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American Red Cross… My family applied for Hurricane Harvey disaster assistance and got denied.No explanation.We're no where near as bad off as the people of Rockport, but we definitely need help! If you're not helping the people in Rockport, my family, the 40 people we've talked to that were denied (houses under water), or the countless people on this site… Read full review

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National Floors Direct - Cancel this transaction, order number 120970 I tried to cancel my order by phone. I was unable to speak to anyone that could cancel my transaction. I mailed in the Notice of Cancellation within... Five Star Painting - Horrible experience Contracted with Five Star to paint interior of our house. It was an absolute nightmare. If you read their home page, they have three "guarantees".... Sears Home Services - On Sears service contract for my washer Even though I have a service contract for my 3 yr old washer. I waited 2 weeks for a service repair man. He came and in 2 minutes said he needs to... TravelCenters Of America - Allowed pay repair w credit card but not buy Bluetooth When u go for a repair they over charge u & take for ever to do the job poorly almost every location and u also can pay your boss credit card over... New Hulu interface on Roku is terrible 2.3 Restarting an episode requires navigating several menu layers. An entire episode was skipped over. Realized only after the skipped episode's ending... Assurant Field Asset Services - Don't Work For Field Asset Services/Assurant/Pruvan 1.0 They say they'll pay you 35 days after you complete the yard work but they don't. They say they'll send you pay advances to help you continue to work... Air Rescue - High Pressure Sales...Low performance repairs! My central air system stopped cooling yesterday morning. I callled Air Rescue because they were recommended by the previous homeowner and I had used... Buyer did not return full bundle and Poshmark still refunded her! 1.8 I just had an unfortunate experience with a buyer on PM. She bought a bundle of 2 pairs of boot both new with boxes and a pair of loafers from me and...

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"American Web Loan Got a 2000 loan .Terms not clearly expalined.INTEREST RATE IS 445 % Yes .!!! In a 2000.00 loan you end up paying 11000.00 I have contacted the NC Attorney General, and they..."
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Cosmetics and Toiletries Cosmetics and Toiletries Reviews

"Bella Serata...went to check my credit card, and guess what? They charged me $368 (in six different charges) since August! I called them next morning. The customer service..."
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Real Estate Real Estate Reviews

"American Homes 4 Rent...Not to mention I had to put down a $1700 deposit when I moved in but when they sent my deposit refund 30 days after I moved out it was only for $174.They charged for things they..."
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"I had been with my storage company for almost 2 years before Cubesmart bought them out.I never once got a rate increase.

After they were in they said if I changed units I would get they're promotional pricing. So after I went thru the time & trouble of hauling everything 2 floors down (after much aggravation & confusion over pricing) they send me a postcard in the mail telling me..."

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