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...I didn't realize OnlineCityTickets had no online or mobile backup for these tickets. I was on my own. As fate would have it, during a move I misplaced these tickets and contacted them for replacements. They were quick to tell me that I was out of luck. They don't provide those services. I didn't have any recourse. I was out over $1,000... Read full review

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"Fantastic Sams...I have old highlights which could cause friz as she stated. However, she set the timer for 20 minutes. She never came to check the curls after 5 minutes like all my past perms were done..."
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Loans and Mortgages Loans and Mortgages Reviews

"I took out a $300 loan due to financial hardship last fall. I've already paid over $900 in payments. I went to see what my payoff amount is for early repayment, and it's still over $500...Zocaloans"
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Service Centers and Repairs Service Centers and Repairs Reviews

"...Well I’m sorry that I did not get almost $1000 worth of work done. I had my friend do it and everything was done correctly for $350. Thanks for nothing Dunn Tire. I will never go to them again..."
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"...I had recently moved and bought my unemployment benefit card that is dealt with through this bank. to have a new card sent to me was told I needed to update my address I have sent them an email every day for the last 2 weeks with pictures of envelopes and also the document with my address for some reason..."
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