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Weight Loss Programs Complaints and reviews

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Being in good shape is a great thing. You look perfect, you feel perfect. Some people have natural slim shape, some – need to make efforts for that. But to achieve such results person has to pass through the complex of procedures. Weight loss programs include dieting (or ingesting of food in a regulated form to achieve or maintain a controlled weight), physical activities, regimes, etc. Weight ... Show more
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Probio Slim at www.probioslim.com have an outrageous scam going on. Basically they get you on a trial basis where you pay around 2 bucks for a 14 day sample. In the very fine print they proceed with charging you for months of supply if you do not cancel within 18 days. I have suddenly been charged 74 dollars for something I do not want…nor order. I rang them to cancel it…and they say the...
Denver, Colorado

I placed my original order with Zumba on a Sunday through their automated line - on my cellphone. After giving them my credit card number to pay for the order, I was subjected to a series of "offers" after about the 7th "offer" the call dropped. I figured my order had been placed. About two hours later I get a call from a California number. I answer it and it was a lady from Zumba...
Omaha, Nebraska

I think the bender ball is the least problem Leslie Bender has. I attended her clinic and it is very military style and she has no filter on her mouth. She spend 8 hours of her clinic criticizing numerous instructors such as Les Mills, Jillian Michael's, and Tracy Anderson and many more instructors. She degraded pilates even though she is pilates certified and told us to try yoga instead. She...
Johnson City, New York

Product made me ill enough to seek medical attention after following all directions to the letter. They will not cancel my last payment NEXT month and threatened me with a lawsuit. SURPRISE! They are not the only ones with experienced lawyers. Anyone wanting to start a class- action against them over the business practices? The product tastes bad and does not dissolve well, their customer...
San Dimas, California

growing up i have always been bigger then most of all the other kids i played softball and it was rough no matter how hard i worked my weight sucked because it drove me to drugs and just to lose the weight i am 5'3" and 240 i have tried every thing HCG injections which seem to work the best so far but still, jenny craig diet pills starvation alli anything that would work i ad 2 kids and my...
Fort Worth, Texas

Medifast does not work. They hire already fit, skinny people to sell, sell, sell and not relent until they sell you on a $1000.00 packet. You are their number one priority, they are super friendly until you give them money; then you are just a number and when you go in to be weighed and for "consult" all they do is consult you on what you are going to purchase next. They give you 3 days to cancel...

All I'm saying is 7 people out of the 10 people that were there in January, quit their jobs all around the same time. It's because we all got calls from the medical board asking questions. They know that Erin Trebbe administered Phentermine and prescription medications and she has no license whatsoever. Mallary Minnich administered medications and she was an LPN from Florida (her license didn't...
Tanglewilde, Washington

I had lipo on my abs and hips a year ago. I had lost weight and kept it off for 3 years but the tummy would not go away. I went for a consult and was told "if I can pinch it it will be gone". Of course I fell into that trap. Now today I'm out 6k, look worse than before, and am so unhappy. I have tried to get them to do something about it but the practice manager just ponds me off to the different...
Sydney, New South Wales

I am in the same boat as everyone else unfortunately! I purchased a treadmill about 2 weeks ago and paid straight away. I've been waiting 2 weeks now and was first told there was a mix up with the order and they would sort it out. I've had no response since and have made numerous call but the phone just rings out. Also no response to emails and the live chat is offline. I am a legal secretary...
Visalia, California

I drank my two capsules and thirty minutes later I ate my breakfast (as it says on the back side on the bottle, it says you can eat after thirty minutes) and 20 minutes after I ate my breakfast, I went to the bathroom and what do you know?!! I pooped my capsules and weren't open! they were just lying there and weren't working !!! Lipozene sure is a rip-off!! do not try it!! I'm only wasting my...
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