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Lennar...We had a huge issue 4 months after moving to our new house at Park Central. We woke up and had 3 inches of water in the first floor due to a problem in one toilet. That was in December. It took until April to finish all the works. It was a nightmare. At least 12 different contractors (nobody at Lennar... Read full review

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"Jack In The Box…ordered meal with no lettuce or sauce on tacos. Diet Coke and Dr Pepper. Both tacos had lettuce and sauce. Was given 2 Dr Peppers. I am a DIABETIC!..."
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"Diamond Resorts International…I lost over $19000, bought in 2016 and was unable to use that resort, which I purchased only to take my granddaughter with her friends on vacation after school ended…"
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"I can not afford the flood insurance on my home it jumped from $400 a year to $2100 a year then jumped another $500 the next year. I had the insurance removed but...Ocwen"
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"...I said I needed to verify them and they showed me all kinds of web pages, rapid and phone numbers (the same one above) and told me that they were the fix company for M.C. and they would take care of my problem for $199.99 and then they tried to sell me shield ware for 3,5,life time up to $799.00..."
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