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I planned to go to Italy with EF tours with my school and paid about 800+$ and then I decided it was too I cancelled and they should have sent me back 500+$ since the cancellation fee was 300$ but they ended up canceling my trip and sending me only 60$... Read full review

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Snap Fitness - Worst Gym Franchise EVER!!! The SNAP in Gilbert Az has had 2/3 a/c's broken for 7 weeks. The heat in Arizona is excessive to say the least. With two a/c's down the gym stays at... Schwans - Good luck getting your order!!! 1.7 They can take your order. They can charge you for a order. BUT, good luck getting your order. I was told delivery on 8/22. But, got a email the night... Fox News - Worst reporter is Shepard Smith Shepard Smith is the worst news anchor on Fox News. It has gotten so bad it is very difficult to watch him. He isn't really a news anchor because he... Dynamex - Untruthful and never delivered 1.0 On August 18th Staples contracted them to deliver supplies. They delivered to someone named P. Pedro on Augeust 18th, 2017. Our office is closed on... Home Depot - $6k mistake 1.1 After my husband and I remodeled our house, I will not set foot on Home Depot property again. We made the horrible mistake of buying our carpet... g2a - Bad af i tried to add funds on my account and it said "transaction failed, please try another method" and at the same moment i got an email saying that the... The Usa Nursery - $170 wasted and cannot contact company 1.0 They have a phone number - it is never answered and the mailbox is always full. Over 5 months I tried over 20 times to call. I tried emailing . No... Decollageskincarecom - Decollage skin care .com scam 1.0 I ordered some day collage skin care for my wife where it says $4.95 for shipping only free cream and I ordered it off my phone well out 2 weeks...

Telecommunications Telecommunications Review

"My 88 year old mother's Cox bill steadily increased over time to $205 per month...mind you for BASIC channels, nothing fancy...this is a ridiculous..."
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Cosmetics and Toiletries Cosmetics and Toiletries Review

"...The products are low-quality products sold at a high-quality price. My $10 foundation from Loreal has better coverage and sets a lot better than Younique $39 foundation..."
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Furniture and Decor Furniture and Decor Review

" Acceptance Now ...I paid close to $1100.00 already and no money has gone to the principle bal.The total amount of the furniture was $2025.00, my payment is $234.00 monthly..."
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