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Tresor Rare... I am 71 years old and alone walking down King Street in Charleston to a park and was lured in by a very pleasant young woman who complimented my boots. I avoid cosmetic departments and perfume stores... Somehow I ended up with $21,000 of product and promise of facials. This is something I never do. How did it happen?.. Read full review

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"…Went to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen in Aurora, IL yesterday and was served the absolute smallest thighs i've ever seen in all my 60 yrs.haven't heard of a nationwide chicken outbreak or supply issue…"
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"Sensodyne… Sore jaw and tingling cheeks. Then woke today with swollen upper lip and swollen glands. It has to be this toothpaste…"
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"I spent $3000 on a custom made sectional and made sure that the fabric I was covering the sofa in was animal resistant. She assured me it was. She also pushed and pushed for me to buy the care free warranty.Well, my dog's claw…Living Spaces"
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"A new GE microwave oven, model JVM3160DF4BB was installed by a Home Depot authorized company on 01/29/2018. The new microwave oven failed to operate on 02/09/2018... The owner of the microwave is a widow, 93 years old, that lives alone and does not have access to the internet, does not own a computer and does not own a camera..."
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