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Hello! Good Morning! I was laying in bed when the infamous commercial or shall I say people of God endorsing junk. If anyone has paid any attention to the fact that all but one person is sitting and really not doing much moving in those seats. But again they had dancers in the back ground that really had nothing to do with the omega xl, but we we're suppose to believe that it really works. I a... Read more

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I ordered Omega XL for my wife, she tried for 90 days as per their recommendation, I tried to cancel the automatic drafts, when I finally was able to get thru to the company they deferred me ( did not send any ) for 3 months and then started it back up again and it took 6 months of me calling to get them to finally stop sending this stuff that they will not take back, they suggested that I donate... Read more

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To whom it may concern Dear Sir/Madam May i humbly register my displeasure at your customer relationship I placed order for three omega xl for buy I one get one free from New York since 16-5-14 to be delivered on my hotel up till this moment I have receive it Am been scammed or defrauded I need explanation within 24hrs or else I will be constrained to seek legal action with he ombudsman... Add comment

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Why are yall lieing to people about this product, are you getting kickbacks... I think yall are, because if you're not you would take it off the market... You could kill someone!!!!! ###### Add comment


Been taking omega XL for a week. I can't believe how great I feel. I can go up stairs & no pain in my knees or shoulder. I read the complaints but some people will complain about anything. Im glad I found this its amazing because I have tried everything before I tried omega XL Been taking omega XL for a week. I can't believe how great I feel. I can go up stairs & no pain in my knees or... Read more

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I cancelled my membership by fax on 12-23-13 and on 12-31-13 they sent out another order. I called and waited on hold for 50 minutes before I got a live operator. I was able to cancel my membership by telephone but they refused to refund my shipping. I am waiting for a supervisor to call me back. Since this is their mistake, I feel they owe me the refund of the shipping also. Their response... Read more

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I bought the omegaxl promotion containing 2 bottles to try because of back & neck pain. After I received the product, I realized the monthly refills costing $66+ were unaffordable. I called the company well in advance of the next shipment to cancel. The woman whose name was Cecilia refused to listen to any thing I said. She just kept talking over me, insisting that I should stay with the... Read more

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I ordered the Omega XL. Everything arrived just as promised. I called to cancel and got the runaround. They want to suspend my next month's order so I can get the full benefit of this order. They'll reduce the payments. Blah, blah, blah. The next thing I know I start getting auto dialed from 954-905-2272 telling me to watch the dvd supplied with the first order so I will know how to get the best... Read more

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Great HealthWorks charge our account $175.00 for ONE bottle of Omega XL. Since we are having financial difficulties and did not want the chgarege, we called to cancel. They said we could NOT cancel and the BOTTLE would ship in 2 days. They would issue a partial credit if we sent the bottle back. The representative was Forrest Dupres who sounded like he faces this many times a day. He was too glib... Read more

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We cancelled in February after 2 years of use due to financial reasons. They still took out payments 8 weeks later, (after cancelling formally), without permission. When we phoned they didn't seem concerned that they had done this. They said to return the item immediately for a full refund. We cancelled again a second time in May and returned another shipment as per the Visa Corporations... Read more

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