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You wait while they slowly process orders ahead of you in line and now it's 5:01. SORRY the specials ended at 5. You can shove your Taco Bell store into your fat burrito !!! I will never go back. I have had poor service many times but this will be the last time I visit your store. Too many other fast food places in that area with much better customer service.You would think if they know you... Read more

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This is the message I sent on a Customer Feedback Form for Taco Bell (due to a 1000 character limit, it is shorter than I wanted.) I usually purchase a meal from Taco Bell (at least once a week). The majority of the time my meal is not correct. As a vegetarian, I request to have any beef replaced with black beans. Most of the time I am charged 30 cents extra because of this. I don't understand... Read more

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Taco bell has struck again every store in Waco has horrible customer service and the food is awful. You spend your money on small portions of food and you get home without your food you ordered this has happened to me several times I would recommend no one to eat there and I want go back again to eat there ever there is a place called taco casa and there food is great and excellent customer... Read more

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