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The health and mental heath care is bad in Rutherford County,North Carolina. The local hospital seem to be for the welfare of the people here. They are not. Most people go out of this county for the simple thins. They do not give hope or try try to improve. That goes for the whole county. This will not be told to you if you are moving here. That includes the Lake with the over price... Read more

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These people are grossly overpriced and definitely under deliver in all their claims. Buyer beware and get me away from these people immediately. Do not trust liars! Add comment


I recently attended our first year's pageant with my daughter and husband the age category was 7-9. First, I would have to say this company is about recruiting girls of all ages and getting money from their parents. Next,with the income NAM makes the hotel's where they have the pageants are very cheap and somewhat outdated. During this whole process only certain girls have a chance at winning... Read more

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Prices NEVER stop going up.....OVERLY PRICED CABLE Add comment


I got my teeth done by Megawhite at the ideal home show. The most important part of the treatment was signing the disclaimer!!! The girl sat me down at a machine, gave me a gumshield to put in my mouth then put a lamp in front of my mouth. Now I think about it, they never cleaned it between people. They looked whiter at first but they were back to normal the next day. I got a deal at £39 but it... Read more

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I have had bad teeth all of my adult life, so when I saw the ads for Clear Choice, I felt there was hope for me, that I , too could have the pearly white teeth we all admire on our favorite stars. My story: I went to the Clear Choice office for a consultation, and after an hour or so of sales pitch, I left, feeling dejected, due to the cost, which would have been nearly 50,000 dollars. On my way... Read more

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My Lexus did not have heat coming out of the vents. I explained that the A/C was working fine and that there were no leaks. After an hour of checking it out the technician asks how new was the water pump and also checked the coolant. Suddenly the diagnosis is that it was it the heater core. I suggested it could be the servo motor/blend doors. He says no it is the heater core and the price would... Read more

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Needed to get a new key reprogrammed and a front alignment done. Had some coupons and use Kia dealership for work on our Sportage. Never thought I'd have a problem with using Beans Nissan for our sons Maxima. Boy was I wrong! Got a call later in the day that the car was finished but there was a problem. Apparently the check engine light came on when they were working on it and the car needed... Read more

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Went to Glamour shots because they were having a promotional shoot. The ad says $250 for the one shot on a canvas, after telling the supervisor what i did for a living she had me filling out a credit form and i had no idea that she would run my credit. The photographer was okay, but the makeup skills was garbage, i walked out owing $1500 for 3 sheets of pics, after seeing the final results i... Read more

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