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Eagle Carports... My building is 1 yr. 10 months old and is now on the ground. I ordered a building high enough to store a pontoon boat in without having to lower top on boat. The building was supposed to have extra bracing to withstand 140 mph winds. We had 35 to 40 mph wind that day... Read full review

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"I can't believe this company has done this to all there employees and customers people that has paid for items that were on back order or waiting for something...Picture People"
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"Servpro...Original estimates were near $90,000 at the beginning of the project and ballooned to $109,000 by the end. This is despite the fact that total material costs (which included installation of the kitchens) are less than $40,000..."
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"Megabus...He further stated that the 7 AM, 8 AM , and 9 AM were all booked solid and that there would be no chance to get on any other bus.We were totally frozen with no bus and no options..."
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"...I got my consultation and spent $4,000 within minutes to get all my teeth pulled, and some little dentures that they won't even fit in my mouth because I told him Only pediatric fit in my mouth but they kept putting the big tray in their killing me did not tell me the pain and suffering I would go through..."
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