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Paid the $179 for the service, they tied up my computer 3 times in 10 days and could never resolve the issue. I requested a refund on the service since it was sold under false pretenses. They refused. They never diagnosed a problem. They just ran a battery of clean up utilities (and uninstalled some of the apps that I need for work) but never fixed the problem. Refunds on the software are still... Read more

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I left office and next morning the computer was still restarting itsefl nonstop. Got message 0xc000021a. Finaly they said that I have to take my computer to get it fixes so I asked for refound of those money as they broke my computer not fixed it, they said no refound as they don't guarantee the service. Now I have to pay $249.99 for someone to look at it.Stay away from those people they dont... Read more

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I regret ever signing up for the Avast free 60-day trial. When I started it, my computer became so slow that it was basically unusable. Thinking that there was really a problem with my computer, such as a virus, I called to complain and asked what I should do. They said to call Avast Total Support at 877-204-9327. I called on 6-24-15 and spoke with Alexander. He talked me into buying a year of... Read more

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First rep. was disconnected after a three hour wait I called to see if i could use computer! Then Tiffany took ownership using same site. Issue not resolved and company refuses to issue refund!!! They want me to speak to senior technician and if he still can not resolve NO REFUND! WORSE COMPANY EVER! And they use Bleepingcomputer.com for their fixing it all stuff you can do for free. Needless to... Read more

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Next day I call the Eng. Team and get a rep within 5 minutes. He is unable to download the software. Says he will get someone else to look into the problem. He takes my phone number in case we get disconnected. We do get disconnected and no one ever calls. I called Customer Service for a refund and I am told they can not do refunds until the next day--Monday. I call on Monday and I am told they... Read more

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They convinced me to buy $119 PC expert help. They didn't help, they messed around for 2 hours with Avast and my Outlook emails.First tech told me restore was not a possibility, he was wrong. When I called for a refund, they said no, we worked on your computer, even though we did not fix it, you cannot have a refund Read more

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It did not work at all after they completed the work. I had no network connectivity and other problems as well. I had to do a COMPLETE system restore in order to get my computer working again. Now I paid $119.95 for this DISASTROUS service AND I REQUESTED A TOTAL REFUND. I used my Discover card and filed a dispute with Discover disputing this charge. After numerous call attempts, Avast refused... Read more

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Three hours and $109 later, my computer was supposedly fixed. Next day I checked my Visa bill and found that they had double-billed me. When I called their 866-951-7679 line and selected Option 2 for Billing, I got a recording saying that billing issues are handled only online and then it hung up on me. Next I called their support line again and selected "technical help". That guy said that he... Read more

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I only purchased this because I had surgery and was unable to drive to get to a real face to face service person. Do not be tricked like they did me. over 10 hours of destroying my laptop only to find out it wasn't anything they could fix in the first place.They are rude, inconsiderate and some don't even speak clear ENGLISH! Read more

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