Politics-Related Issues

Politics-Related Issues
People Magazine
8 hours ago

“...to People Magazine, however, it is too liberal for me anymore. I am sick of seeing Harry and Meghan, the Obamas, etc., How about putting our President and Beau...”

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12 hours ago

“...tea &;; ham bisquit. Total came to $5.11. Gave cashier $20.15. Gave me change and reciept for only $20. I protest. He called another worker who tried to te...”

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12 hours ago

“...to let Netflix know that myself and everybody I know and my family will be canceling Netflix if they run this series of the Obamas collaborating on anti-trump ...”

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Comedy Central
14 hours ago

“...Noah is not funny AT ALL! His uninformed biased statements are appalling to me and a lot of American citizens. Let him to go over to some political channel and...”

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Whole Foods Market
16 hours ago

“...be choosing other stores (there are plenty) after reading the political remarks of Mackey.”

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Holidays-Related Issues

Holidays-Related Issues
26 minutes ago

“...I need to make a camp out my home and I have bought so many flowers to plant and live until I get back on my feet and the whole it's gonna be a merry Xmas was ...”

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3 hours ago

“For the past year Ive had to call CS to order something. Every time I get the review payment and Ive tried using gift cards, my credit and debit and using pay pal an...”

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5 hours ago

“...and paid for food for wed before thanksgiving... driver never picked up and never delivered. Ooops not their problem. 5 days later order sushi delivered to wro...”

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5 hours ago

“...say they will get back to me with the proper information and nobody ever did. Meanwhile, my son's switch stop working. Now it s Going to be a bad Christmas for hi...”

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Hearst Communications
6 hours ago

“I saw an advertisement regarding luxury gifts for those that are hard to buy for. You guys have missed the mark. The the rhetoric of these past 4 years and especiall...”

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Coronavirus-Related Issues

Coronavirus-Related Issues
2 hours ago

“...my phone was in Augusta Georgia at 302 PM why would I leave the house with coronavirus when was i told by my doctors not go to outside with underlying health c...”

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Acceptance Now
3 hours ago

“...I see the mention of COVID, thankfully some of these comments are pretty recent.......has ANYONE actually filed a lawsuit yet? I've seen some mention of a few ...”

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5 hours ago


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5 hours ago

“...decided to credit our accounts because of COVID, I told my self what a company. They really care. Until around Aug after the last decrease on monthly payment. ...”

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La Fitness
7 hours ago

“...to take a shower by myself and hold on to be safe.We brought these concerns and issue to Patrick and he apologized and said it would be addressed. With covid g...”

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RVs are popular this year. So, how do you plan an RV trip? What’s it like to live in an RV? Where to go RV camping in the US? We asked Mark Koep, an RV expert and the owner of Campground Views to answer consumers’ top questions about RV trips.


Home remodeling: How much does it cost? How not to mess it up? Colby Hager, a real estate and remodeling expert at Capstone Homebuyers, says you should start with your vision, budget, and reading the reviews. Watch the interview to explore more tips about how to start home remodeling, what are the prices, and more.


LG Action Lawsuit brought by Berger Montague has led to $1.5 million LG Refrigerator Class Action Settlement. The owners of defective LG refrigerators can now claim cash relief of up to $6,000. In this interview, Amey Park, Berger Montague associate, tells how you can recover your money for a failed LG refrigerator.


How to refund or cancel a vacation rental? How to avoid a scam? We’ve asked Mary Branum, a vacation rental expert, and experienced homeowner, to answer top consumers questions about vacation rentals.

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Sezzle Sezzle is a Buy Now, Pay Later service that claims to "financially empower the next generation" by providing consumers an option to pay for their merchant's items via installments.
Sezzle's Instagram is loaded with fake comments praising...
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What Our Clients Are Saying?

QBE North America

Thanks so much, you’re the best.

Matthew Braswell, Compliance Officer, QBE North America

They've been very helpful and responsive. Things have been great. They've had answers to all my questions to date. I'm satisfied. Keep doing what you're doing. Thank you!

Ian Bell, Vivint
Bath Fitter

Great attitude and very helpful when questions come up. Excellent professional knowledge for resolving customer issues and customer communication. We are generally satisfied on how complaints are solved, except for the issue of anonymous complaints. We mentioned it last month, that when someone posts an anonymous review, and then they are asked to make a Pissed Consumer account, they have no incentive to do so – they’ve already vented by posting their complaint. If they believe they have submitted a new bath fitter complaint, and then we remove it later because it’s anonymous, that customer could become more angry than before. We would much prefer to ask consumers to make an account with Pissed Consumer if they attempt to post an anonymous complaint to Bath Fitter.

