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Lubys Cafeteria...I called yesterday, November 15th, 2018, and today to place an order for Thanksgiving day. I have ordered from Luby's in the past and this year you are failing me. I have been on the phone for nearly 40 minutes; someone answered my call today. I was able to tell her two items from my list of items that I want to order, then she told me to hold. She then transferred my call and... Read full review

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Furniture and Decor Furniture and Decor Reviews

"…they really never honored any warranty plans. I know because I purchase a sofa and the legs were broken Living Spaces said to bad it's your problem…"
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"Megabus… A ride that was supposed to been 8 hours turned into a drastic 20 1/2 hours. I missed my job offer interview and this was a long blank trip to me and unnecessary experience. I've lost…"
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"American Leak Detection…They checked water meter, main line, toilets, faucets and irrigation system, and could not find the leak despite my water bill stating 39,000 gallons of water usage. They gained $800.00, and…"
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"The owners of DeLand Animal Hospital are suing me in an attempt to stop me from posting an account of what happened to my standard poodle... So far, I have had to pay over $10,000 for my defense; however, they have more money and have more power than me so this is a tough battle, but I will not take down what I have posted because..."
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