Cashier
Brought a few groceries in a shopping basket (small red one) and kept on the belt. My intention was to replace the basket after scanning was done by...
Elephant Insurance Services - Penalized for Accident
I was excited about saving on my car insurance, and did save considerably before I had an accident. This was this first accident I have had in over...
Bioaqua By Shopify - DO. NOT. BUY.
Over Christmas, I saw the blackhead cleanser vacuum and I bought it. I was charged $29.95 for it, and it didn't arrive until well after March. I've...


"...The engine went out and they wanted me to pay $3000.00 for the engine AND continue my payments. Oh....did I mentioned I PURCHASED FOUR (4) VEHICLES FROM THESE GUYS?!?!?..."
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Footwear and Clothing

"...The bathing suit did not even fit my size 0 daughter and I ordered a 4x. I normally wear a size 8/10 and I could not get it past my knees.The dress was the same--my daughter..."
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Home Construction and Repair

"...the initial price we received jump up $3000.00 and know one could tell us where it came from.They blamed it on us doing upgrades at the design center, but that wasn't true..."
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