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No signs in store and no notice.Price matching was in effect last week, and is gone this week.It is time to shop elsewhere because Walmart does not have the cheapest prices on many items. I was advised by cashier and went to customer service and verified that as of Oct. 16... Read full review

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Camping World - Spammers - I was never a customer This company got my email address when USPS gave it to them without my permission. Now they won’t stop SPAMMING me, despite repeated unsubscribed. I... Very poor experience with Brave New Look...POOR QUALITY I purchased a bracelet in honor of my grandmother.When i received it,the bracelet was beautiful simple but elegant.This bracelet was to have Special... Nespresso - Not good 2.3 Purchased a new machine from "BED BATH AND BEYOND" from the rep. Rep informed someone from NESPRESSO will be calling us in the next day or two to... Michael Kors - Terrible customer service I purchased a purse and wallet less than six months ago. The purse is a cross body Michael Kors and the strap has detached from the purse making it... Do This Mean Teh Conpany I Purpose From David Miller - ORDERED NO PRODUCT order other almost 2 months ago with the product no reply and before than i ask a few question , no reply , within that month i should i seen the red... Rainbow Shops - Worsdt Experince Ever 1.0 After waiting nearly 3 weeks for my Package it never came Call RainbowShops just for them to tell methey was not able to deliver to my address,... Ll Bean - Absolutely horrid I live in central FL where, until recently, it was in the 90's every day. Had to go to northern MN in mid-Sept. for a family reunion so I ordered a... Aeverex - Customers Beware I bought this vehicle from Drive Time out of dire need. I was newly separated, my ex had taken both cars as a result of the separation and I felt...

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"Clear Choice ...I had extensive dental work 8 years ago which included a sinus reduction, 2 bone graphs and 2 implants with a top prosthodontist.Those procedures cost me around $15K for 2 teeth. On top of that, ..."
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Eye and Ear Care Eye and Ear Care Reviews

"I replaced my Eargo aids replaced at least 4 times and the charger twice.I paid approximately $2000 and now they are out of warranty.Eargo wants me to pay $1500 for a new set. I explained..."
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Beauty Centers and Spas Beauty Centers and Spas Reviews

"Hair Club They could not deliver what promised, I cancelled before I received any services, they had me sign a promissory note, and four months later they..."
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"I have been a good and loyal customer of Buddy's for more than 4 years now.I've purchased a computer, a TV and now an air conditioner.

I have two payments left on my air conditioner and we just got hit hard by Hurricane Irma. It took every spare cent to move my wife and I to a safe shelter for the storm. They called this morning and the manager of the Melbourne, Florida store (I'm 15 days late) told me he intends to take the air conditioner..."

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