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New York City, New York

Instantly charged for product that was out-of-stock. No update was sent to me and I was only informed of the delay after I made an inquiry. I instantly cancelled the order, but the company now...
Berkeley, California

I have been an effortlessE customer for several years on an automatic payment plan. On Christmas Eve 2013 - the single most important retail sales day of the year - their system went down. They did...

I have had to call this company now four times since signing up with them. At first it appeared they resolved my problems, and then my system began slowing down. Start up time with their corrections...
Sharonville, Ohio

First, bought my son an Asus ther about 2 years ago. Purchased the extended warranty so he had 2 years of protection. 18 months in the hard drive atopped working. Called MicroCenter to advise of...
Greenwood, Indiana

The numerous technical issues I'm having with my laptop are simply unacceptable. THINKPADS had a reputation for being tanks that endured for years. Now I wish I had spent more time on these forums...
Salt Lake City, Utah

WebWatcher worked great until web browsers updated and Awareness Technology couldn't keep up. Their only solution was to delete advanced versions of the browsers and revert to older versions. But...
Andover, New York

they advertise everywhere get internet for 19.99 a month but, don't bother to tell you that you only get that deal if you have phone service with then to get internet only they charge you 39.99 a...
Chicago, Illinois

RAC came and took my merchandise from me while I was sleeping, my husband did open the door and give it to them but they didn't allow us time to delete the files off the computer. I have now been...
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

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They contradict each other and jumped into that weird conclusion without even telling me. They didn't contact me nor called me, I had to contact them because I wasn't hearing from them. I'm not a new...
From mobile #483701
Ordered a color and a black cartridge 2/23/14 the black had leaked out into bag. Asked for a refund 2/28/14 and returned it. 4/21/14 I still haven't received a refund.
Long Beach, California

4/18 I had purchased my router from Walmart for 40 bucks which was the N300. When I got to my apartment I opened it up and set it up, and it did not work. I contacted customer support and was...
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