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Costco Travel…We booked travel on July 28, 2017.I was charged $3273.63 for the trip…Due to Hurricane Irma in the Carribbean, we were forced to cancel this travel on September 1, 2017. We were issued a refund of $2873.63.I was informed that the $400 difference between the original amount and the refund was due to a penalty assessed by Delta Air Lines .… Read full review

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The Neat Company - Nothing has changed - FAKE representation Website makes you feel that they have a "Phone support is now available to ALL Neat software subscribers! 888-898-3253" but if you call this number... Hair Everywhere - I am utterly disappointed 1.0 I ordered hair from them last week , here we are 8 days later I get an email saying it was just shipped... ok I don't need it for another week so I... Lg Electronics - Customer Service horrors 2.4 I purchased my LG refrigerator LFXS30766S in February 2015. It is only two years old. It stopped working in June 2017. I called LG and was told to... Whispering Pines Apartments - Woman Here Who Harasses The Masses 3.3 I am currently seeking justice with the Nationwide Housing Corporation, management here at Whispering Pines, and with the Caledonia Police... Hershey - Cool Blasts packaging isn't cool 2.3 Today, while working I purchased a package of cool blasts peppermint chews. I hadn't had them before and needed to get the coffee off my breath. This... Lasership - Terrible 1.0 My order was supposed to be here two days ago but it ended up in New Jersey instead of New Hampshire so I waited and it finally reached New England... Hulu - New updated software down load. I hate this new format. I have had Hulu for years, NO I DON'T WANT TO PLAY WITH MY REMOTE TO "CUSTOMIZE MY VIEWING EXPERIENCE"! I just want to be... Conns - Warranty useless 1.0 I purchased a dining room table at Conn's and the sales person advised me that the warranty covered everything no matter what happened everything is...

Loans and Mortgages Loans and Mortgages Reviews

"American Web Loan Got a 2000 loan .Terms not clearly expalined.INTEREST RATE IS 445 % Yes .!!! In a 2000.00 loan you end up paying 11000.00 I have contacted the NC Attorney General, and they..."
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Cosmetics and Toiletries Cosmetics and Toiletries Reviews

"Bella Serata...went to check my credit card, and guess what? They charged me $368 (in six different charges) since August! I called them next morning. The customer service..."
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Real Estate Real Estate Reviews

"American Homes 4 Rent...Not to mention I had to put down a $1700 deposit when I moved in but when they sent my deposit refund 30 days after I moved out it was only for $174.They charged for things they..."
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"In September 2016 I purchased a 2017 Fuzion 420 at Camping world in Council Bluffs Iowa.I had purchased parts for my Country Coach from them and didn't have issues so thought I would buy the Fuzion.

(Big Mistake) First it had blotches on the skirts, the camera monitor was missing, the latch was gone from the shower door was the visible items. I Told them and they said..."

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