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Food Vendors Complaints and reviews

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Food vendors are found on each corner, and at the college campuses. The most common cuisines in the streets are those of China, India, and other eastern countries. As a rule such food tracks, vans and trailers feature low levels of cleanliness and freshness. Lack of refrigerators may cause bad food quality. As a rule, they associate street food vendors with junk, harmful and fast foods. Actually, ... Show more
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Pleasanton, Texas

Do not under any circumstances buy meat from this company. The product is the worst "beef" I have ever seen and the taste can only be described as nauseating. The filet had the texture of shoe leather and the hamburgers remind me of dry, crumbled cardboard. The slick salesman (Patrick 682-500-4123) lied and guaranteed a money back return if not satisfied, but I just called the local office in...
Atlanta, Georgia

Hi, I had ordered online for a combo offer which specified '1 large specialty pizza and cheesy bread' for $15.99. It added a promotion code HD8216 to my cart. The web order number for the same is 141. While we went to collect the pizza, the person at the store handed over only the pizza and when asked about the cheesy bread, she said that she only showed the pizza... This was our first visit to...
Edison, New Jersey

I was referred to them by my aunt for their blueberry tree. I called and left a voicemail. I got a call back and I said "hello", the person who called said "you want to pick up the trees today?"...didn't say "hello." or introduce himself or thank me for my interest and calling. I said, "do you deliver?", and he gave a big sigh, like I was wasting him time...then he said, "I'm going to answer...

I called the 800 number to cancel this product and got a voice mail with no return call. May have to go to my bank and have them stop any payment to these crooks. Totally a bait and switch scam. No respect for Dr. Oz who promotes these crooks!I called the 800 number to cancel this product and got a voice mail with no return call. May have to go to my bank and have them stop any payment to these...
Tucson, Arizona

I went to the Phoenix Panera on Central and Thomas. They have a mouthwatering picture of their breakfast sandwich: egg, bacon and cheese. Both my husband and I were extremely disappointed in the quality. Also, the staff was very rude or under-trained, not sure which. I was at the same restaurant a couple of days ago and assumed the long lines were a result of its popularity, but now realize...
Atlanta, Georgia

I was hired at the Southaven location in Mississippi as a new traemployee for the new store in Olive Branch and i had been hired as partime and told the owner i already had another job. I had to be there at 8 Am an did prep. They really didnt train me on other jobs to go to the other store first of all. Plus when i went to ask about hours at the other store, my supervior tells me i have to q...
Detroit, Michigan

I visited at a Novi Michigan store this morning and spent about $47 for a dozen of bagels, 5 croissants, 6 muffins, a bag of cookies and a box of cream cheese. I handed in my order in writing and specifically requested the bagels to be cut and baked. I heared the heard the cahsher telling another employee about the cutting and and baking for the bagel order and her tone is not very pleasent,...
London, England

I used pawz a ribbon for 3 times in the past 3 years for personalized cupcake picture topper. The orders received were great so there was no need to call or do anything. My latest order was in March2014. I placed the same order as before but icing toppings arrived mostly stuck to each other and they tasted completely off( bitter). The reason they were stuck to each other is because it was the...
Laramie, Wyoming

Before, I had always picked up Breyers based solely on the flavor I was in the mood for at the time - because until recently, I knew it was always Ice Cream. On my most recent trip to the grocery store, however, I unknowingly picked up a quart of 'Frozen Dairy Dessert' which not only has no semblance to Ice Cream, but is now THE most disgusting taste I have ever had the misfortune to endure (yes,...
Hyannis, Massachusetts

Hi...in the box of Ritz Reduced Fat Crackers one of the packages was open, and the top part of the package was crushed. It appears that the crackers got stuck to the sealant used to close the plastic (pretty gross looking!).....I don't want anything I just wanted to let your quality control to be aware! This was the Ritz Reduced Fat Crackers ...exp date August 22, 2014 the proof of purchase # 0...
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