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I planned to go to Italy with EF tours with my school and paid about 800+$ and then I decided it was too I cancelled and they should have sent me back 500+$ since the cancellation fee was 300$ but they ended up canceling my trip and sending me only 60$... Read full review

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Triton Boats - Unwanted step child of boats I bought a 2010 Triton Storm new. First boat. Loved it until the cracks began. Several cracks in structural areas. My certified welder says there are... Winloot - Tokens Hello, this is Kenny I have been playing winloot everyday for 2 years now. I got used to looking forward to an email from them every morning with... UPS: The Opposite of Customer Centric UPS was supposed to deliver a package by 3:00 Friday. I met the driver outside my building - live and in person. The package was not on the truck.... Title Source - More errors than you would expect I am a real estate agent and this is what happened to my client - it took Title Source about 2 weeks to record her assumption of a home mortgage with... Crepe Erase - Bad customer sevice Ordered the $39.95 sample kit, over the phone I told the person that I only wanted to pay that, I was told I would have to conceal the rest by phone.... Total Wireless - Absolutely the worst 2.6 this was the worst service from the star twallmart service stunk customer phone service you cant under stand no one speaks good English I could go on... Sick of Public Storage I have been unemployed and have had to pay my bill late but I still pay it. They add some absolutely ridiculous fees. I understand that they are in... Fitnessdealsusacom - Don't get ripped off 1.0 I made the MISTAKE of placing an order with this company ( who strung me along with LIES. BTW, they also go by...

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" Heartland Rvs...2 tires exploded causing serious damage to fenders, slides, lights and interior shower door and nearly caused a major accident on the highway. Cost $1400 to replace 4 tires.This unit is a lemon…"
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"Aspen Dental...Had to come back 3 different times for them to pull out pieces of tooth that they left behind. But here's the big kicker that run my business and my life, my bill was $7,100 being that..."
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"Zerowater...In just 3 weeks, the water taste like lemon.Dumped the whole 23-cup pitcher and refill with water again. The same thing, lemon taste still. Replaced..."
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