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I filed a pissed report last week because of the flippant attitude and the fact I could never get in touch with the company to cancel even after talking to a customer service rep last September and they would not hear of stopping the product (OMEGA XL) and they kept on avoiding my phone calls. Well I have an up-date to this problem. Today (July 31, 2015 ) I received a call from GREAT HEALTH... Read more

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Oh my! It appears that my previous review has been deleted. I'll try to make a long, grueling story short. I tried to cancel my subscription to the Omega XL beginning in February, 2015 via their website. NO RESPONSE. I began calling the customer service number and held on for 30 minutes each time, only to be disconnected after that. I had to get my credit card company involved because they... Read more

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I have turned Great Health works in with a complaint to my bank as a fraud. I am extremely dissatisfied with this company. My bank has blocked Great health works from doing business with my account ever again and they are being investigated. It would have been alright if they had have been honest but they choose to be flippant with their customers which proves they could give a hang less so I... Read more

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They do not show anywhere online and do not tell you unless you ask. You have to take 4 pills per day. That means you, after tax and shipping and handling are paying over $4 per day. In addition, one full bottle will last only 15 days. When I called to ask this question, they kept trying to avoid it. They demanded my credit card, name, how I heard about them, etc. They already have my phone... Read more

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