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Cellular Phone Complaints and reviews

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Cellular telephone (also called mobile telephone) has become irreplaceable in everyday life of any civilized modern person. Its concept was created by AT&T after the Second World War, but at that moment no technologies for its creation were available. The first cellular telephone for widespread use was presented by Motorola in 1983 and it worked by means of short-wave analog or digital ... Show more
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Tucker, Georgia

Bought a new tracfone over a month ago. It did not work properly so I returned it and eventually they sent me another one. This one also didn't work properly. I have spent hours on the phone with reps in the Phillipines who are very difficult to understand. I asked to return this phone with the money back guarantee they offer if returned within 3o days. I was told there was no money back on...
Leeds, Alabama

I bought the lg showtime phone when it first came out..paid over $300 for it about 3 months after using it the phone would ring an the screen would be blank I couldn't answer it.. I called straight talk, they sent me another phone,,, 2 weeks after I received the phone, the same thing happened, I got a call and the phone was blank black screen and I couldn't answer...the company no longer sells...
Monroe, Michigan

Bought a $45 service card for my Straight Talk phone at Wal-Mart. Went to scratch off my PIN on the back of the card and the numbers blurred and rubbed out, making about 1/3 of the PIN illegible. To get this fixed, they want me to fax them info on my phone, the receipt of purchase, and a picture of the card to them, and wait 72 hours, thus shutting off my phone in the meantime. This effectively...
Portchester, England

A few Fridays back, thought that I'd "bricked" my HTC smartphone (messing about with Custom ROMs and things I didn't understand". Looked online and found Elite. Sent an email and they were in touch within a couple of hours. So far so good. They explained that there was a £17.50 diagnosis fee payable up front, which would then be deducted from the final bill. This seemed reasonable, so I paid...

For the error, every month I have these problems with my business phone now they are saying that they over credit me for a phone and wants me to pay. It's was explained to me they if was an error and they we're going to take it off but every month its the same old thing now they are trying to make me pay for something that supposed to clear up in the beginning. I have a business I am tired every...

I have been with Sprint 20 years, paying over $200 a month for service. We carry "insurance" on the phones. I use my phones until they make me upgrade, as they are business instruments. Twice now I have taken in my EVO, with the first time resulting in a used replacement EVO, because my first one has "moisture" (we live in humid Oklahoma). Now I have an issue and they are giving me the same...
Martinsville, Virginia

I had been a post pay customer for 2 years. I decided to go prepay and save myself 50 bucks a month. I had already received my bill prior to the switch. The bill was for March 22-April 15. I switched on March 29. I should have been billed for one week in march. As soon as I switched my plan...i lost access to my "My Account" online. Come April 15 I get an email saying they had deducted a full...
Henderson, West Virginia

Just switched from Ntelos to AT&T due to the better coverage and price. Attempted to switch two of my devices to the new carrier only to discover that they are locked to Ntelos. I was informed by Ntelos that they will not unlock phones, it doesn't matter if they are under contract or not. I'm furious. I purchased two Iphone 5s units in December of 2013, and now they are paper weights. I'm...

Tony was good at selling me on the more expensive unit after the first one didn’t work. What a load of bull. After I tried to install everything once again and it didn’t work I got fed up with everything and requested an RMA. I requested the RMA 10 days prior to the 30 days and got no response. I then sent an email every day until I finally got a response. There response ironically was 11 days...
Wichita, Kansas

On march 5th I requested to cancel my contract on 3 phones only 9 days out of sprints 14 day cancelation period..they refused and said they will not cancel phones until March 27th.. So I figured the amount I would owe...1,300$ and paid it on the 5th anyways... Then I got to thinking 9 days out of the 14day grace period??? I called sprint to ask for a break on the fees..I got the run around!!...
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