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Lubys Cafeteria...I called yesterday, November 15th, 2018, and today to place an order for Thanksgiving day. I have ordered from Luby's in the past and this year you are failing me. I have been on the phone for nearly 40 minutes; someone answered my call today. I was able to tell her two items from my list of items that I want to order, then she told me to hold. She then transferred my call and... Read full review

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Loans and Mortgages Loans and Mortgages Reviews

"Quicken Loans… they refused me any affordable way of paying off the debt... demanding I pay it off on their terms within 24 months causing my mortgage payment to go up $700 dollars a month and putting me in…"
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"Duke Energy… the bill skyrocketed to over 1000. We think it was a faulty meter. Once the meter was replaced, our bill went back to normal. They did not agree and made us pay…"
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Furniture and Decor Furniture and Decor Reviews

"Ordered about $20,000 worth of furniture In July most all came in damaged off the truck. They refused to take them back. Still waiting for them to be fixed… Hudsons Furniture"
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"The owners of DeLand Animal Hospital are suing me in an attempt to stop me from posting an account of what happened to my standard poodle... So far, I have had to pay over $10,000 for my defense; however, they have more money and have more power than me so this is a tough battle, but I will not take down what I have posted because..."
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