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Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Some companies will never change, cut them down in one way and they will simply re-emerge in other. It's hard to keep customers away from such companies because they will simply keep changing form as they push ahead with their goal to deceive customers. Yet individuals do deserve to be warned about the intentions of a deceptive company beforehand. They deserve to know which company is on its...
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Most companies are out to make profits and that is perfectly alright.Profits are absolutely essential to their sustenance and it is through customers that they make profits. But this does not in any way mean that customers should be exploited in order for a business to make profits. Yet there are a number of fraud businesses out there that would take the shortcut to financial gains at the cost of...
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Individuals are blind to the true intentions of a particular business probably because they put on such a good mask of deception. By nature individuals are unsuspecting and they tend to take a business at its face value. One would have to be absolutely paranoid to do a background check on each and every business that approaches them. And this unsuspecting nature has cost them dearly. There are a...
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Often during your office hours, you start receiving calls that not only get on your nerves it made you feel like throw your phones along. Some just call to offer you with services that are utterly useless. You may be wondering that in spite of TPS registration how you are getting so many marketing calls. Well, the answer may be given by lead generation business- where a company sells a list of...
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Just think how agents from unknown numbers dial up suddenly and starts offering you with services that you do not need. The calls are just out of the blue and it do make people keep wondering as to how this agents are getting hold of their numbers. Don't you think so? No doubt, what this article will tell you will make your jaw drop as this is simply breaching of your trust and that too playing...
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

"˜Consumer rights' quite a frequently used term and wherever you will look you will often find people talking about them. People are constantly deceived by businesses now days, whether it is a lead generation company or a consumer goods company, the business owner often takes help of immoral practices to get more revenue. Now if you take a close look at the lead generation firms that opt for...
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

As competition is increasing in the market many business these days are indulging into a number of immoral practices just to retain their position in the market. Irrespective of business size, all are being indulged into number of malpractices. Lead generation companies are also member of this unethical game. They too are trying to break the trust of their customer. Such a company that can be...
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Are you getting unnecessary calls on your phone? Registered your number to TPS, and still getting harassed by those calls, then be sure that your number got leaked due to unethical practice called "˜sugging'. No need to fear with a single complaint you too can put a ban on this illegal practice. Now it is obvious that you get irritated getting marketing calls middle of your busy schedule and...
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Sharing information without making people aware that they are going to get marketing calls which they do not desire, is an illegal step. Collecting information about a particular individual in the form of a survey call and then selling out that information to product selling companies is popularly known as "˜sugging'. Members of DMC who accounts of this allegation can be suspended or their...
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

With the competition on the rise, unethical business practices have also increased across different domains. Every now and then we come across news of some companies caught in fraudulent or unethical act. Even the companies who consider themselves as industry leaders are not far behind. They too are part of such heinous acts. For example – Phruit Limited, a well known name in lead generation...
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