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I have been with Tracfone for ten years and always get the 1 year with 2x and 3x minutes depending on the supported phone. It is mainly used as a backup so it gets used maybe 5-10 minutes a month. Over time I have accumulated over 5900 minutes. I am currently using an android (not BYOD) so I had 5GB of data as well. And all of a sudden my balance was zero for both. Oddly my text was untouched... Read more

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I have had a Tracfone for a bit shy of 10 years. It has been my emergency phone and travel buddy. I had no major complaints. Alas my family pushed me to up grade to my Tracfone. Now the complaints begin. I set up the new phone on Sunday, to port my current # and minutes on my old phone to the new one. I was advised by it would take up to 24 hours to do this. 24 hours later my old phone ceased to... Read more

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I have been told 3 different things and promised help but now I'm still without a phone and told I either keep my number and only have 4 service days or switch the sim and have a different number. I work from home and need the same number! The first sim was deactivated (when I was out of state and needed my phone more) and they sent me a new one but didn't tell me my minutes were attached to the... Read more

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I tried to add a year's service time to the phone. TracFone sent the wrong codes which destroyed the sim card. After spending over 2 hours on the phone with them, they refused to refund the money I spent on the year of service & insisted I pay for a new sim card. I am disputing the charge with the credit card company. Part of the problem is that no one in customer service speaks much English.... Read more

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On 12 November I called TracFone and added minutes using a credit card. I have had continuous service for over a year. It took the rep a LONG time to add the minutes. There was also a language barrier issue (rep is not a native English speaker). He did finally add the minutes. I now have over 1,400 minutes and 155 days showing now, but when I try to call out it says "Your phone has been... Read more

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Resolved 100% FULL

tried to add more minutes to my phone, phone would not reactivate, called technician and after technician tried to apply minutes to phone was told I needed a new sim card, this took 45 minutes and technician barely spoke English. Received new sim card, called tracfone to activate phone, was told first technician entered wrong serial number, and they would need to send out a new sim card, this was... Read more

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Well I went to the local Walmart at 1:45 PM and lost my phone. before I made it home to call tracfone about the phone. They said it was taken over by the person who found it. When I called to deactivate my phone I had 400 minutes on. The person had switched the phone number switched the account information (somehow this is allowed by the company). They also in addition to my phone got all my 400... Read more

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I live in New York City, and I was able to obtain a SafeLink phone quite easily. Due to a job layoff, I was forced to apply for emergency financial assistance from the city. Basically, this consisted of one month of food stamps from the HRA (Human Resources Administration), the city's welfare department. I found that workers for SafeLink were standing outside both the HRA and food stamp offices,... Read more

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I travel often and like to use my phone when I do so. The tracfone coverage map shows green for my area yet has ZERO SERVICE. I am told by tracfone that I must purchase a different phone. Also, I get billed multiple times for texts which I have already received. It can be pretty annoying watching your available balance go down while not using the phone. It should be illegal for this to... Read more

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My phone is only 9 months old and the battery dies in 3-4 hrs. This is unacceptable. I called LG because the phone is still under warranty. They said the battery is covered; however, LG makes this phone specifically for ST and that ST services the warranty. LG said I had to call ST to get a new battery. I called ST and was told that they'd send me a new phone -- not just a battery. The... Read more

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