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My husband went to aspen dental in Pickerington Ohio.He had to have all of his teeth extracted and fitted for a full set of dentures... My husband is so stressed and and unhappy now he has lost over 50 pounds and had a massive heart attack. He doesn't want to be seen or talk in public...
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"Hair Club ...On my next trip I was taken into a room and my head was shaved leaving just a strip around my head of my own hair. I'm sitting there looking somewhat like bozo the clown, probably 20 minutes, when the stylist comes in..."
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"Money Map Press After reading the sales pitch on how good this service was and how the advice was going to be nearly 100% accurate , I signed up for the $2,000 sales price. Wow, was I excited. However, ..."
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"Urthbox Every time I called, I repeatedly got messages that due to heavy call volume no one could answer, so I left multiple messages. I sent numerous emails as well. I then noticed a $269.99 charge..."
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Online reviews have significant impact on your business. But why do consumers write reviews? How do they choose a website to submit a review? And what should business do to make a consumer happy and convert negative experience into a positive one. We found the answers. Watch how our Mood Factory works.
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