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I went to the manager and asked him what was taking so long to get our food.He said our order got lost. If that was the case why didn't someone tell us.... Read full review

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United Airlines - United is not the airline of choice
I would not choose United to fly anywhere! My company chose this airline. The first encounter are the outrageous bag fees! Really! Boarding the...
Ikea - Disappointed 20-Year (ex-)Loyal Customer
It is with a heavy heart that I write this horrendous review of my recent experience with IKEA. I have been an avid IKEA customer and advocate for...
BodyLogicMD - Real doctors?
I received the email below. I checked the email address and thought it odd for what he was selling. Searched, found company website, and then...
Lane Furniture - Lane recliner breaks every few montha
Bought a Lane Bulldog recliner about 4 years ago. Broke down within two months of purchase. Store came out and repaired. About 18 months -2 years...
Brake Check - Draw your own conclusion
I have waited for a long time for Brake Check to at least talk to me about my problem. I planned to go to a graduation out of town last year. I went...
Hunter Fans - Dealing with IDIOTS...!!!
I had almost the exact same problem. Mine was smoking and arcking so i shut it off and took it down. These idiots wanted me to put it back together...
Safelink Wireless - Retarted people at this company
These people that work there must be retarted...They sent me a phone and it worked ok..Then i told them i wanted to Import my old number from...
Teechip - Lying to me regarding my order.
2 weeks ago I ordered $607 worth of T-shirts for my high school reunion and told 15 of my classmates I was ordering them. I paid with my credit card...


"...My wife and I just completed a "Best of Spain and Portugal" 2017 tour.Hotels were rated 4-5 star, but would be 3 star at best in North America.One hotel room smelled like..."
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Home Construction and Repair

"...White vinyl sliders, nothing special about them.He quoted me $2,700. I can get replacement windows of a similar quality from Menard's for $250 each and install them myself..."
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"...I chose the "Limited Commercials" at $7.99 a month.I thought with "Limited" I might see one commercial per episode but I seen as many commercials..."
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