Christopher Fay, Bath Fitter

…We’ve been with you guys for so long. Overall, we are happy with our partnership.

Christopher Piper, Drivetime

We chose the package we have based on the priority of helping customers resolve their issues, while also identifying the challenges from an online reputation standpoint when potential customers could be researching our company on various search engines. I would say that we are satisfied with the services that we receive in our current package, and that we use most of the features available… We do like that we can add testimonials to our page, advertisements, and that our rebuttals mask the original review…

Skyler Roder, Intoxalock
Bike Bandit

We choose the free package to be able to respond to our customers’ needs. Good - easy to respond, word counter and spell check are great. We do appreciate the free account. Bad - our responses look hidden – they should be right after the post. Cannot flag posts for being false or a fraudulent.

Mike Ward, Customer Support Manager, Bike Bandit
Ace Cash Express

We have the Free subscription. We chose it because we’ve just started a Voice of the Customer program and are trying to figure out what is out there. Your site came up in Google searches on ACE Cash Review (or some derivative thereof). We’d like to be able to privately engage with the customer and see if we can solve their issue. It would be nice for our ‘canned’ response to be public but then if the customer comments again or chooses to engage via your platform instead of with us directly it would be nice for those comments to be private.

DeeAnn F, Ace Cash Express

Your customer service is extremely skillful and professional, no complaints and we appreciate the service! The Emails that we receive alerting us that we have received a complaint against our company. This allows us to stay alert and aware of what are consumers are saying and consistent updates concerning how we can give the customers more of what their expressed needs are.

Beachbody Team, Beachbody
Jodyshop Shopping

I find customer service very well informed on the subject matter

Jodyshop Team, Jodyshop Shopping
The Wig Company

I am grateful for web sites like yours. I think it’s very important for the consumer. I just want to make sure that accurate information is passed on.

Eadie Kelly, Director of Merchandising, Product Development and Strategy, The Wig Company

We are not subscribers, so my expectations for interactiion with your group were pretty low. However, the person with whom I worked blew it out of the park. Lena L. ... was quick to respond, amiable, informative and concise. I wish all customer care reps were as talented and easy to work with as Lena. You've got a great one there.

Jennifer Richman, LexisNexis

Yanina (our representative) has been very responsive to any questions that arise in our short time with you. She sent a reminder that this questionnaire went out last week. Sorry that I did not see it until she sent the reminder.

John Rye, Hibu

My name is Jane, I am a customer support manager with Nuwber, Inc. Thank you for the guidelines, they are really useful. We are serious about our reputation management and we are interested in enhancing communication with our customers using your website.

Jane Karpovich, Head of Customer Support , Nuwber
Keystone Rv

For now I believe we are all set and it is working exactly as we need it to

Alisha Howton, Customer Support Manager, Keystone Rv

We are by now happy with the current subscription we have signed up.

Travel2be Team, Travel2Be
Waste Management

Hi Darina – everything is going well! Thank you for checking in. So much easier now that we can respond as Waste Management.

Rosanne Pontes, Area Manager, Customer Experience, Waste Management
Innovel Solutions

So far we are getting a lot of use out of our free plan and helping customers out.

Jennifer Engelbrecht, Social Media Manager, Innovel Solutions
Wash Multifamily Laundry Systems

Everything is great so far. Decided to create an account for customers that use your site who leave reviews. So far so good!

Adrian Gomez, Marketing Specialist, Wash Multifamily Laundry Systems
Western Schools

I appreciate your help getting me an updated password. Today I successfully logged in and was able to respond to a comment!

Jennifer MacLean, Director of eCommerce Marketing, Western Schools

So far we haven't had a large volume of complaints, but we did get a couple and were able to reply to the consumers right away, which is something that we really care about.

Adrian Diaz Arteche, Community & Content Manager, DealDash
Micro Center

Everything is working wonderfully and with out an issues. The tools we are using fits all our needs currently.

Kelly Phaunef , Customer Relations Representative, Micro Center
Indian Gifts Portal

We're quite happy with the functionality of our current page. The current subscription is satisfactory.

Karishma Manglani -Vij, Sr. Manager ​- Social Media & Quality ​Excellence, Indian Gifts Portal
Guardian Protection Services

Things are going well with the free plan. I have been responding to reviews and facilitating resolutions.

Nathan, Marketing Reputation Specialist , Guardian Protection Services
Frontier Communications

Think we are in good shape. Thank you for the partnership!

Mark Bell, Director of Social Media Care, Frontier Communications
Grasshopper Mower

We are satisfied with our free subscription at this time, although it is good to know that we have customer support such as yourself should the need arise.

Michael Simmon, Communications Specilaist, Grasshopper Mower

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