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Sears ...I spent over 3000.00. The appiances arrived one at a time over 3 Months. Every time I called they had an excuse, Anyway I got the stove first finally, then dishwasher, and 2 months later the fridge. The delivery ppl that delivered the fridge completely destroyed my... Read full review

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"TGI Fridays...We ordered drinks and there was a bug in my daughters drink. We reported it and Danni the waitress stated that's just nasty. Brought another drink another bug..."
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"Arlo...Over $200 down the drain. Battery died in less than 6 months . An new battery will cost $40 every 6 months to continue using the camera..."
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"Skechers...I had a suspected broken arm and I also have cracked ribs which are agony. My knees, elbows and hands are covered in cuts and bruises and I’m in agony..."
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"I purchased an $1,100 bed from my local Rooms To Go store. A little while after that you needed a push to roll over the bed was so dented.I was told to go back to the store and pick out a bed of equal or greater now I pay another $500 to upgrade my defective bed..."
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