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We paid $468 a month for 8 months. We called them to get a payoff and we still owed $4800. The interest rate on this loan was 119%. If loan went to term we would payback $41,000 on $5000. This is predatory lending practices and they need to be shut down!!When we stopped paying on the loan because it was a hopeless situation they sent us paperwork stating our current interest rate was 18%...These... Read more

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this is not right or fair to prey on someone when they really need the assistance. Plus to the rates are overly inflated so I decided to go to my local PLS store and take out a loan with much reasonable rates. Never agian will I use an online financial institute for things that need to be done in person.I learned the hard way but at least I learned my lesson. Read more

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I was called daily, sometimes several times a day, and pressured into taking this loan. I stood my ground and refused. After several weeks of daily harassment, they sent me a letter stating my loan application was denied and they would report it to the credit bureau. They are a sleazy, predatory company and if you don't cave in to their scam loan they intentionally decline the same loan they... Read more

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