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Had a new error on my Direct TV after an hour on the line with what was suppose to be a tech, I was told that my 4k tv that had been working with DT for 6 months would not be compatible with a HDMI.The solution, a 300 $ upgrade and... Read full review

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Indiegogo - No receive perk as promise
I contribute the campaign since 2015 August for USD 249 paid by PayPal. At the beginning they still active respond for the delay of perk and update...
Dish Network - DISH Cable Will Over Charge You
I don't know what happen to them but in the last 2 months their service went straight in the toilet. Public/ local channels stop working. Then DVR...
Calatlantic Homes - Tree Fail
We closed our home purchased from Calatlantic (Ryland) in February of 2016 and have generally been happy with them. Most of the time, if we called...
Rise Credit - Loan deposited in wrong acct that I'm still being asked to repay?
April 2016, went online got approved for a 1200 loan on a Friday for deposit on Monday. Well, I got to reading my loan agreement, etc and noticed...
Calatlantic Homes - Lousy landscaping from Calatlantic!
My wife and I bought a home from Calatlantic in February of 2016 and had generally been happy with our new home - that is, except for the...
Light In The Box - All Around Bad Business Model
Don't think this company is in the US just because they promise you'll have your order in 3-4 working days. Lightinthebox is located in China and...
Bloom Broadband - Sub-par service and Overly Expensive
I live in Elkhart, IN and am forced at the complex I live to only use Bloom. I have 2 choices for TV - Bloom and its 12 channels or DISH which has...
Poshmark - The worst of bad- this could hurt or kill you
Ok, when Allure Magazine includes an article in the dangers of something, shouldn't it be a big clue.......? Allure has no vested interest in the...

Appliances and Electronics

"...Last week, the washer started to sound like a 747 landing in our laundry room.Upon contacting a Maytag service rep and having our washer checked, we found out..."
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Fast Food

"...I had ordered a BBQ burger which had a meat burger which was burn"t to death and the ribs needed a magnifying glass to be seen.Your advertising for a pleasant experience is ..."
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"We purchased our 2017 Heartland Elkridge recently and have only used it twice.Trip #1: Slides broke (hydraulic ring broken); DVD/CD/DV didn't work; outside sink..."
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