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They stole my commissions after telling me they were one amount and after I produced my check was not the correct amount. They also keep $1000 on every Medicare Advantage plan you sell. You can go straight to Aetna or Anthem and cut them out. They tell you that you are 100% vested immediately, but they don't tell you that they cut your commissions the longer you stay and make it harder for you to...

Premier Senior Marketing and 1SSIP end up with all of your clients if you are not "faithful" and don't submit all your business to them. All of a sudden they started cutting my commissions for life and annuity policies. They were paying me 1/2 of the other FMO'S in the business. I decided to start submitting my Life & Annuity business to Network Insurance in FL and a representative from...
Akron, Ohio

Sam from Senior Security Partners tells everybody that you are his "partner" and many other things when he asks you to sign a contract. No meetings, LIE! No minimums, LIE! Override percentages for referring people, LIE! He also "rolled" all my clients from Anthem to his book of business when I placed my business with another broker for annuities because he was only paying 1/2 comissions of the...
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