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We took out a loan with western sky a few years ago for $2500 and paid it off in a few months. A year later we called for another loan and they automatically upped the amount to $5000. We paid $468 a month for 8 months. We called them to get a payoff and we still owed $4800. The interest rate on this loan was 119%. If loan went to term we would payback $41,000 on $5000. This is predatory... Read more

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I applied for a loan package and after careful review of the terms changed my mind. After approving me over the phone mailed me a denial letter that will be sent to the credit bureau. this is not right or fair to prey on someone when they really need the assistance. Plus to the rates are overly inflated so I decided to go to my local PLS store and take out a loan with much reasonable rates. ... Read more

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I applied for a loan without knowing all of the details as I was in a bad situation and needed the money (for expensive car repairs). I was approved but once I found out the repayment terms, $500 a month payment for 84 months on a 5K loan, I said forget it. I was called daily, sometimes several times a day, and pressured into taking this loan. I stood my ground and refused. After several weeks... Read more

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