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Cellular Phone Complaints and reviews

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Cellular telephone (also called mobile telephone) has become irreplaceable in everyday life of any civilized modern person. Its concept was created by AT&T after the Second World War, but at that moment no technologies for its creation were available. The first cellular telephone for widespread use was presented by Motorola in 1983 and it worked by means of short-wave analog or digital ... Show more
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Purchased Motorola phone on Amazon.com from secondary seller called Extra Virgin Tech. I received the phone promptly but the phone was defective and now I cannot get in touch with Extra Virgin Tech to get the phone replaced or a full refund. This company does not have a phone number so everything had to be done through emails via Amazon.com to the company. I sent many emails to Extra Virgin...
Sydney, Nova Scotia

I filed bankruptcy in 2011, it is now 2014 and they are still trying to get money out of me!!!! This was written off in bankruptcy, they proceeded to tell me today that the cancellation fee is not included in the bankruptcy and that I used the phone for months afterward!!! NOT! CROOKS! I will be getting my own lawyer because I now have the means to do so because apparently they are doing this to...

I had an ordeal with Virgin Mobile where I asked them to port a cell phone number that I have with Fido. It took a month and they still cannot port the number over. Everytime I called the front line staff always told me that the porting was completed, (But My phone did not work that's why I called)...but once they dig a little deeper their technical department told me "somehow the porting is...

On my January VZW bill, I was charged a fee that did not make sense to me. I contacted VZW and was on hold for a long time, in which I went online and did a "Live Chat" session with a representative, Wanda. Wanda check my account and told me that I was entitled to an $84.79 credit. She told me it would take 2 billing cycles before I received the credit. I was agreeable with that solution....
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Horrible customer service. I recently purchased the Moto G and the digital touch screen suddenly went out and stopped working. The back-light on the phone works but the screen shows nothing but black when turned on. Anyhow, I've chatted with customer support online, submitted information to be contacted about the warranty on the device, and even called the customer support number but have had...
Fort Worth, Texas

Samsung Factory Outlet sold me a fraudulent cell phone claiming it was a real Samsung product. I have a letter from Samsung claiming the product was a fraud. I returned the product at my expense, UPS over night, and followed their Cell Phone Return Policy to the letter perfectly with photos and legal documentation. Yet they held back $40% of the price i paid for what they claim is a restocking...
From mobile #483680
Net10 Wireless
Male person explaine once. I ask explaine again cause he was talking fast. He said no and hang up. VERY RUDE . still going to keep my plan . but they are Rude .
Utica, Kentucky

About 3 months ago I contacted AT&T about a question about my bill. I have been an AT&T customer for 50 years. The Customer Service Rep told me he could cut my bill by one third- no strings- no problems- and my service would be enhanced. Trusting AT&T, I relied on his word. Big mistake on my part; For 2 months now I have gone through about 10 customer service folks; my bill has...
Chicago, Illinois

I was quoted verbally total cost of monthly payments. T-Mobile rep. did not explain that she is not quoting me the cost of new phones at this time. Two months later I received a bill with the quoted monthly payment + the cost of phones 30% difference ($1,344.00 per year difference). T-Mobile supervisor explained that company policy is to quote the price for service (verbally) then add the phone...
Ojai, California

Since signing up with Net10's "Unlimited talk/text/data for $75" plan I have had none of the above! I cant send or receive pictures or large messages and I can not use the internet or any app that requires internet usage. I have gone through and completed the required reset, download and repeat that they keep having me do every time I call. What is the definition of insanity?! Doing the same...
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