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Southwest Airlines...Myself, my husband and our 4 small children ages 3months to 10 years old were flying from Tampa to Nashville. Our flight was scheduled to depart at 07:30. We only heard the final boarding call at 07:20, we get to the gate at 07:21 since we were only a gate or two away. As we approach the gate, they... Read full review

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"Turkish Airlines...when I got to the destination, all my luggages were wet and thorn apart. All my cloths were wet. It was so awefull. Also when I was coming back, one of my luggages again was thorn..."
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"...Nobody at West Elm seems concerned that around $2,100 of my money remains with West Elm even though all I received from West Elm was mangled furniture that arrived late..."
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"Splat Hair Color...after 45 min of letting it sit, i rinsed it out and just about all the color came out. After my hair was dry my final color was more of a greyish color with a small tint of blue..."
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"Executive Moving And Storage... I have had dozens of folks contact me about this company after posting my review. It shows that I am not the only person/family whose life was affected by hiring them..."
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