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Gobank... I opened an account because I drive with UBER and they offer an account with no fees ...Then, after I switched my direct deposit from my other job, I tried to use the atm but my pin had changed mysteriously... Read full review

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Osterman Propane - Terrible people at osterman Osterman propane are a bunch of incompetent ***, they are criminals as well, i have had nothing but problems from them for 5 years , i rent so i cant... Verizon - Posted bill to my credit report that is not mine 2.6 spoke with 5 dif people. they tried to blame ic sytems (debt collector) who said they would not collect on debt cause bill didnt have a ssn attached... Poulan - Difficult to Reach & Poor Service Center Locator 1.8 Their website fails to provide contact coordinates to reach them by email, or regular mail; only a toll-free number is provided. Their so-called... Carhop - A total scam to be avoided at all cost this happened at the Joplin Mo store. Me and the wife just wanted to look at cars, and before the *** artist came over I noticed that there wasn't... Uhaul - Leaky roof 1.1 I rented a truck the night before for a simple across town move. We were only able to put a few things in before a large thunderstorm struck and it... Mattress Firm - CRAPPY COMPANY 1.8 My wife recently broke her neck, so my insurance company approved a new bed to be paid for , 100%. The only problem is that I could not get Mattress... Regal Nails - Worst experience ever!!!!! 1.0 Today I went to get my nails done... French gel manicure. Never ever in my life have I experienced anything like I did today. Without applying any... Fannie Mae - Lack of due diligence that cost me my home 1.0 I put an offer in on a Fannie Mae foreclosure and it was accepted. I was given less than a week to have my commitment letter, and my closing was...


" Dicks Sporting Goods...The shoes were on clearance! Since when does clearance=used?I paid $85 dollars for used shoes, clearance or not! On top of that..."
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Footwear and Clothing

"...I had $130 worth of merchandise in the cart with a $20 discount code, then they added $14 for shipping - ridiculous. Goodbye, Coldwater Creek..."
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Cosmetics and Toiletries

" mouth has been sore as if I'd burned it with hot food.I bought the Classic Sensodyne as I thought it was the original toothpaste, but after 3 days..."
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