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My laptop crashed with an Avast update. Called support and after an hour was told that I had malware (isn't the Avast program supposed to prevent that?). Three hours and $109 later, my computer was supposedly fixed. Next day I checked my Visa bill and found that they had double-billed me. When I called their 866-951-7679 line and selected Option 2 for Billing, I got a recording saying that... Read more

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After being promised for over a month a refund of $169, they drug their feet, never connected me with the right people and stalled while leaving me on hold for 30 minutes or more. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT!! I only purchased this because I had surgery and was unable to drive to get to a real face to face service person. Do not be tricked like they did me. over 10 hours of destroying my laptop... Read more

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