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I chose 'new review' as I include information which I am not seeing within any site comments.The new Hulu layout will NOT be changing back ......ever, not after the money Hulu invested (wasted) on an ARTIST (James Turrell) to design this... Read full review

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Gwynnie Bee - Hidden Charges I signed up for a trial but never used it. 3 months later Gwynebee without notice took $295.00 put of my bank account. I never ordered a garment... Lgi Homes - LGI are bullies. 9/21/17 at 4am my daughter and I were woken up by loud trucks and bright lights from trucks and cranes . LGI is building on the land across from us .... Gearbest - Garbage customer service 2.5 This company is total joke! I ordered total twi e from them. The first time I had to cancel my order because as they said, the item is not in stock... Lbc Express - Got a watch? 1.6 Guy shows up almost hour late no change in his murse what a goof ball. Thinks I'm giving him a tip for being late so I asked him "You have no shame... Everbuying - Mixza usb otg adapter 5.0 23/08/2017 Order No.E1708230647587437 I purchased an otg adapter in the online store Everbuying. Initially, my friend advised me to shop Everbuying,... Wigsis - Wow! My favorite new wig! 5.0 I could not have imagined this would be so perfect! Fits great. looks natural. I put it on immediately, right out of the packaging, and went straight... Miele - EXTROADINARILY APPALING AFTER SALES SERVICE 3.2 My experience with MIELE after sales service and support in Sept 2017 is similar, 3 months to fix wine cooler and still not fixed, each phone contact... MTD Products - Upcoming proof of consumer sacrificing all trot-bilt purchased products 2.1 I am one that has never escalated an issue, never until now. In order for this to occur obviously I spent so much money on products but now once I...

Footwear and Clothing Footwear and Clothing Reviews

"Cintas...those particular uniforms were recently replaced except the 2 we'd paid for.Now they send us a bill for $394.20 for the supposedly bad uniforms..."
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Loans and Mortgages Loans and Mortgages Reviews

"...I got a phone call from Ocwen telling me my mortgage payment is $918 and I have received no paperwork from them except the today I received a letter indicating I was..."
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Education Education Reviews

"Actualtests...I'd rather do without than pay and additional $149 to reinstate my membership that I already paid for.Buyer beware and ensure to keep your payment..."
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"In September 2016 I purchased a 2017 Fuzion 420 at Camping world in Council Bluffs Iowa.I had purchased parts for my Country Coach from them and didn't have issues so thought I would buy the Fuzion.

(Big Mistake) First it had blotches on the skirts, the camera monitor was missing, the latch was gone from the shower door was the visible items. I Told them and they said..."

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