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I planned to go to Italy with EF tours with my school and paid about 800+$ and then I decided it was too I cancelled and they should have sent me back 500+$ since the cancellation fee was 300$ but they ended up canceling my trip and sending me only 60$... Read full review

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Lasership - Possibly the worst company ever I was a contract driver until I had an argument with a lasership employee. We were yelling and cursing at each other and at some point I called him... Magicjack - NO service after 2 years. Paid for five years of magic jack. Several individuals would have problems calling me. After the first year the service really started going... Miniinthebox - Horriable i had orderd a mic for myself to play on my playstaion but its broken when i take it out of the box i had it on the charger for 3 hours stright and... Husqvarna - Worst consumer experience ever!!! 1.0 I bought a Husqvarna ST330T snowblower and the steering assist did not work from day one. It has been repaired three times with no success. They... Rooms To Go - The worst customer service ever Was supposed to get my furniture from 3pm to 7pm well is almost 8pm and don't have my delivery. Call customer service and they told me they still... Zoosk - Thank you All of the women I have seen with their great beautiful profiles and pictures have all been extremely beautiful. I am separated from my wife however,... Lbc Express - Undelivered package Good day! I ordered thru Shopee and according to the details I should expect the delivery last August 21 and 22. I was just at home and it says there... Mediacom is a joke Mediacom, what a joke, they can't communicate at all. First I schedule an appointment. They can't get to me for 3 weeks to install my internet. Then...

Telecommunications Telecommunications Review

"My 88 year old mother's Cox bill steadily increased over time to $205 per month...mind you for BASIC channels, nothing fancy...this is a ridiculous..."
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Cosmetics and Toiletries Cosmetics and Toiletries Review

"...The products are low-quality products sold at a high-quality price. My $10 foundation from Loreal has better coverage and sets a lot better than Younique $39 foundation..."
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Furniture and Decor Furniture and Decor Review

" Acceptance Now ...I paid close to $1100.00 already and no money has gone to the principle bal.The total amount of the furniture was $2025.00, my payment is $234.00 monthly..."
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