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Bark Busters...I waited over a year to provide this feedback because our issue was not with the trainer himself, and we wanted to see if the training techniques would work for us over time. While the trainer was professional, this training system has just not worked for our dog.When we signed up and paid almost $1,000 (!!) for the lifetime support plan, I was under the impression that... Read full review

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"Dominos Pizza...Not only did we receive our food an hour late, but I cannot speak to anyone about this. No one answers the phone in your stores any longer?Our food was cold when it got here..."
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"Thousand Trails Rv...Paid them over $400. Today in veterans day i have a 72 hour notice to vacate because a my credit score. Doesnt matter that i can pay monthly rate but now they are charging me a $55 dollar a day daily rate..."
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Service Centers and Repairs Service Centers and Repairs Reviews

"American Tire Depot...He informed me that the struts I purchased in March for $170 only had the struts and wasn't a full assembly which is why my price was so low yet I'm paying $200 for entire assembly now..."
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"I purchased a brand new keystone hideout 28 foot brand new from rv show dealer said it would be perfect. After getting home noticed numerous defects. None of the doors are installed correctly and bind or won't shut. Staples coming out all over. Furnace ducts full of sawdust and the list goes on. I haven't even had it a month..."
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