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I have tried to contact you for the last 8 weeks Who can hold for a representative for 18 min and 15 sec.? I love your product but I am now having 2 to 3 a day. Please extend the amount of time between shipments. Now you want me to write at least 100 words ! This is insane, Why are you not as excellent as your product? You need to revise your procedures. I don't like your customer service. ... Read more

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I am a severely disgruntled consumer as I have attempted to contact customer service to discontinue the auto shipments of Omega XL with no success. This has lead me to close my credit card account to prevent further monetary deductions for a product I found no beneficits from. Read more

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This company is a pack of liars and *** artists... That *** is made in china and its regular fish oil... Just buy omega red its cheaper and way better!!! Add comment

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I ordered the Omega XL at 1:00am. I changed my mind in the morning after reading a bunch of bad complaints about the product not working. I called customer service at 9 o'clock in the morning when it opened. Not only was I put on hold for 18 minutes... I was told that I will have to receive the product in 3 to 5 days in order to send it back for a refund as it is too late that the orders ship out... Read more

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I tried this product for 3 months. They kept pushing me to try for an extended period of time and promising they would reimburse me if it didn't help me. The sales people are extremely pushy. Because they told me to keep trying and that they would fully credit my account if it did not work after 3 months I continued taking the pills. I was on the pills for a tendon condition in my right thumb.... Read more

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Hello! Good Morning! I was laying in bed when the infamous commercial or shall I say people of God endorsing junk. If anyone has paid any attention to the fact that all but one person is sitting and really not doing much moving in those seats. But again they had dancers in the back ground that really had nothing to do with the omega xl, but we we're suppose to believe that it really works. I a... Read more

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I ordered Omega XL for my wife, she tried for 90 days as per their recommendation, I tried to cancel the automatic drafts, when I finally was able to get thru to the company they deferred me ( did not send any ) for 3 months and then started it back up again and it took 6 months of me calling to get them to finally stop sending this stuff that they will not take back, they suggested that I donate... Read more

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To whom it may concern Dear Sir/Madam May i humbly register my displeasure at your customer relationship I placed order for three omega xl for buy I one get one free from New York since 16-5-14 to be delivered on my hotel up till this moment I have receive it Am been scammed or defrauded I need explanation within 24hrs or else I will be constrained to seek legal action with he ombudsman... Add comment

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