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They ran 3 credit checks on me within 30 minutes and yet again.. Error and a new number for a loop around... Sick! DISH it is Add comment

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  • Jul 25
  • by anonymous
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Went in for a simple 300$ paint job . After all was said and done 1500$ later my car looked like a child had painted it with watercolors. Anyone who lets them paint there car is a bigger *** than they are. Add comment


It is obvious that Disneyland does not care about its customers. Everything is over price and the staff is unprofessional and rude. I called Disney land because our tickets we had purchase online had expired the day before. I called to beg for extension or for an upgrade. While any other park will have try to work something out with me Disneyland staff said too bad. All you could do is pay... Read more

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The health and mental heath care is bad in Rutherford County,North Carolina. The local hospital seem to be for the welfare of the people here. They are not. Most people go out of this county for the simple thins. They do not give hope or try try to improve. That goes for the whole county. This will not be told to you if you are moving here. That includes the Lake with the over price... Read more

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These people are grossly overpriced and definitely under deliver in all their claims. Buyer beware and get me away from these people immediately. Do not trust liars! Add comment


I recently attended our first year's pageant with my daughter and husband the age category was 7-9. First, I would have to say this company is about recruiting girls of all ages and getting money from their parents. Next,with the income NAM makes the hotel's where they have the pageants are very cheap and somewhat outdated. During this whole process only certain girls have a chance at winning... Read more

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  • Jun 12
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Prices NEVER stop going up.....OVERLY PRICED CABLE Add comment


I got my teeth done by Megawhite at the ideal home show. The most important part of the treatment was signing the disclaimer!!! The girl sat me down at a machine, gave me a gumshield to put in my mouth then put a lamp in front of my mouth. Now I think about it, they never cleaned it between people. They looked whiter at first but they were back to normal the next day. I got a deal at £39 but it... Read more

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