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Sleep Number...The service woman responded with, “you are aware that the platform is not returnable.” WHAT??!!! So I have 3 salespeople within earshot of purchasing the bed, knowing full well that we were very unsure and NO ONE chooses to let us know that $3500.00 of the bed is NOT RETURNABLE...which means that it obviously is NOT returnable at all...only exchangeable. Even when I called after... Read full review

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"I was appalled seeing the commercial where the dad is standing in the shower and the mother hands him a baby to bathe while a younger child( girl )sees the man naked...Luvs Diapers"
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"Ifit...We completed the 3+ hour assembly of the treadmill and turned on the power to try it out. To our disappointment the screen/machine interface would not accept any input..."
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"Lowes...My roof was not completed and leaking worst than before and they refuse to help. Im asking for anybody out their that has had an issue to come forward... "
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"...30th day today (22 business days), still waiting for a 426$ CAD transfer to my bank account... Asked for another transfer 5 business days ago, this time 511$CAD, same thing: no news or trace of my money in my bank account. I had a chat with an agent. He did not seem to care at all about my concerns..."
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