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I planned to go to Italy with EF tours with my school and paid about 800+$ and then I decided it was too I cancelled and they should have sent me back 500+$ since the cancellation fee was 300$ but they ended up canceling my trip and sending me only 60$... Read full review

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Ingo Money - This is IMPOSSIBLE Is there anyone that actually works for this company? NetSpend gave me Ingos number to call for my issue, The app submitted a check numerous times... Ritzpix - Worst Experience ever 1.0 I have ordered a print of around 70 photos on Aug 12th. It was supposed to delivered to me within 5-8 business days. On checking their status on... Buy Buy Baby - My account was charged twice for one order 2.2 Buy Buy Baby debit my account for the full amount. Then debit my account for each separate shipment. The order was shipped in 3 separate shipments.... Lumiere Place - Dragon Law 2.8 Went to the casino to play free slots $50 , playing $.60 a hand then I was doing so well I started playing $1.20 . I had my winnings up to $280 and... Burberry - Unprofessional experience I was shopping at Burberry at Yorkdale and looking for clothes. An Asian Male Sales went over the line being awkward. Touching females and staring... Macys - Bait & Switch 1.0 I have tried to purchase a bed from Macy's..... turns out the $398.00 bed will cost $235.00 to deliver. AND I cannot pick it up at the store. I have... Oreilly Auto Parts - Murry air conditioning compressor so last year, i got a murry air conditioning compressor from them,. for my 76 dodge RV,. was happy to have ac, for where we went to,. well about 4... Lbc Express - Undelivered parcel for 10 days I have emailed LBC Customer Care and answered the LBC survey regarding ny August LBC EXPRESS INC. experience wherein my parcel was not deliveredi...

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" Heartland Rvs...2 tires exploded causing serious damage to fenders, slides, lights and interior shower door and nearly caused a major accident on the highway. Cost $1400 to replace 4 tires.This unit is a lemon…"
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"Aspen Dental...Had to come back 3 different times for them to pull out pieces of tooth that they left behind. But here's the big kicker that run my business and my life, my bill was $7,100 being that..."
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"Zerowater...In just 3 weeks, the water taste like lemon.Dumped the whole 23-cup pitcher and refill with water again. The same thing, lemon taste still. Replaced..."
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