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I planned to go to Italy with EF tours with my school and paid about 800+$ and then I decided it was too I cancelled and they should have sent me back 500+$ since the cancellation fee was 300$ but they ended up canceling my trip and sending me only 60$... Read full review

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Primus Canada - Quite possibly the most garbage ISP in all of North America Continued to get the same issue with Primus over and over again wherein the modem would just have 'no signal' with no fix in sight. Waited on hold... 24hourchargers - DONT TRUST THESE BASTARDS I bought a macbook pro charger. It's a COUNTERFEIT !! And it doesn't work and on top of it, it destroyed by laptop. They don't take any returns nor... Lack of customer service at Sears 1.0 This is an understatement. For years I have gone into the store to pay my husbands sears card (since I pay all the bills) we no longer have this card... Trex Decking - Trex Transcends I ordered this material from a lumber yard and had a contractor build me a step/deck on my house in Oct. 2016. About a month ago it started getting... National Consumer Center - I dont recomend doing this i didnt I don't know if I should do this or not because I've seen a whole bunch of bad reviews and on the real website it only shows 3 reviews and all of... Keystone Rv - Weak Leaf Springs and Terrible Follow up Warranty Service I bought a brand new Premier Bullet 26 for my trip to Alaska up the Alcan Highway. Performed well on the trip up. On the Dalton Highway in Deadhorse... I HAD TO BLOCK NFL GAME PASS I HAD TO CALL MY CREDIT CARD COMPANY AND BLOCK NFL GAME PASS because it's was impossible to cancel my subscription. NFL Game Pass automatically takes... Suddenlink - Never ported my old number 1.0 Over a year ago I made the mistake of changing my service to suddenlink,they were supposed to port my old number over to my new suddenlink account,a...

Telecommunications Telecommunications Review

"My 88 year old mother's Cox bill steadily increased over time to $205 per month...mind you for BASIC channels, nothing fancy...this is a ridiculous..."
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Cosmetics and Toiletries Cosmetics and Toiletries Review

"...The products are low-quality products sold at a high-quality price. My $10 foundation from Loreal has better coverage and sets a lot better than Younique $39 foundation..."
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Furniture and Decor Furniture and Decor Review

" Acceptance Now ...I paid close to $1100.00 already and no money has gone to the principle bal.The total amount of the furniture was $2025.00, my payment is $234.00 monthly..."
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