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Much like many of the other reviews here, don't waste your time playing ANY games because you WILL NOT WIN, i cant say for sure if the 10,000 a week for life is a scam though, so in my personal opinion i would probably continue to enter into that sweepstake at least(and ONLY that one....) but i'm now only playing the games to pass the time since they are fun at least (i seriously believe that the... Read more

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I have been filling out, reading and sending back everything I get from PCH, that promise that I am there next big winner. I am so sick of getting my Hopes and dreams up, just to have them crushed by the winning date coming and going and never getting a call or a visit from PCH. I am going to Talk with a Attorney and see if I have a case for loss of Time,Dreams,False Promises that I am the... Read more

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I bought a set of bowls and got another set free but they added on $14.95 S&H for the extra set. They were advertised as microwavable, but the first time I put one in the microwave it cracked open, only cheap chinese glass. Not microwaxable. PCH advertises anything from anyone and the Chinese are notorious for telling lies to scam you out of money. I learned a lesson by giving them my hard... Read more

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