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Whirlpool Duet WFW94HEXW1 Washing Machine, three years old, purchased at Sears Appliance Center, has stopped working: Error codes E01, F06, no detail in the service booklet hidden inside top cover of machine. Cycle will not start. Water does not fill the tub. Placed a call to the Whirlpool Customer Service who told me the service codes are secret info for their techs only. Google it:... Read more

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I purchase a LG Silver washer (model# WT5101H) and dryer set in Feb. 2012 from Brandsmart financed through RAC Acceptance. However, 3 weeks ago, my washer started shaking excessively. 3 error codes appeared UL, UE and Ue. I called RAC they told me to call the manufacturer (LG). If LG could not fix it, LG will need to send Brandsmart a recall certificate or a report showing they came to my... Read more

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I've rented a refrigerator from aarons from beginning of november. the refrigerator started to thaw all my frozen items and the door was giving me an error code in early december. i called aarons and they told me that they will place a work order. two weeks later never got a call from the repair service. so i went to aarons and requested to speak to a manager. of course the manage would not... Read more

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So LG calls me up and says they have an upgrade on a part and a software update for my model LFX31925ST Refrigerator and they would like to come install it free of charge. Problem is the next morning, after LG Service replaced the part and put in a new motherboard, I'm getting an error code which leaves the water & ice dispenser unusable. I call LG Repair and they say sorry your refrigerator is... Read more

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I discovered this site from a special I saw from The deal was spend $20 to get $40 worth of items. From the start, I had already began seeing problems with the website. When I went to purchase my items (1 item worth $20 so I bought 2 since I had the voucher), I could not use my Gift Certificate. An error code stating "no such code exists" popped up. I decided to test their... Read more

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Called GE to schedule a technician to fix my double wall oven. On the phone I provided the make, model, error code and part. I specifically asked if the technician would have the part needed on their truck and was told yes. The technician shows up does not have the part and on top of it cannot order the part due to the age of the appliance. I had to pay $90+ for a service call that should... Read more

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ERROR CODE N8102-151-15002 NO STREAMING! Problem persisted 10 times. I'm PISSED! Is this a usual problem, or can I assume it will actually be fixed? I don't have 100 words to say except you advertise this ability and so for no satisfaction. DAMMIT! 100 words is more than I have to say! I want satisfaction or I'm thinking of trying another service. AND QUIT INSISTING ON 100... Read more

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We purchased the whole home DVR and have had nothing but problems with it. Cox is one of the only cable/Internet providers in my are which sucks. On 6 different occasions now when we try to rent an On Demand movie and it gives us an error code. Call them and they have to reset our entire cable box which takes time. This is extremely frustrating on a Saturday night movie night. This evening I have... Read more

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Took my Honda Jet Ski into Berts for an error code that kept poping up on the PWC's display. The service department put the ski into their test tank to get the error code to reproduce, and the employee who conducted the test did not warm up the PWC first. He ended up cold seizing the engine. I ended up having to pay nearly $5,000 to get the engine rebuilt for a PWC that was only worth about... Read more

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We bought a top of the line Trane AC from these shysters 3 yrs ago and have error code after error code, usually after the yearly "check up" to the system. They have a bunch of uneducated (or flim-flam men who know exactly what they're breaking) technicians that come out and mess up a system that is working fine, then, charge us two days later to have another so-called technician come out to... Read more

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